adeeb makki

Untitled (1990 - 2013) - Iraqi Artist ADEEB MAKKI

According to one of the people close to Makki, this painting is a continuous project that Adeeb started back in 1990-1991 when he was in the Army fronts during the invasion of Kuwait, and continues to this date. The painting was recently part of an exhibition by Adeeb Makki that explores Sufism.

Artist of the Day: Iraqi Artist ADEEB MAKKI

Adeeb Makki Jassim is an Iraqi painter and illustrator who was born in Baghdad in 1951. Adeeb’s career began and flourished in the field of Children books and illustrations. He published several children books and spent an important part of his career working in the field of youth journalism. An important milestone in his career came in 1972, when he and other two colleagues produced the first Iraqi animation cartoon, which lasted for 10 minutes. Makki currently resides in the United States and have held several solo and group exhbitions there and in parts of the Middle East. 

Most of Adeeb’s work employs watercolor as the main painting material, and he was able to reflect his cultural background through using colors and shades that are often not used to depict such strong themes. His paintings also portray scenes from the Iraqi society and environment he once lived through, from the Shanashel of al Basra and to the beautiful scenes of classical Iraqi Souqs.