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But anyway, I thought I’d try something new for this day, so I thought I’d brush up on my editing skills and create one of those “aesthetic” edits things :P

 Yeah, I know it’s not perfect or anything, but at least I gave it a try ;w;

i was looking at the family photos i was forced to take part in as a child (tbh i loved it i cant even lie) but i was like HEY Addy would totally make her family do that

Kai agreed but only if they could wear tacky  Hawai’an shirts so here we are. 

Addy and Kai are like 37ish  here Ko and Ano are like 11 and Ellie is 6ish. 

This hangs in their family room. 

HAPPY AAD ALISON!! I have for you today some kaiddy! I hope I did them justice :) 

Alison you are a wonderful artist and an even more wonderful person. You’ve improved so much since the beginning, and I’ve enjoyed watching every second of it! I appreciate all the advice and kind messages you give me, and you really do brighten my day :)

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Carving Pumpkins AU and This Haunted House is terrifying please hold me AU

Carving pumpkins AU

Lotus and Kai had spent a long time growing pumpkins this perfect. And they really were perfect. Round and plump with a sideways stem that gave it character. So orange they practically glowed.

The two Demeter siblings had stencils and knives and several carving tools strewn in front of them. These were going to be the best pumpkins ever.

Lotus made a frustrated noise only a few minutes in to the carving process.

“I messed up,” she grumbled.

Kai was frowning in concentration, “Mine looks okay so far.” He turned it so the front of the pumpkin faced her. One of the eyes was far bigger than the other and it’s mouth was lopsided.

“It looks like it got hit by a bus,” Lotus commented.

Kai pouted, “Yours probably isn’t any better.”

Lotus showed it to him and he was right. It wasn’t any better. It was just as bad. The eyes were supposed to be triangles but they were jagged and uneven. The mouth was just a wide circle.

Kai laughed, “We’re terrible at this. We shouldn’t have even bothered to carve them.”

“Maybe they can still be saved,” Lotus muttered. 

If anyone passed the Demeter cabin around Halloween that year they would see two very grotesque pumpkins. One had it’s pumpkin guts spilling out of it’s mouth and the other was turned on it’s side with a large knife sticking out of it. 

Lotus and Kai couldn’t be more proud of their creations.

This haunted house is terrifying please hold me AU

“This is a terrible idea. Why are we doing this?” Addy asked. She looked around the haunted house warily. So far, the scariest thing had been a skeleton dropping in front of them in a doorway. But that didn’t mean she was going to let her guard down.

Jesse shrugged, “It might be fun.”

“Since when is fun synonymous with scary?” Addy mumbled.

“Probably since horror movies. Or before,” Jesse said.

“That was a rhetorical ques—” Addy was interrupted by Jesse jumping back and clinging to her arm.

Addy followed his gaze and couldn’t help but laugh. It was a guy dressed as a very unrealistic vampire.

“Jesse. that’s not scary,” she giggled.

Jesse let go of her arm, “No, no, you’re right.”

Not long after, a few zombies jumped in front of them. Jesse clung to Addy like he was about to die. He wouldn’t let go of her until they finally exited the house.

“I can’t believe you were so scared,” Addy smiled in amusement.

“I wasn’t scared,” Jesse denied. “I was protecting you.

HAPPY AAD, ALISON!!! For your day, I’ve drawn some Kaiddy, along to the tune of Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
I really think it’s an amazing way to kick of Authors Appreciation Days with Alison because she is a complete peach, and I love her lots. Alison, you are crazy cute and freakin talented - like, holy crap, watching your artistic progression has been so so great and every new drawing you produce just surpasses your last one, and that is something to be really, really proud of. I especially love the colors you use, which are very bold and bring a lot to your art, and it’s just so aesthetically pleasing I could scroll through your art tag forever. I love all of your characters, but Kai and Addy hold a special place in my heart, and I truly enjoy drawing them ♥ So, have a happy AAD, babe! Love, Skittles ♥