now back to laughing! on christine: knit toque from paramix. babydoll sleeveless dress from winners. oversized knit sweater from vv. stayups from h&m. on elaine: headband from urban behaviour. lace dress from paramix. stockings and knee highs from mom’s closet.

Let’s talk about land!rich cash!poor Trevelyan

A titled house, but the money dried up ages ago.

No, but imagine a Trevelyan who lives in a castle where they use every available pot, bowl, and cup to catch the water from the leaky roof when it rains. 

Imagine the Trevelyan siblings piled together like puppies in a bed because the draft is wicked in the wintertime and it’s not economical to light fires in every bedroom. 

Imagine a pre-conclave Trevelyan feeding the pigs or herding the sheep (Maker, because if there’s one thing the Free Marches have in abundance, it’s sheep!)

Imagine Trevelyan in an old, dirt-stained set of clothing, digging for vegetables or pulling weeds in the kitchen garden. 

Imagine Trevelyan being taught to read by their brothers and sisters - because there’s no money for tutors anymore - from tattered and threadbare books whose spines are broken and the words have faded to near illegibility from the numerous grubby little fingers that have run over the pages.

Imagine a Trevelyan in the Skyhold kitchen, peeling mountains of potatoes and carrots, happily chatting with the cooks because it feels more like home than sitting in the formal dining rooms. 

Imagine Trevelyan in hand-me-down clothes, not just from their siblings, but from their cousins as well. Clothes that have been taken in, and taken out, and patched so many times that the original color and size is unknown to just about everyone. 

Imagine the inquisitor mending threadbare clothes and socks because they hate to waste anything, especially perfectly good fabric, much to the dismay of the more fashion conscious among their companions. 

Όλα έτοιμα για το 4ο Protaras Adelais Open Beach Volley

Όλα έτοιμα για το 4ο Protaras Adelais Open Beach Volley

Πραγματοποιείται  το τριήμερο 24, 25 & 26 Ιουλίου το 4ο Ερασιτεχνικό Πρωτάθλημα Protaras Adelais Open Beach Volley. Φέτος, σε νέο χώρο στην καρδιά του Πρωταρά, θα διεξαχθούν  36 αγώνες με την συμμετοχή 27 ομάδων και 60 αθλητών σε τρείς κατηγορίες πρωταθλημάτων, 3Χ3 αντρών- 2Χ2 αντρών & 2Χ2 γυναικών. Μετά και το περσινό υψηλό επίπεδο των αγώνων φέτος ο πήχης ανεβαίνει ακόμα ποιο ψηλά, με…

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Hotel Creteotels Adelais, Statiunea Chania, Insula Creta, Grecia

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Hotelul Adelais 3* a fost construit in 2004 si este un hotel modern si frumos structurat, cu carmere largi, spatioase. Camerele acestui hotel au fost concepute pentru a gazdui familii cu copii, iar facilitatile nu sunt mai prejos.

Agentia de turism

Tel.: 0241.611.788, 0723.191.461

Web :
Adelais de Pedrolo: 'Res ni ningú no va aconseguir doblegar mai el pare'
Divendres 26.06.2015 - Entrevista a la filla de l'escriptor i periodista Manuel de Pedrolo, avui que fa vint-i-cinc anys de la seva mort Avui fa vint-i-cinc anys que es va morir Manuel de Pedrolo. En tenia setanta-dos i deixava un llegat immens i encara força desconegut. Més d'un centenar d'obres de ficció i milers de pàgines d'opinió sobre el temps social i polític que li havia tocat de viure. Una obra que va molt més enllà de 'Mecanoscrit del segon origen', que va ser objecte de censura i que actualment és difícil de trobar. La seva única filla, l'Adelais, fa temps que dedica tot el temps a recuperar i difondre el llegat literari del seu pare a través de la Fundació Pedrolo. Recordem, a través d'ella, l'escriptor i també l'activista, aquell que defensava la independència dels Països Catalans fa més de quaranta anys. 'Això ha d'acabar bé, ho devem al pare i a tots els qui van lluitar per aquesta terra', diu.