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Personal Update

This is just a quick post to let you guys know that I’ll be taking a small break from my tumblr and other media sites for a little while. Nothing to worry about, I just need to separate myself as part of the my recovery plan for a few reasons. I’ve been neglecting certain aspects and now I really need to focus. 

So to those of you who are still waiting for responses, I’m terribly sorry and I promise I will return to them once I’m back. I’m so sorry for taking so long and now for leaving you, I hope you all forgive me. I just need to take some time and focus on what I need to do in order to get better.

I promise it’s nothing too serious, but it’s the advice given so I’m going to follow it. And this has nothing to do with the fandom, or you guys at all! I was just saying how lucky I am to have such positive and beautiful people in my life. But for just a short while, I need to pull back and really look at recovery.

This doesn’t extend to my writing, if anyone’s worried. Nothing is being abandoned. I’ll still be working on the TBE update as normal, but I’m afraid I can’t split my time any further between writing and my real life responsibilities, I’m so sorry. I hope you forgive me for being antisocial,  but I promise it won’t be for long. 

I wish you all the best and promise to be back as soon as possible! In the meantime, I’ve set up a queue with some fabulous fanart from amazing artists, so hopefully that’ll brighten up people’s dash!

As always, thank you for being you and talk soon x

Our Lady of Good Help
Last Day of the Novena
Day of the Peshtigo Fire in 1871.

In 1859; The Blessed Virgin appeared to Adele Brise and instructed her to “Teach them their catechism, how to sign themselves with the sign of the Cross, and how to approach the sacraments; that is what I wish you to do. Go and fear nothing. I will help you.”
In 1871, The Sisters, the children, area farmers and their families fled to the Shrine’s chapel for protection from the unprecedented fire. In defiance of the inferno, they lifted the statue of Mary and carried it around the sanctuary. When wind and fire threatened suffocation in one direction, they turned in another direction to pray.
Hours later, a downpour began to extinguish the raging fire. The area surrounding the Shrine’s grounds was destroyed and desolate. Though the fire charred the chapel fence, it had not harmed the chapel grounds. The only livestock to survive the fire were the cattle farmers led to the chapel. Though the chapel well was only a few feet deep, it gave the cattle outside all the water they needed to survive the fire, while many deeper wells in the area went dry.
Adele asked those assembled at the chapel to retire to the convent. There, they were made as comfortable as possible for the rest of the night. The Belgian pioneers needed no more proof that Mary’s promise to Adele was genuine.

This is the only approved apparition of the Blessed Mother in the U.S.A.

Song Drabbles


So in Love (Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran )

Moon Gazing (Hello - Adele)

Promise ( Love like this - Natasha Bedingfield)

Captivated (Every Time I hear That Song - Blake Shelton)


Silk (Body on Me - Rita Ora)

Confession (Unapologize - Carrie Underwood)

Diagon Alley (Little Bird - Ed Sheeran)

Goodbye (The End - Simple Plan)

Pull (Dance Like We’re Making Love - Ciara)


One Night  (Home Alone Tonight - Luke Bryan)

Thunderstorms (Stay the Night - Chicago)

See by Touch (Black - Dierks Bentley)

(Technically a song drabble since it was inspired by Just a Dream - Carrie Underwood)


Angel (Angel - Yoonmirae)


One Last Good Memory (All I Ask - Adele)


Orders (Here Without You - 3 Doors Down)


Running Late (Toothbrush - DNCE)


Fix This (Water runs dry - Boys ll Men)


Adele: Kyung? You got the same amount of votes as Goji. It’s upsetting me that viewers suspect you, because I’d like to believe you, but I can’t anymore.

Kyung: Adele, I just want to survive this hell like everyone else! Please, there’s no need to be upset with me…

Adele: And you, Auribus. I’m not mad, I’m just… so disappointed. I trusted you like no one else, and it turns out you… you…

Auribus: I promise you, Adele… I never did anything to let you down.

sugisxiv  asked:

Pretend: Our muses play ‘pretend’ together - costumes and all! (Khaj and Adele)

“You have to be gentle with her, Adele,” Fell said, turning his body slightly to shield the tiny Au Ra halfling from his overly excited daughter. Adele hopped up and down, trying to get a better look at the child, who stared curiously down at her. “She’s too little for you to be roughhousing with her.”

