adele confessions


When I was younger and still in middle/high school, I felt I had to conform to a specific idea of how to dress like a rocker/metalhead. I thought I had to wear ratty clothes and have hair that looks like it’s never been brushed or I wouldn’t fit in. Now I know about singers like Simone, Sharon, Tarja, Anette, and so on who don’t feel the need to have that cliche metal style. I don’t think that a singer’s style is all that important, but I appreciate them showing me that I can listen to what I want and dress however i want while doing so. If I want to wear a cute dress to a metal show, I’ll just do it.

C: I do not hype up white girls for doing something that black women do in their sleep. i just don’t and I won’t. I remember when Nicki Minaj first started being heard on radio. She was extremely different because she was challenging so many gender norms. She was a very talented rapper, very sexually liberated, she sung, she spoke her mind, she was vibrant. And i remember how many people including black people shamed her. They called her ratchet, a hoe, “a bad example for black girls”. Her lyrics were “dirty” (for rapping what male rapper rap about, mind you). They only ever saw  her fat ass. Some calling it fake, some treating her like South Africa’s Hottentot. Se had to work reallyyyyy hard to be taken seriously. She made amazing tracks but undeniably, her verse in the song “Monster” was one of her best debuts into mainstream rap, as at that time, Kanye was poppiing and to be featured in his song was a cool and noticeable stepping stone in her career. Ad there is this video going around of Adele lip syncing to this verse in a car and EVERYBODY IS LOOSING THEIR SHIT. ‘Omg Adelle is SO COOL!“ “Adelle should rap!”. We are basically praising a white women for LIP SYNCING the verse of a black women who had to prove her worth to us and still does to this very day. The same goes for that Kendall Jenner video of her dancing to a rap song. I admire Adelle’s vocals, and I love Kendall’s modelling and aesthetic, but I would give a black person breaking barriers and climbing the entertainment corporate ladder all my praise before I ever considered acting thirsty and worshiping the shallow actions of a white culture vulture, because you know, the former is dealing with way more shit and overcoming way more that the latter ever will. And that’s facts. 


Okay, I know I said on confession #17152 about my favourite female singers, but now it kind of changed. My favourite female singers are Floor Jansen, Emilie Autumn, Siouxie Sioux, Sharon den Adel, Dianne van Giersbergen, Manuela Kraller, Lisa Middelhauve, Joan Jett, Candia Ridley, Heidi Parviainen, Sonya Scarlet, Liv Kristine, Anne Nurmi, Patricia Morrison, and Julianne Regan.