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“IKEA Korea” with Henry, episode 3.

“IKEA Korea” avec Henry, épisode 3.


I’ve been laughing about this on my personal blog all morning: Sebastian was 17 in 1993 and Joe was 17 in 1998. The desire to draw them in shitty multi-colored wind breakers was too real. 

Beautiful Mess.

Les Twins just wrapped their first Hangout on Google and are heading down to their car. They really liked the process and this new way of talking to the fans. That was fun and they had a good time doing it.
Yet Larry sighs, looking out the window. He looks like he’s upset.

“What is it, bro ?” asks Laurent.
“Nothing, I only just sighed.”
“Yeah I’ve noticed, that’s why I’m asking what’s wrong.”

Laurent frowns, not used to being shut out.

“Nothing’s wrong. Let go.” Larry says, sighing again while leaning more against the car door.

By doing that he also gets away from Laurent whose frown deepens.
When they arrive at the hotel, they climb out the car and in silence go up to their room. Larry goes to the bathroom to freshen up and change his outfit into something more loose. Then Laurent watch helplessly as his brother takes his keys and phone and reaches to the door.

“What are you doing ?” Laurent asks.
“I’m going to the studio.”
“Alone ?”
“Well… Yeah.”

And just like that he’s out, leaving his confused brother behind.
On his way to the studio, Larry tries to clear his mind. Ever since the end of the Hangout something’s been bothering him. He never really thought about it before and today it just came out of nowhere.

~ “Don’t come! I’m a mess right now.” said Laurent to which Larry replied “I’m a mess too. But I’m a beautiful mess!” ~

Larry didn’t think of it as bragging or being arrogant or anything. That was just a joke. So when Lau added “yes, you’re beautiful.” he kind of bugged a little bit. Then he forgot about it but at the end it just popped up again in his head and it won’t go away now.

He’s never felt beautiful let alone handsome. Never. And he was cool with it. Being ugly was a good thing in his mind, that was natural. The natural way of being perfect.
His mother never told him he was beautiful. Nobody ever did actually. Nobody important to him.
Until now.

Entering the studio like something was chasing him, maybe his thoughts, he quickly played music on his phone and danced to it like his life was on the line.
He needed to dance real bad. To let everything out. This weird feeling of unknowingness of all things.

His body was too skinny. His face too woman like. What was beautiful, after all ? Not him, he thought.
His attitude, his gangter side was all a façade in order to hide his real self. He’s acting, fronting, creating his world as he wants it to look like. Which is not necessarily a good thing.

He dances with all his insecurities and flaws. Some people don’t understand. They wonder why he wears so many layers of clothing on his body. They don’t get how exposed he feels. Naked. Uncovered. Fragile. Even though he knows his strength and that he’s muscular. Nothing and no one can take this feeling away.
Until now.

“You’re beautiful.”

Laurent’s voice echoes in his head, mixing with the music he’s dancing to. It’s like it’s haunting him. He’s trapped in his mind, his body responding to the feeling by moving harshly, brutally. From the outside it may look like he’s fighting ghosts. Then suddenly the words floating in his head change. Words spoken by his brother.

“Bigger talent.”

His eyes open and his reflexion in the mirror faces him. He stops moving immediatelly.

“No!” he shouts, surprising himself.

And the scene from earlier plays itself before his eyes. Larry’s been playfull and everything but serious however, Laurent has been awfully serious and now that he really hears him it sounds like it was the truth.
Like his brother really thinks that way.

“I’m beautiful.” Larry speaks. “I’m beautiful.” He repeats while staring at his face in the mirror.

He frowns then shakes his head.

“This is bullshit.”

He sighed and grabbed his phone.
He knows the fans think he’s gorgeous and perfect and fuckable and so on but he doesn’t care, that doesn’t count.
An idea bursts in his head. He goes to YouTube and types “Laurent about Larry” thinking that he might find a video catching Laurent saying some things he never heard about him. Things Laurent never said to him.

The first video that pops up is named “Laurent showing love to Larry” by LBF CHANNEL. Interrested, he clicked on it.
The first clips show Laurent saying that he loves him. Larry was around at that moment so he already knows this. Then another clip shows Laurent saying that he doesn’t like his face. And Larry couldn’t hold a smile to stretch his lips when a big “WHAT.” appeared on the screen, added by the maker of the video. But his grin disappeared when Laurent added “I love my twin brother’s face.”

He feels strange. Larry thinks the same way. He doesn’t like his face but he finds Laurent beautiful. His face is more masculin and less child-like than his. And his teeth are better disposed than his. Laurent is just better looking for him.

His thoughts are cut when the video shows now Laurent and his habit of touching him. He remembers these moments but seeing them from the outside is very different. Larry doesn’t mind Laurent touching him, sometimes he doesn’t even notice. That’s just normal. It’s their dynamic, that’s how they work. It’s always been like that.
A lot of these moments make him smile, some even make him laugh. This brings back good memories and it warms his heart.
When the video ends, his eyes fall on a video suggested, named “Larry showing love to Laurent” made by the same person.
Amused, he clicks on it. He laughs a couple of times especially when Laurent kills it and his reaction to it is to freak out and jump on him to hug him.
He notices that the video is shorter and that his way of showing love to Laurent is not the same but that doesn’t bother him. He and Lau know he loves his brother and that in private he’s more openly showing it.

“What makes you so happy ?” asks Laurent out of nowhere.

Larry jumps, holding his heart. Laurent walks towards him and sit next to him.

“Damn, Lau you scared me!”
“Sorry I didn’t want to disturb your… session. Do you feel better ?”

Larry could do anything to hide his feelings but Laurent will always be able to read him.

“Yeah. I just… I needed to be alone and think.”
“And dance.” Laurent added.
“That too.” Larry bites his lip, searching for the right words. “Ok don’t get all emotional on me but… Do you really think I’m beautiful ?”

Laurent seems a little bit shocked by the question but doesn’t budge.

“Yes, why ? Is it about what I said in the Hangout ?” Larry just keeps his head down. “Well, that’s the truth. You’re beautiful my brother. Whether you realize it or not.”

Laurent just smiles, staring at his unusually shy brother.

“Stop staring at me..” Larry mutters. He’s feeling exposed again. He needs to act. “Or else you’ll go blind!” He adds in a sarcastic tone.

Larry sticks out his tongue, playfull and teasing. Lau decides to tag along.

“You forget that we’re twins, if that was true I would’ve turned blind a long time ago by just looking in the mirror.” Lau laughs.
“Yeah you’re beautiful too, my brother.” Larry says softly after he stopped laughing.
“If you say so, Larry…”
“Well, if you find me beautiful you gotta give you some.” Larry objectifies.
“Look, I’d do that only if you do the same for yourself !”

Silence answers him.

“See ! Not that easy, huh ? It’s alright my brother. We don’t need to feel beautiful.” Laurent stands back up. “Come, we’ll look ugly together and that will be beautiful.” Lau pulls Larry up along side him and plays a new song on his phone, connecting it to his speakers. Music fills in the studio.

They start to freestyle, ignoring the huge mirror. They don’t need it, they have each other. And that’s all they need.

The End.