Stand Up and Listen: How Adelaide’s music scene is growing through recognition and support 

I recently interviewed One & Three Blog founder Courtney Duka and Futuresounds co-founder Tom Gaffney, who both do amazing things for Adelaide’s music scene. This article was for a university assignment so it’s a really long piece but I’m very proud of it! - Mel 

    Bodies press together as the boundaries of personal space are forgotten. Hair is whipped in my face and bare skin sticks to mine. My cheeks feel flushed as the temperature continues to rise. The familiar smell of sweat and alcohol stings my nose. I long for a breath of fresh air, but the only way to move is forward, closer to the small stage. Feedback screeches as guitars are tuned and the beat of drums vibrates in my stomach. I search blindly for the fluorescent orange earplugs in my jacket pocket, not willing to repeat past mistakes. Punk-rock may be good for my soul, but not for my ears.

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This is a doozy of a universe. Bri and I decided to try out a world where Rowan would end up as Maitho’s father- and not the other way around. Worked out better than expected, and we get more snobby characters out of it.

The log below is basically Rowan going on a date with someone that was arranged to marry him. He’s going along with it, because if he doesn’t he gets cut off the family fortune. I’ll try to draw all of this out later too for those that dislike reading. But that may take a while.

Another minor change is that the Quicbanes here are Rowans biological parents, and not his adoptive ones.

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