Gustav Klimt - Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I (also called The Woman in Gold)

“… as the art historian Emily Braun has documented, Klimt read Darwin and became fascinated with the structure of the cell… Thus, the small iconographic images on Adelle’s dress are not simply decorative… they are symbols of male and female cells: rectangular sperm and ovoid eggs. …designed to match the sitter’s seductive face and her full-blown reproductive capacities.” (Eric Kandel - The Age of Insight)

Gustav Klimt: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907. Oil and gold on canvas. It took three years to complete the portrait, which was destined to have a complicated history. Purchased by Ronald Lauder for the Neue Galerie, New York (where it has been on display since 2006).

The true story of one Holocaust survivor’s fight to win back her family’s priceless Gustav Klimt paintings will be the subject of the upcoming filmWoman in Gold, starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds, Deadlinereports. The based-on-a-true-story drama is being produced by the Weinstein Company, and filming is due to begin in May. 


 The movie is out and fabulous and about time that the stolen merchandise should be returned to their rightful owners.  May all the harmed and lost be comforted and rest in peace. God Bless

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Zack’s Questions! manicadventures

1. If you have to get dumped, how would you prefer it happen?

Pretty much the same answer as chaosandbeautifulthings.  In person, in a private setting.  Be respectful to the person you’re ending things with.

2. What’s the last movie you really liked?

Oh jeez I haven’t seen many movies lately.  I enjoyed The Man From U.N.C.LE. despite its flaws because it was pretty entertaining and Armie Hammer is adorable.  But I think the last movie I watched that I really liked was The Woman In Gold.  I love Klimt and it was interesting to see that take on what happened with the Portrait Of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.

3. If you could pick only one of your ideas and have it executed perfectly, without the limits of your own creativity, what idea would you choose?

Aw I don’t know.  I guess travel the world and pick up some more languages and really just learn.

4. What celebrity do you think you’d probably be buddies with? Not that you wish you were friends or you lie awake at night, but that if you met them socially you’d probably click?

Ehhhh I don’t know, I guess the folks in The Airborne Toxic Event seem like a lot of fun.  I really don’t think about this type of thing.

5. Do you think attraction (or the lack of it if you’re ace/aro/grey/unsure) adds pleasure to your life? Why or why not?

So far, not really.  I’ve never really had instances where the feeling was mutual so all it’s done for me is make me uncomfortable and sad.  I’ve been hanging out with this guy I know is attracted to me but I don’t know exactly how I feel yet and I don’t really like that either.  So I guess I think attraction would add pleasure to my life overall but not really in any of the instances I’ve been involved in so far.

6. Favorite place to be kissed?

Seeing as I’ve never really been kissed anywhere else, I’d say cheek.

7. Do you think having a clear political identity is stifling or freeing?

Bit of both.  I think the best is to have some kind of sense of where you stand but be aware of other stances and be open to change.

8. What medium does your favorite creator work in? (and who are they, duh)

Favorite artist is probably Gustav Klimt, so paint and occasionally gold leaf.  Favorite musicians are those of The Airborne Toxic Event.  Favorite authors are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Alan Lightman, Don DeLillo, and Toni Morrison (this list changes a lot and isn’t really in order).  Favorite poet is Pablo Neruda. 

9. Have you ever been in a real fight?


10. Have you ever been in a pretend fight?

Uhhh I don’t know what would count as a pretend fight.

11. What three pieces of art (in any medium) changed or formed your identity the most?

Poetry/prose, drawing, and music (chaosandbeautifulthings we have a lot in common haha).  I write both in my spare time, though I suppose my poetry is more polished as well as complete.  I draw so, so much.  It’s one of the only hobbies I have where I can completely forget about everything else while doing it, partly because I’m a perfectionist and struggling with anatomy means I can’t think about anything but that.  I actually have an art blog over at marisketch if you wanna see how I draw.  And music means so much to me, particularly if the lyrics or emotion in a particular song are powerful, but I have no musical talent whatsoever.  Though some people apparently think I have a decent voice?

Adele Bloch-Bauer was one of #GustavKlimt’s close friends and wealthy patrons during the birth of modern art in Vienna at the turn of the century, Adele is the subject of the iconic portrait “Adele Bloch-Bauer I” from 1907. While she hangs on permanent display @neuegalerieny, the special exhibition devoted to her story and their friendship closes September 7. #adeleblochbauer #womaningold #vienna1900 #happybirthday #closingsoon


 這整部戲圍繞著這幅畫 “ Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I (also called The Woman in Gold)”,女主角是一位在二次大戰生存的猶太人,這幅畫則是他們家被納粹人奪走的財產,二次戰後這幅畫被懸掛在奧地利的美景宮美術館中,而當初奧地利政府正是放縱納粹逼死猶太人的兇手之一,所以片中女主角Maria經常糾結於不想回去故鄉,因為那裡到處都是恐怖的殘影,老實說,跟台灣的228事件真的蠻像的,可以想見得228受害者有多麼無法原諒政府,因為真的非常恐怖!




這是一部強調歷史、戰爭的片子,奧地利人爭取不了財產,最後還要請美國政府來幫你奪回來,沒辦法,美國人什麼都管XDDD (開開玩笑齁