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Thanks to two people on ao3 I have been dragged back into adechere hell, can you help a poor anon out?

The day Cheren finally beats Adeku-san, it’s in the front yard of Adeku’s country house, with no one but their self-appointed referee Bel to see it, Cheren is far from the first or even the youngest person to achieve this, and Adeku isn’t even Champion anymore and frankly isn’t at his best; instead of adoring crowds going wild, there’s just Adeku’s pleased, proud-but-unsurprised grin, and instead of basking in triumph, Cheren just snorts and walks back inside to cook dinner, and he likes this much better.

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Agreed, it's so cute how he gets bothered that Vanipeti might be /offended/ by Iris' Ice Type-phobia and contrasting that to Shinji consciously recreating a traumatic event... wel... ( it's so cute how protective Roubushin is too, although I do wonder why it would feel the need to protect him from other people-- other Pokemon, I'd understand, but people? He is pretty tiny and frail looking, I guess if you're mostly made up of muscle, he'd look even more in need of protection, ffff).

Yessss, it was so cute with Vanipeti!

And I did wonder about Roubushin, too! Plus, Roubushin was now bigger than Shooti compared to its much shorter pre-evo, so that might have changed its views/perspective on its human =D (And I said ‘protection’, but basically: protecting his personal space from Satoshi who was heading right towards him, but provoked by Shooti… Though Shooti called Roubushin back right away when it went in threatening mode.)

It’s really cool, and really BW!-like, that Adeku’s words were about his relationship to his Pokémon. Shooti was pretty emotional, and sometimes shown considerate with his Pokémon, but contrarily to Satoshi, he obviously had trouble putting it in words. (Because it’s “too childish”? There are a lot of moments Shooti blatantly behaves The Way An Adult Should (According To Him)). Adeku and Satoshi both have no problem saying words of care or love, and Adeku’s last question to him made him avoid those while at the same time delivering the message to Jalorda. I realy think that the main running theme in Best Wishes! was communication/dealing with the present when plagued with events from the past (or, well. It’s the case with Iris, Shooti and N, and those are the ones I tend to view as the characters who needed to resolve issues the most - and they found their solutions), so it’s pretty nice that, in Shooti’s case, it all had to do with acknowledging that Jalorda loved him, accepting it, putting it in words and expressing that he wasn’t feeling unworthy of this dedication. Contrarily to what Shooti seemed to think, now, it’s not immature at all!

And didn’t he seem to feel better afterwards <3 ? ~

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I AM SO OBVIOUS lichenship with flare flavor? If that don't work then MikuAra + hair maybe?

Of course, Daigo-san is far from the only person to meet the criteria of beauty and riches, it’s not like Team Flare’s objective would mean a world for only the two of them — but still, a lot less people would mean less distractions, a higher chance to catch the Champion’s attention, a possibility, perhaps, for Shouta to be at all remarkable.

Alan has seen plenty of pretty people in his life, sure, and the beautiful women and handsome men that line the windows of Miare City’s restaurants, but the moment the Hoenn Champion introduces him to Mikuri-san, Alan feels like he only just understood the concept of attractiveness for the first time, on a groundbreaking (ground-breaking-under-his-feet) fundamental level; and then in the evening they all go down to the beach and Mikuri-san takes off his hat and his hair comes tumbling down in cascades, waves and waves of silk curling in the marine breeze, and off comes the hairtie, and Alan’s train of thoughts derails and falls to complete silence except for: oh.


Never in his life could Alder remember glaring at fruit with as much disdain as he was now.  It wasn’t as if the bowl with varies tropical fruit (mango, pineapple and various sweet berries he’d grown in his own garden) offended him as such, but the thought that this was to be his breakfast for the day was enough to put him in a sour mood.

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It’s just one week away from being exactly one year since Markie Bellows (Moon/Protagonist) became Champion of Alola, and one year since Lillie left for Kanto, and after spending the week in Kalos at the Lumiose Conference and witnessing history, Markie returns to Alola in preparation to defend her title.

Old rp art! Shootie went to save Satoshi from a really violent Rocket and it was a pretty close call for both, but Satoshi was pretty out of it when they woke up– not knowing how to fix it, Shootie basically went What Would Adeku/Alder Do? and did an impression of one of his You’re alive, isn’t that great?! You should enjoy life!“ style speeches, smile and all…

It was very jarring. It did make Satoshi laugh though!



The other characters shown in the 16th movie credits. Don’t mind the repeated CITV logo.

The Gym Leaders were there as well, but as I’m not a professional in placing together spliced images - as you can see - doing it for them was something I was unable to achieve (constant change in lighting is what it was).

N gets three because he deserved to have all of his different poses shown

My headcanon for Alder is that he’s been the Unova champion for so long that he gets bored easily and wanders off when there is nothing to do.

Sadly his secretary or whoever looks over league battles gets mad because it gets really hard to keep track of where the Pokemon champion is.

Alder keeps the cellphone around (grudgingly) in case there’s a challenger to battle while he’s away.