addyrhea asked:

Hey me, why do you have links to places like your Flickr page when you have yet to upload any pics to Flickr?

Well…I guess maybe I got a little ahead of myself.  Get used to it though…I’m a backwards sort of girl.  Look for them later tonight…way later.  I have lots of photos for Flickr, but first I must clean my house, organize my office, wash up and post pics of bottles, and hope someone can tell me what they are.  THEN Flickr photos.  You can check some out on though.

But seriously, I’m just getting this thing going, so there will be changes and messed up links as I test out tumblr features, but I will hopefully get settled soon.  Suggestions welcome.

I'm not starting a new project...

So I’ve decided not to look at this as starting a blog because I have this crazy little habit of not finishing things I start.  A follow through problem or maybe just a bit (haha) of indecisiveness mixed with a desire to be superwoman and topped off with impossible expectations of perfection along with other faults..or quirks maybe is a better word.. that I’m sure will all shine through along the way. An ex career-minded, rise to the top, always in control, etc, etc, youngster on the fast track, I fell in love with a set of beautiful blue eyes and couldn’t bear the thought of one more meeting while someone else got to enjoy that new baby smell. With two beautiful blue eyed girls running around now, and an also at home husband with his own set of….quirks (He’s got 100% disability from the Army for PTSD, TBI, etc, which is a topic for conversation all on its own.) well I’ve learned to appreciate my Mom, who stayed at home with her children, one of whom has Downs Syndrome, and just almost resent my Dad for not appreciating the work she put in while he vacationed in his high stress top management position. Now that I’ve given myself a thousand places to go with this I’ll finish my first thought. I’ve decided not to look at this as starting a blog, but rather as a place to dump my random thoughts, photos, creative writings, crafts, projects, ideas, wishes, hopes, prayers, fears, rants, inspirations, and maybe all those things I think I need to know and then read about until I can’t remember a thing I’ve read…There we go. Blog started. Check.