adelaide arcade

Bruce ( @rabbruad1) wrote: 

‘Ellenya tried to dissuade me. But she knows how much I like suede. No way, Elle! And I AM gonna wear my blue suede shoes tonight!’

Last time Bru paraded in the suede, we needed the fire brigade. It was at the arcade in Adelaide, the accolades rained in at first but when we joined the promenade, the suede betrayed us and dismayed us by slipping on the floor surface. Bru was conveyed like an ill-fated skater, limbs splayed in uncontrolled glissade escapade. The crowd were mislaid like skittles, cascading to the floor in the wake of the man-made suede crusade. Bru tried to evade the handmade candles displayed, but wick met brocade and the flames did invade. Are you sure I can’t persuade against the suede?