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“hey we hooked up last night and it turns out you are my childs teacher” au aka ‘no one asked for this and I should be writing my dcbb instead’

Part 2 of 2

Cas wasn’t lying, his apartment was only a quick walk from the bar and Dean was damn grateful. He could feel his desire for the other man growing as soon as they left the bar. Maybe it was the mix of Cas, alcohol and lack of sex but as they waked Dean could practically hear his heart hammering against his chest. 

Cas let them into the building before gently pulling Dean in for a tender kiss that Dean wasn’t expecting at all. Slightly drunken make out? Yes. Tender kisses? Not so much. It took him aback but he melted into it and slowly wrapped himself around Cas. Did he care that he knew nothing about this man apart from his name, the fact that he was single and lived near the bar? No, not really. Dean needed to escape for the night and escape was what he was getting. 

“Not that this isn’t great but…well my neighbours are somewhat prudish. I doubt they would appreciate us continuing this in the lobby.” Cas said between kisses. 

“Oh? Why, what did you have in mind?”

“Something that would most definitely scandalise them.” Cas shot back. Wow, the guy really was throwing subtly away now. Dean grinned and let Cas lead him towards a flight of stairs. Barely a minute later they came to Cas’ apartment. Dean could have turned away, gone home to his daughter and not kiss a stranger but for one night he didn’t want to be the responsible father he’d forced himself to be over the past ten months, he wanted just wanted to be. 

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He carries you to bed (his p.o.v.)

Harry: I was staring at the road in front of me, remembering the fight of ten minutes ago. My hands tightened on the steering wheel, not wanting to be the first one to say something. And on the other hand I felt miserable and I just wanted to say that I love her. And I wanted to hear those words from her as well. I couldn’t help but move my eyes a little bit to the passenger seat to see what she was doing, and to my surprise, she was sleeping. Only a moment ago we were both so angry and pissed at each other, and now she sat there, so peacefully and I couldn’t even remember what our fight was about. God, she’s beautiful. It was only a matter of time before I pulled into our driveway and stopped the car. I got out and moved myself to the door of the passenger seat and opened it. Carefully I pulled her into my arms. My heart broke seeing some tearstains on her cheek. I hated seeing her cry and I hated it even more when I caused it. I pulled her close to my chest, closed the door from the car softly and carried her through the front door, right to the bedroom. She moved a little bit, but never opened her eyes. She was exhausted, I could tell. When I laid her on the bed, she groaned. ‘I’m sorry baby. I’m going to take off your jacket and your shoes. Then you can sleep.’ I said softly into her ear. She let me undress her. When I pulled the sheets over her and tugged her in she whispered something so soft, I almost didn’t hear it. ‘I’m sorry. I love you.’. Her voice was so sleepy, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was already out when I responded. ‘You don’t need to be sorry, love. I love you too. You’re beautiful.’ I said, kissing her forehead.

Louis: I came home late from the studio and when I opened the door I saw Y/N sleeping on the couch. She probably waited for me and couldn’t stay awake. Most people would be frustrated, coming home and seeing their partner asleep. You can’t really tell anything about your day at all. I didn’t mind. Secretly I loved coming home to her sleeping. Not that I didn’t like it when she was awake. There was just something about the way she slept that made my heart race. She looks so peacefully and vulnerable but perfectly happy. I took off my coat and kneeled beside the couch as silent as possible. I just sat there, watching her breathe. I loved watching her breath. I loved watching her sleep here, in our house. Because that meant she was safe. She was safe with me. I could protect her from anything right now. After minutes of sitting there, I decided it would probably be good to move her. Besides, I want her next to me in bed. I want her to lay in my arms. I stroke my hand over her hair, what made her wake up softly. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. ‘You’re home…’ Her voice was soft and sleepy. I nodded and kissed her lips softly. ‘I’m going to get you to bed baby.’ I whispered. She smiled and closed her eyes again, nodding. I cradled her in my arms and carried her up the stairs, into our bedroom. I laid her down and she surprised me when she grabbed my hand. ‘Come lay with me.’ She whispered, her eyes still closed. ‘Of course baby. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.’ I answered, pulling out my jeans and t-shirt. I crawled into bed and pulled her into my arms. ‘Me too…’ She breathed out.

