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so i work with a couple of people who have supee distinctive speaking voices- like, one has this really loud, heady voice you can hear from all corners of the building, while another has this quiet, sleepy voice that you can barely hear even when she's yelling. another sounds like a mom on a kids' show. it got me wondering- what kind of placements affect the way someone's speaking voice sounds? are there any responsible for things like lisps and stutters?

Hahaha I absolutely love this ask, not only is it interesting but I loved the way you described it all. :) Taurus rules one’s neck so you always have to check how its rulers (Venus, but the Moon too) are going. The aspects it’s doing, etc. And Mercury is one’s speech, so it’ll define how the person will communicate. Example time! I’ll talk about Bangtan’s vocal line:

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Maiden uniteD - The Flight to Carré: episode 11


remember this time when no pride flags were around? and now we have all of these beautiful people spreading love and positivity🏳️‍🌈

Remember when social media made fun of Taylor for promoting Bad Blood like crazy and still having Adele get more views in 24 hours without promotion, then she dropped LWYMMD with literally no promotion and it broke the record for the most views on a video in the entirety of YouTube in 24 hours lmao y'all thought