adelaide montgomery

The signs as Murder House Characters
  • Aries: Tate
  • Pieces: Ben
  • Aquarius: Violet
  • Taurus: Vivienne
  • Scorpio: Constance
  • Capricorn: Adelaide
  • Cancer: Larry
  • Gemini: Moira
  • Leo: Chad
  • Libra: Nora
  • Sagittarius: Charles
  • Virgo: Hayden

Does any of you believe in the theory that this is a real scene and that Constance fourth child was an albino ?
I don’t know what to think about it , this looks so real …

By the way the doll bodies ( I don’t know why they hang there ) they are so cool and creepy . I love it !💀❤


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“I’ll wait, forever if I have to. ”

The Signs as Characters from AHS (murder house, asylum and coven)

Aries - Lana Winters
Taurus - Vivien Harmon
Gemini - Tate Langdon
Cancer - Adelaide Langdon
Leo - Madison Montgomery
Virgo - Oliver Threadson
Libra - Zoe Benson
Scorpio - Kit Walker
Sagittarius - Violet Harmon
Capricorn - Cordelia Foxx
Aquarius - Sister Jude Martin
Pisces - Arthur Arden