This is the face of people who have been ruining other people’s lives since childhood.


The other characters shown in the 16th movie credits. Don’t mind the repeated CITV logo.

The Gym Leaders were there as well, but as I’m not a professional in placing together spliced images - as you can see - doing it for them was something I was unable to achieve (constant change in lighting is what it was).

N gets three because he deserved to have all of his different poses shown

[6.10.2013 18:29:48] Deliberalis: let’s dress alder in cynthia’s clothes and give him her perfume
[6.10.2013 18:29:54] Deliberalis: there u have it
[6.10.2013 18:29:59] Deliberalis: a challenger appears
[6.10.2013 18:30:07] Uncle Magnemite: oh my fucking god
[6.10.2013 18:30:13] Uncle Magnemite: i need to see that
[6.10.2013 18:30:16] Uncle Magnemite: holy shit
[6.10.2013 18:30:19] Uncle Magnemite: he would rock that ok
[6.10.2013 18:30:27] Uncle Magnemite: he would try to pretend to be her too i bet