addy rivera

Z Nation:  Operation More Bitemark

Z Whackers unite!  Our goal is to make sure Syfy and NBC Universal renew Z Nation for a fourth season.

How do we do that? 

Step 1:  Follow #Operation More Bitemark on Tumblr so you can stay informed about all efforts to get Z Nation renewed for a new season.

Step 2:  When Z Nation airs on Friday, tweet loud and often with the hashtag #RenewZNation and make sure you include both @Syfy and @NBCUniversal.  NBC Universal owns the Syfy channel.  Set a goal to tweet at least 10 times during the broadcast hour.  Plan to do this every time a new episode airs.  INCLUDE THE HASHTAG IN ALL RETWEETS TOO!

Step 3:  Increase the bandwidth!  Reblog this entry on Tumblr.  If you participate on other message boards or social media platforms, get the word out to use the #RenewZNation hashtag there as well. 

For example, I posted the following on Reddit:

Stay tuned to #Operation More Bitemark for other ways we can make sure Syfy renews our favorite show!

ETA:  Do you love to make gifs?  Volunteers needed to create #RenewZNation gifs that can be retweeted this Friday.  Reach out to me if interested! 

My awfully talented friend addy-rivera and I have decided to embark in the odd - and somewhat fascinating- task to create our very own illustrated e-book(-ish). 

We’re thinking on doing a collection of short stories, which will obviously be very strange, fun, and possibly insightful.

This is the sketch I showed her when it was my turn to put my ideas on the table, it’s not very fancy and it’s mildly confusing… but hey, most good things in life are that way.