Redbubble’s having a 20% off sale! I figured now may be a good time to mention I have a small collection of stickers available, as well as that lil’ Haunter doodle available on a t-shirt or sticker form. ALONG WITH MANY OTHER DESIGNS! Just use coupon code SAVETWENTY !

(So far I only have Haunter on shirts, but if there’s any interest in other products for other designs, just let me know and I can add them!)

I’ll also be periodically adding some new content this whole week. <3



SKETCHES - $10 heads, $15 busts, $25 full body!

THROW SOME COLOR ON? $15 for heads, $25 for busts and $40 for full body!

MORE CHARACTERS? +50% baybee

I’m also down to do small digital pieces (avatars, Twitch emotes, etc) for $15-20 a pop, depending on complexity!

You can message me here on Tumblr, email me at addy(at)addark(dot)net, or hit me up on Twitter!

This is a WIP/rough of a print idea I started for Risk of Rain waaay back in like, February. Depression and anxiety basically made me backburner it and then forget about it.

While I doubt I’ll work on this specific piece again, I do intend on doing another piece similar to this. Maybe something that’d be a little easier to print, anyway. :D


Also here’s a ton of Yo-kai. I did a 30-day challenge but only posted them on Twitter. I aim to line and color all of these soon enough also. :>

In case you can’t read my handwriting, here’s all of them:

Baddinyan, Insomni, Cupistol, Komasan, Tattlecast, Negatibuzz, Duchoo, Shrook, Manjimutt, Leadoni, Dazzabel, Blandon, Cheeksqueek and Casanuva. There’s about a dozen more I have saved up too but the sketches aren’t as nice. STAY TUNED. <3