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Chapter 16 Part 2

A/N: Here is part 2 like I had promised! PLEASE READ PART 1 HERE FIRST IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY! Enjoy readers, I had an absolute blast hearing how excited you were for more! It it much appreciated. Without further adieu…

“Happy Birthday Addy.”

Her rant was interrupted by a deep male’s voice, one she had come to miss. Her eyes immediately flashed open not believing what she had just heard.

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❛ Some stars burn out and die, bigger stars burn out and die with PASSION ! ❜ - ( foxtrot--uniform ) ( addy probably ranting about stars and being silly )

history of the entire world, I guess starters (pt 1) || @foxtrot–uniform

  Science had never been his best subject; the fact he was unintelligent excluded. He could memorize all the information he needed, yes. He could recall, in great detail, how his text book had worded practically any subject. But that was all it was. He remembered, he never understood. Processes? Nothing. Theories? What they said, not why they said it. Space? He remembered reading it, he never remembered knowing what it meant. The memory kept him in school, but it did little to help him on labs or projects. That class, combined with his math class, were the reasons he knew he was a dumbass.

  Reading about stars in a textbook was one thing, though. Listening to his lover ramble excitedly about them was a completely different case. They were outside, and the lack of city lights led to a phenomenal view when the sun had set. Stars- the sky was filled with them. The pure awe on Addy’s face was more than he could ever ask for. He then began to discuss the different types of stars, their formation, their places in the universe. For once, Sheps understood. He wanted to understand.. If Addy loved it so much, it had to be interesting!

   He listened carefully and enthusiastically, nodding every now and then to motivate Addy to go on. The passion was clear in the man’s mismatched eyes. Space, stars, all of it- Addy adored it. He’d known his lover was smart, but this? This was phenomenal. He wanted Addy to go on. He wanted to know everything he knew, he wanted to hear him talk excitedly about the stars above their heads. He laughed at the passion part- a genuine laugh, one he had to cover his mouth for. Don’t ruin the moment. 

  …You don’t have to cover it up, Sheps. He likes your laugh.

  “ Hah! An explosion is, uh, kinda passionate, huh? And, uh, only the big ones explode? That’s weird. Why? Do they become white dwarfs, too? How do they do that if they explode? “ A pause, followed by an awkward laugh. “ Sorry, I’m - I’m not challenging your intelligence or anything! If… it seems like that. I’m just curious. This, uh, this is really cool, Addy! “ 

Addi Rambles #1

This is Addi Rambles!! A little thing where I basically just talk about that’s on my mind and why I’m feeling how I’m feeling. It’s definitely healthy to write down your feelings and stuff, and I really like to do them online so I figured this could kinda be like a series?? I’m not sure, but it is mental health month, and this is a way I’ll cope with stuff.

It’ll always be under a cut, so don’t worry if you don’t want to see a super long post. Also, you can blacklist the tag “Addi Rambles” to get rid of all my posts that are just basically me talking about more personal things :)

Anyways, if you want to read my rambles for today, here they are!

Question Of The Rant: What’s your favorite song, and why?

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