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it’s currently 10:48pm, Sunday night, and I’m here sitting at my desk, wearing my bra and some shorts, with my fans blowing both in and out so i can get a breeze while still having the air being sucked out my window.

let me tell you. 

this is the most relaxing thing ever. yeah, i have to sit upright so my back doesn’t stick like glue to my chair, but this is the most relaxed ive been in a while. 

i don’t have to worry about anything. i can relax my face, i can do anything i wanted (within reason of course) and it’s getting cooler in my room, which is great. 

i wanted to start some drafts for a few blog posts, but now i kinda just want to chill out? i feel great tbh.

anonymous asked:

Yamamoto - 2 (specifically moral weak spots), 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22? For the character meme. Feel free to skip a bunch if they're too many. I'm so tempted to send you a request for Enma, but I suspect these are a lot already. - Adel M


2. Their emotional/moral weak spots

Yamamoto doesn’t like to be alone. He thinks thoughts that are not things he ought to be thinking about. Especially about friends.

Natural born hitman means natural killer instincts. Instinctual reactions and thoughts aren’t what he does, but that doesn’t make him feel any less guilty when he’s noticed that he’s planned their murder once again.

13. What gets them flustered

The long taunting game. Like constant teasing at the other person’s mercy, almost. But subtly because it is in public and the war between want and can’t brings about a sweet tension that Yamamoto loves to savor.

Yeah, semi-public sex is a thing that happens frequently like that.

15. What it takes to make them cry

Remembering that future, the loss of his father.

Yamamoto remembers that ache.

16. Dark secrets/’skeletons in the closet’

Yamamoto remembers what happened to his mother.

He knows he’s not okay.

18. Things they’ll never admit

That they do remember that.

20. What-ifs/Alternate Timelines

The idea of him and Squalo having known each other since shortly after Squalo killed Tyr and went on his trip to defeat a hundred swordsmen to secure his title.

Also Yamamoto didn’t take up baseball, having felt sick that day. Instead he helps out around the restaurant and strikes up a friendship with his foreign blond who speaks Japanese very well and has a fondness for milk and sushi, two of Yamamoto’s favorites as well… aka where Yamamoto is a chef and the Prince wants to hire him.

What really happened during the future with Squalo.

And what did Yamamoto do will all of the Squalo’s victory videos?

22. People who’ve influenced them greatly.

His father of course! And Squalo’s really great about swords and all that mafia-business. Reborn’s rather awesome too, you know. All people influence each other, you know, that’s part of being a family, a community.


2. Their emotional/moral weak spots

His parents’ murder. His sister’s death. The deaths of the other Shimon afterwards.

13. What gets them flustered

Enma gets flustered noticeably as he’s a redhead, but generally it is confidence with a bit of dominance.

Crossing the room, straight to him, anger showing in the cadence of your steps before kissing him.

Wait, that’s not… it exactly.

15. What it takes to make them cry

Enma doesn’t cry. He hasn’t for years.

Not unless Adel is chopping onions to fry up. It’s only the onions, not memories, you know?

16. Dark secrets/’skeletons in the closet’

Enma nursed his hatred for the Vongola for some time before he met Tsuna. Maybe for years…

He doesn’t like to think about it and how much he hated everything. Including his famiglia and the responsibility of running it.

18. Things they’ll never admit

He has thought about joining his family in death before. Not frequently but it’s a thought that’s appeared before.

He usually runsaway from his famiglia for a little bit afterwards. 

20. What-ifs/Alternate Timelines

Enma the tailor.

Enma with his sister still alive, if still dead parents.

Enma the cat lord.

22. People who’ve influenced them greatly.

Daemon Spade. Not only did he manage to fool them, he also fooled the Ring and every Flame-users nearby-ish about how he was about and communicating with the.

None of the Shimon really like to admit this but he managed to influencing them to attacking Tsuna’s team.

Adel, otherwise the Shimon wouldn’t be together and most likely dead.