“But I wanna see her!” Adele whined. “Please, Papa, I promise I’ll be good with her, lemme see her!” Fell glanced at Khaj, his eyebrows furrowed in thought for a moment before sighing.

“You promised me, Adele. If you hurt Khaj, I’m going to be very upset.” Adele nodded enthusiastically. “All right. Grab that blanket and lay it down on the ground.”


“Because I just changed Khaj’s clothes and I don’t want them to get dirty.” She skipped over, laying a soft, cotton blanket on the ground near his feet. She smoothed out the edges as Fell knelt down, placing Khaj on the blanket. The little one cooed, gripping his collar tightly. He gently pried her chubby fingers from his shirt, standing up as Adele plopped herself next to her. She leaned forward, the two staring at each other rather intensely.

“….. Uh. You two alright there?” Fell asked. Adele nodded, not looking up at him as they stared at each other, unblinking. “…. Allllright.” He turned his head when he heard a knock on the front door, frowning. “Adele, I’m going to be gone for a few minutes. Play nice with Khaj. I’m going to be in the next room.”

“Alright, Papa. We’ll be good,” she said. HE took one last look at the two before walking out of the small playroom. Adele leaned forward until she was face to face with the small Au Ra child. “… You don’t do a lot, do you?”

“Bah.” Khaj reached up, patting Adele’s face. Adele frowned at her, thinking.

“What kind of games can you play?” She asked. Khaj babbled at her, patting her cheek a bit more. “You can’t walk, so we can’t play Bandits and Knights. Uhm, I don’t ready very well yet, so we can’t read a story….. What can we do?”

She looked around the room, arms crossed before it landed on a small wooden chest. Raise had built it a for her a few moons before they had left for Ishgard, and she had been allowed to paint and decorate it however she wanted. Right now, it was bright yellow with badly drawn doodles of dragons all over it. She walked over, digging through the chest.

“I know! We can play dress up!” She pulled out few articles of clothes before tugging out a black outfit. “You can be the ninja! I’ll be the Dragoon!”

“Bah! Bah!” Khaj burbled happily as Adele pulled the black shirt over her small head. She handed Khaj a stuffed Cactuar.

“I can’t give you a sword, so you gotta pretend this is a dagger, okay?” Khaj took the stuffed Cactuar, bringing it to her mouth and chewing on its head. “No, you’re not supposed to eat your dagger! Stoooooopppp!”

Khaj giggled as Adele tugged the doll away from her face. The Au Ra looked shocked before her orange eyes watered. The little girl sniffled. Adele dropped the doll, shocked as the baby sniffled, rubbing her chubby little fists into her eyes.

“No! Don’t cry! Here, you can chew on your dagger all you want!” She handed the Cactuar back to Khaj, practically shoving the doll into her face and knocking her onto her back. Adele gasped, falling to her knees to check on Khaj. She lifted the Cactuar, staring into the confused eyes of her little cousin.

“Khaj! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Are you alright?” Adele cried. “I didn’t mean to knock you over!” Instead of tears, Khaj giggled, a manic little sound as she rolled over on her stomach, jamming the Cactuar’s arm in her mouth. Adele blinked at her before grinning.

“Wow, Khaj. You’re tough. Okay, let’s play~”


“They’re fine,” Fell said, pushing the cup of tea towards Darius. The Highlander picked up the tea, taking a small sip before putting it back on the table. “They’re playing right now.”

“You sure it’s a good idea to leave Adele in there with the kid?” Fell smiled, shrugging.

“She knows better…. But if you want to check on them, be my guest.” Darius stood and Fell followed, sipping his own cup of tea.

“…. I should’ve killed you when I had the chance.” Fell nearly spit out his tea, Darius hesitating for only a moment before slowly pushing the door the rest of the way open. The Elezen slapped a hand over his mouth, his shoulders shaking in mirth as Darius pressed a hand to his forehead, chuckling.

In the middle of the room sat Adele, holding a wooden Lance in her small hands. Khaj lay on her back, cooing and giggling as she chewed on a Cactuar doll. Adele paused, looking up at Darius and Fell before grinning brightly.

“Hi, Uncle Dari! Hi, Papa! Wanna play with us?”


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