Petition to let Patrick Stump cover Rumour has it and Set fire to the rain by Adele

Aka i found my old Adele vinyls and gave it a listen after what felt like a decade and thought imidiatly: Wow this would work so well with Patrick Stump‘s voice if for the only reason of hearing those songs with his soul voice.

Day 17!

I said I was gonna draw everyone in the party. I meant it.

Adele has been a super-entertaining presence from the word go, starting with confounding the Consoluate by essentially turning an interrogation back on them, and most recently by insisting on taking a dragon head back with us (and then selling it off almost immediately). Good to have someone who can deal a lot of brute force damage in one go when your party is mostly squishy people plus a long distance-focused Ranger, though.

I think I’m getting better at drawing muscles?? Shading them, at least

mood/feelings song asks

🌧 - song for a rainy day 🌚 - song for when i’m feeling nervous 🔥 - song that pumps me up 🍂 - song that helps me calm down 🌊 - song for a day at the beach ⭐️ - song i’ll listen to on repeat 🌠 - song that’s special to me ☂ - song for when i’m feeling sad 🙂 - song that makes me smile 💔 - song for a heartbreak 🎉 - song to party to 🚶 - song for when i feel alone 👯 - song that reminds me of someone 💪🏽 - song that helps me be strong 🏋 - song to work out to ☄ - song for when i feel lighter than air ☀️ - song for a sunny day 🌲 - song that reminds me of nature 💤 - song i fall asleep to ✌🏼️ - song for when i feel fabulous 🌪 - song for when i’m angry 🎤 - song i’ll sing out loud ✈️ - song for when i’m feeling nostalgic ⚓️ - song that keeps me grounded 🌇 - song that inspires me ⏰ - song for when i’m feeling stressed


So i thought of creating a playlist with songs suitable under different categories. Of course this is just my opinion and i would love to know your opinions/suggestions regarding these songs or any other song you’d like to recommend according to your personal preferences in the comment section !

my taste in music is fucked up

sometimes I’m like “bitch I feel fabulous imma put on beyonce, demi lovato, selena gomez, taylor swift, adele and lady gaga cuz im feeling great right now” but then sometimes I feel so nostalgic and i’m like “no let’s put on nirvana, the smiths, pixies, soundgarden, radiohead, pink floyd, michael jackson, elvis, charlie sexton, and janis joplin cuz shit man older music is great” but then I feel so angry and I’m like “fuck let’s blast eminem, kanye west, jay-z, Dr. Dre, thirty seconds to mars, MCR, nickelback, NF, starset, fall out boy cuz shit I’m feeling pumped” but then i get all tumblr and am like “shit man twenty one pilots, melanie martinez, x ambassadors, lorde, troye sivan, halsey, the weeknd, imagine dragons, bastille, lana del rey, let’s smoke a joint and get all alternative in this bitch” and then I’m like “omfg film score is the most beautiful form of music ever hans zimmer, james newton howard, john powell fuck this music is great and expresses so much unattainable emotion” then I hear fucking david guetta, calvin harris, M83, chainsmokers, rudimental, disclosure and be like “EDM is fucking amazing and makes me feel like i’m flying and dancing it’s great” then I put on my singer-songwriter playlist and I’m like “fuck but ed sheeran, passenger, damien rice, kodaline, sleeping at last, mumford & sons, hozier, the lumineers, elmore, dodie, are all so great and simplistic and make me feel like running through the forest on a cold morning” and I don’t have a single type of music because i have so many personalities and it gets really hard to explain sometimes but i guess the music is there to explain it all for me