adele verse


     It was fifteen minutes past six and Adel was in the small office of the studio sending in some final paperwork to cover the rent for the next three months there. Exiting the back room he looked to the class, smiling softly before welcoming them to another session. “I hope you all have been stretching while I have been absent. If you haven’t, take some time now to do so as I talk.” he added as he took off his jacket and tossed it into the back room. “Today we will be focusing on some ballroom dance styles such as Rumba, East and West Coast Swing, and my favorite, Bolero. We will be working on these dances over the next five weeks.” Adel quickly counted the class, “Looks like we have an odd number tonight so one of you will be paired with me.” His subtle smile grew some as he locked eyes with Mila, “Mila? Will you be my dance partner and assistant tonight?”


Adele rapping Nicki’s “Monster” verse may be the best thing ever.