hale conservation park
mount crawford summit trail

• what a bloody beautiful day today. i woke feeling great. i may have missed my morning walk before boxing, but the sleep in was marvelous and i really enjoyed boxing!

• started off at hale conservation park. there was a few others out there, so wasn’t totally deserted! i saw too many redback spiders. and wearing shorts was not ideal as it is a very unkept path. branches everywhere!

• i ran into a lovely couple at the beginning of the hike and we chatted about some great parks that we know of. i told them my favourites and they told me theres.

• why is it every time i plan on going for a walk, i end up feeling like running. and when i head out for a run, i just want to give up? i ended up running the last km at hale and it felt awesome.

• slow pace for both hikes as i stopped way too often to take photos for tumblr and snapchat.

• mount crawford was a bit creepy. the brochure said you can drive up to the trailhead, but the gate was padlocked close so i parked my car on the side of the road and walked in. there was a very eerie feel to it despite the sunshine. and then 10 mins in, a car drove up behind me, didn’t say anything, and then did a u-turn and left. how did he get in? the gate was locked!

• what is a spur? i gather that it’s a track that’s not a firetrack? because there was a firetrack path to get to the summit or the spur track which was lots of trees, broken branches and loose rocks. i chose the spur track, obviously.

• i’m tired now and i’m ready for my second shower and to snuggle in with 24.


I worked 123 extra hours and saved up to travel to Adelaide from Sydney to see Taylor for a second time on the 1989 tour!! (first time of the 1989 tour will be the 28/11/15). So excited that I saved up enough in time. I will be at B stage - vip package 4. Can’t wait to see everyone there, especially you taylorswift. I will be travelling on my own, so come say Hi!!