Niall: I was making some soup for Y/N. She had been sick for about three days now. Today was the first day she felt a bit better, but it still wasn’t good again. I never thought having a sick girlfriend could be so stressful. I couldn’t help but worry all day long. I tried not to show it to her, but she knows me too well. Especially the first couple of days, I was constantly debating with myself if I shouldn’t get her to the hospital. I just want her to be healthy. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if she had something really bad and I waited too long for taking action. But she said she was fine. She said it was just a fever and that there was no need of going to the hospital. So said her mom and my mom when I called them to ask advice. Yes… I was pretty clueless about it. But today I felt much better, because she felt better. And that was a start! My happy feeling disappeared in a second when suddenly Y/N stood in the kitchen in front of me. ‘What the hell, babe! You have to be in bed!’ I kinda yelled rushing towards her. ‘Niall… I’m sick of my bed. I just-‘. She stopped when I interrupted her. ‘Yes, exactly. You are sick! And you have to stay in bed.’ I was lightly pushing her out of the kitchen, to the bedroom but when I felt how unstable she was, I stopped. Before she could react or protest, I carried her up into my arms. ‘Niall… No!’ She groaned unhappy. But I didn’t listen. When we reached the bed and I laid her down, she stared angry in front of her. So I sat next to her. ‘Baby… Please… I just want you to feel completely healthy again. I will be here. I will come and sit with you. But just please, give me one more day of you resting and if it’s better tomorrow, I will consider letting you walk around the house.’ She relaxed a bit, listening to my words. She nodded slightly and I sight. ‘Do you still love me now?’ I asked her, pouting my mouth. It made her chuckle and I smiled back. ‘I love you always. Even when you are completely overprotective and overly worried about nothing.’ She said. I stroke her hair answering. ‘I just consider it as me, loving you and caring about you. Nothing less.’ After that I went downstairs to get her soup and I stayed with her in bed all day long, watching her getting more and more color on her face when the hours flew by.

Liam: When I came home from work I immediately noticed something was not normal. Normally Y/N would be cooking dinner at this hour. But she was nowhere to be found downstairs. I kind of started to get worried, considering my wife is five months pregnant. When I walked into our bedroom, in first instance I absolutely totally panicked, seeing her laying on the ground, eyes closed. But when I took in the moment, I relaxed seeing her body rise up and down from her normal, steady breathing. She was laying in between hundreds of photos and a photo album. All photos of me and her. I saw pictures from our wedding, vacations together, moments with the other four boys, family dinners and so much more. She was making an album of it, but fell asleep during the process. I couldn’t get over the fact how she could actually fall asleep on the ground, but she looked so cute, I smiled at her. Suddenly an idea popped into my head and I reached for my phone into my pocket. I took a picture of her in between the photos. Then I put my phone down, and cradled her in my arms. When I touched her skin, she woke up in confusion. ‘Shhht… it’s okay. You fell asleep. I’m getting you to bed now. The ground is not so comfortable.’ I whispered into her ear when I laid her down on the soft sheets. ‘I… need… make dinner.’ She said with a sleepy voice. ‘No… Don’t worry about that. I’ll make dinner. You give yourself and our baby some rest.’ I said, kissing her forehead. When she didn’t respond anymore, I figured she was already back to sleep. I took my phone and went downstairs. I printed out the photo and when I entered our bedroom later I laid it down between the rest of the pictures. Adding a little note: You are without a doubt the cutest, bestest and most awesomest wife. And I’m so happy you’re mine.

Zayn: I was watching a movie with the boys and Y/N in the tour bus, when suddenly I felt Y/N’s head falling onto my shoulder. I looked beside me and I noticed her being sound asleep. The boys noticed it as well and they were so nice to actually stay quiet and let her sleep. Normally they would make sure to pull some random scaring prank on her but today it was different. The last couple of nights Y/N hardly slept. While we drove around the country, she was studying for final exams. When we were rehearsing or performing, she was studying backstage. Even when we slept at night, sometimes she stayed up till the early morning hours. She wanted to pass so badly to be able to graduate. She was exhausted and tired but all day long she kept going and going. Seeing her asleep on my shoulder right now, made me feel so relieved. I waited half an hour longer to make sure she was really asleep before I cradled her up into my chest and carried her to my bunk bed. She didn’t even wake up when I laid her down. I couldn’t help but panic for a moment, seeing her so fast asleep so I checked her breathing. When I saw her chest rise up and down, I breathed out. I moved myself to the couch area again. ‘She’s still asleep?’ Harry asked, all the boys turning their heads. When I nodded, they seemed all satisfied. I couldn’t feel more happy about the fact they all liked her fairly close to how much I did. ‘I’m going to get in too.’ I said softly. Wishing the boys goodnight, I went back seeing her still sound asleep. I crawled in next to her and pulled her into my chest. God… How much I loved this girl… There were no words for it. 

NOTE: Two updates in a day! I’m proud of myself :D Thank you so much if you read the post and reached the end! I truly hope it made you smile :-) Requests are always welcome!

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#16 You Build A Fort Together

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“Wait so let me get this straight, you have never built a fort?” he asked in dismay. “That’s correct. I don’t see what the big deal is Zayn.” you stated. “The big deal, y/n, is that you haven’t lived yet.” he said matter-of-factly. “I have lived.” you interjected. “No you haven’t, but don’t worry we can fix that, come on help me get all the extra bedding from the closet.” he said before walking out of the kitchen up the stairs. You sighed in defeat and followed him. After gathering all the extra sheets, pillows, and blankets laying around in the house you helped Zayn move the kitchen chairs into the living room and strategically place them around the couch. “Okay, now the fun part starts.” he excitedly proclaimed. You helped him set up the pillows on the floor then hung the sheets from the chairs to the couch, tying them up so they wouldn’t fall down. “Ta-da!” Zayn exclaimed with his hands up in the air after about 10 minutes of working on the fort. “So, what do you think?” “I’t looks cozy.” You said with a small smile. “Go inside and check it out.” You crawled in and it was better then you imagined. Zayn was right behind you and you two laid down on your backs next to each other. “You’re right, you haven’t lived until you’ve built a fort.” you admitted “I know, but now you can say you have.” He stated before rolling over and placing a kiss on your lips.


