adele i cant make you love me

Oh what would you do if you was me I was you
Would you move on go and find someone new
I know it hurts believe that im hurting to
I guess I cant hide it as well as you
Well look I woke up next to the baddest bitch ive ever seen
But even then all I could think of was you and me
My friends tell me anth homie just let it be
Unless they been through it they don’t know what the fuck I mean
So please girl tell me what do I do
Cause I know that nobodys perfect but im perfect for you
And girl youre perfect for me that’s something you couldn’t see
I tried to show you but what was the point if you wont believe
Now tell me why did you leave did you not love me no more
See I can hide all the pain but what remains is the scars
I was the best I could be I know that I had my flaws but I gave all that I had
Spent more than I could afford
I spent 5 thousand dollars on a ring to call you my mrs
And you still had the nerve to say I gave no commitment
There was no way that I could save ya three years is what I gave ya
And then you leave me and gon find a new man three weeks later
My sister thinks you cheated and honestly I don’t blame her
Cause moving on that quick is way too strange of a behaviour
And I bet daddys happy cause he sees you posting pictures
But dog I bet my life she thinks about me when your with her
He don’t want you like I want you
He don’t need you like I need you
He don’t see you how I see you
He don’t breathe you how I breathe you
When you know it tell me what the fuck you see in him
We both know that you still love me so you shouldn’t be with him
You should be with me right here in my home right here all alone making love until the morn You love how I turn you on
and one thing that I love and hate the most is people always change but the memories don’t and lately I cant even eat
Lately I been feeling ill when you cannot sleep at night that’s when you know shit is real
You don’t even need a gun you don’t even need a pill
If you ever wanna die fall in love and youll get killed🎶🎶

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