“Can we? Please?” your niece pleaded. “I don’t know, maybe when your Uncle Louis gets home.” “But we want to do it now.” you nephew whined. “Do what now?” Louis asked walking in to the living room where you and your niece and nephew were sitting on the floor in front of the tv. “The kids want to build a fort.” you replied. “I think thats a great idea!” he said “Why don’t you two go grab all the pillows and blankets that we need and me and your Aunt y/n will get the sheets set up.” he suggested as the two of them ran up to the closet.  Once the fort was all made up you all piled in. “This is the best fort ever!” your niece proclaimed. The rest of the time you all watched disney movies in the fort while eating popcorn and other snacks. After the second movie finished the doorbell rang. “I think your mom is here.” you said crawling out of the fort with the two kids following you with Louis behind them. “Did you two have fun?” your sister asked her kids once you opened the door. “Yeah! Aunt y/n and Uncle Louis are the best!” your nephew exclaimed. “Yeah, they build the bestest forts.” your niece added causing you to smile.“Just to let you know , you’re the one whose gonna be cleaning this up.” you stated to Louis after the two kids had left. “Who said we had to clean it up?” he asked with a smirk which made you giggle.


The boys were on break from tour for christmas and had planned a trip for just the two of you to Victoria, Canada at an exclusive resort. You had been on the plane for close to 10 hours and were beyond ecstatic when the plane pulled into the gate at the airport in Canada. “Finally, I can’t wait to see the resort, we/re saying in a cabin right?” you asked unable to stay seated anymore due to the excitement you were unable to control. “Yes, you’ve asked that about three times already. Are you alright? You’re kind of freaking me out y/n.” he joked as he placed a hand on your shoulder. “ha-ha, I’m just excited.” “I know, I am too, you know what we should do when we get there? Build a snow fort!” harry replied with a childish grin. You agreed and the second you arrived and put on warmer clothes, leaving the suitcases sprawled around the cabin, you both were out the door. It’s perfect, come inside and look Harry.” you proclaimed about 30 minutes later after lots of hard work. Harry crawled in through the medium opening and sat with you inside your igloo like fort only meters away from the cabin. “This trip is going to be amazing, brining you was the best decision I ever made.” he said pulling you into his side before placing a kiss onto your forehead.


You woke up to the sound of thunder and a flash of lightening brightening yours and Liam’s shared bedroom. Shortly after you heard the pitter patter of your sons foot steps make there way into the room followed by his shaky voice. “Mommy, Daddy, I’m scared.” Liam rolled over slowly and answered in a sleepy voice. “You can climb in if you want, theres no reason to be scared though bud, the storm can’t hurt you.” Your son then climbed up onto the middle of the two of you. “Hey I have an idea, your grandmother used to build a fort with me to protect me from the scary storms, do you wanna try that?” At the mention of the word ‘fort’ his head popped up and he was wide awake. “Yes, can we make it in my room?” “of course we can, your dad will go get the extra sheets.” you answered elbowing Liam in the side to wake him up since he had already nodded off again. “huh.” he muttered yawning. “Go get the sheet for Cole’s fort.” 15 minutes later you and Liam, with a little of Cole’s instructions, had built a fort over his bed and were all three laying under it. “See it keeps you safe from the storm.” you said hugging your son. “Thank you mommy and Daddy, I think i’m tired now, can you tuck me in.” the four year old said. “Sure bud.” Liam replied. You all said goodnight and Liam and you returned to your bed with the thunder quietly rolling  in the distance and your son happy and fast asleep.


Niall was on a short break from tour for a few days and the two of you wanted to spend those days with only each other. Niall had called you and told you where the hotel the boys were staying at was and had Paul waiting to escort you. Once you made it safely in his hotel room you thanked Paul and happily greeted your boyfriend. “I missed you so much y/n.” he said cupping your face before placing his lips to yours. “I missed you too Niall.” “So what do you wanna do?” You thought about possibilities fro a few seconds when you could hear the faint screams from the fans three stories below and knew you two wouldn’t be able to leave the hotel. “Let’s build a fort.” you replied with a grin. “That’s a perfect idea.” Niall responded as he hugged you one more time before making his way to the nightstand phone, calling down to the front desk to ask for extra pillows and sheets. There was a knock on the door and Niall opened it, coming back in with a huge stack of the items you needed. Roughly ten hard working minutes later your masterpiece was finished and you both stood aside looking at your perfect little hide away. “Ladies first.” Niall said holding back the sheet to create an opening for you to crawl in. He followed behind you and the two of you laid side by side on the pillow covered ground. “I wish it could always be like this, just me and you forever.” Niall said holding you hand and playing with your hair. “Me too, I love you Niall.” you responded turning to look into his eyes that were already on you. “I love you too y/n.” The rest of the days he had off consisted of the two of you staying in the fort just talking and ordering room service and other things that caused the other boys in the rooms next-door to complain about noise to the front desk.