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Inspired by THIS POST about gay Disney Princesses. 

When the old beggar comes to the door, Addy knows better than to let her in. She doesn’t look at the rose or the woman too long; she shuts the door.

Some will call her arrogant or selfish, but what is she to do? No guards, parents in the capital (not, here, not here), and the knowledge that she is the damsel in all those fairy tales weighs heavily on her mind. Oh, little princess, far from home and alone, so alone.

The Enchantress (for they do not call her witch) makes sure that she stays that way.

Alone except for her wilting rose.

(She did not want it, would not take it, so she was bound to it. Such is the way of Princesses.)


Addy used to have frightful bursts of temper. Her face would turn red, fat tears rolling down her cheeks, mouth screwed into an upside down kidney bean. Anything could set her off; a too tight corset, a walk ended too quickly, another toy sword taken away. She’d wail and scream, kick her feet and punch the air, tear and rend anything within arm’s reach.

The first time she has a fit in her new form, it’s after Mrs. Potts reads the King and Queen’s decision on her…condition. She’s to stay here, on the outskirts of their kingdom, until a Prince comes to release her from her spell. Alone until a different sort of bond is forced on her, until she is made to change from princess to beast to bride.

Addy know why they refuse to save her. It’s because she’s always been too big, too strong, too ill-tempered, too–

In her rage, Addy upends the tea tray, forgetting, forgetting, forgetting.

She is reminded when fine china falls to the hard ground, when it rattles, when it shatters, when it screams.

“No!” Addy falls to her knees next to her dishes– no, her friends and frantically rights them, apologies tumbling from her lips, eyes brimming with tears.

“Temper,” Mrs. Potts murmurs, more out of reflex than anything, looking obviously terrified. She hops from her side to her base, better able to control her new body than any other castle resident. Her lid is sitting askew and her eyes are wide (so wide) as they dart from one cup to another. “Daniel? Daniel!”

Addy cuts herself on broken porcelain and flinches. She–she’d killed him, she’d been so thoughtless, how could she? “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry–”

“I’m okay,” a little voice says. “I’m okay, Mom!”

 Addy sobs as she locates him under the silver platter, on his side, trapped. She throws the platter too hard, lodging it in the wall, and takes Daniel in her paws.  

“It’s okay, Princess Addy,” Daniel chirps at her. He’s a little older than her, just a few years, and he’s always trying to be strong. His eyes are wide (too wide), but he offers her a tremulous smile. “I’m okay.”

“Thank goodness,” Mrs. Potts says and her china clinks as she hops forward. 

Addy’s eyes lock on the horrible, huge chip in his rim. 

I did that.

She’s across the room before being aware of setting Daniel down, of standing, of leaping away.

“Princess,” Mrs. Potts says from her low, low position on the floor. “What–”

“Don’t call me that,” Addy grits out. Her huge body leans heavily against the door, making it groan, as she desperately tries to wrap her paw around the handle. She can’t stop looking at the chip, the proof of harm, the proof that something much worse can happen so easily. “Don’t call me– I’m not–I’m not the Princess. I’m the Beast.”

The door crashes open and she disappears.


It’s weeks before the servants realize that she’s never going to answer to her name again. She no longer sleeps in her princess bed or attempts to wear her princess clothes. She wears pants scavenged from the servants’ quarters, tunics from her father’s closet, ties her mane back with twine instead of ornaments.

“Addy!” they call. “Princess Addy!”

The Beast doesn’t even know who that is.

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❛ This is where we kiss, right? ❜ ( also elijah for some nICE FLUFF ) ( gothostiles ) ( FEEL FREE TO NOT ANSWER ANY THOUGH )

Question sentence starters | @gothostiles

Oh, Elijah

Elijah, Elijah, Elijah. How Adrián adored this man. For starters, he was short, like most people were to him. Being 6 ‘ 7 “ is far from being ‘ short ’. Far from being ‘ average’ , even. But, he was shorter than most. Elijah stood at an astounding 5 ‘ 4 “, which in terms of the corporal’s stature, seemed measly and pathetic. Not to Adrian, though. He saw that more as a positive trait than a negative one. He had dark, chocolaty brown skin dotted with a considerable amount of freckles that the taller man had caught himself staring at from time to time; a sweet, round face that featured an equally sweet, round nose, glistening brown eyes, and ample, voluptuous lips that the corporal imagined pressing his own mouth onto quite often. 

He had to admit it to himself, he was in love. Very much in love.

He had lost count of how long this attraction had gone on for, but it had gotten to the point where he was sick of keeping his true desires hidden; he was very straightforward and hated lying. Quite ironic, since he was so closed off about every aspect of his personal life.

During a break one scorching summer afternoon, directly after training for what seemed to be endless hours, Adrian managed to track down and approach Elijah, who was equally as sweaty and tired as he, if not a bit more. He was a private after all. ( Which amped up his ‘ maternal-protection’ mode as described by his buddies when the two were around others the same rank as Adrián. ) He said a quick and sweet ‘ hello ’ to the younger Marine, chatted for a bit, earning a few laughs from Elijah. He was a very easy man to humor, and the older man loved that. He had nearly forgot about his plan to confess it all when the two Marines seemingly wandered into the air-conditioned training facility, Military Police eyeing them from their posts as they sauntered on past. The two then walked on by Adrián’s ( and several other Marines’ ) dorm, and the corporal promptly slid inside, motioning for Elijah to come in. As Adrián expected, the dorm was completely empty, beds neatly made and any sort of luggage tucked neatly away inside of their labeled trunks placed at the foot of each and every bed. 

Now, to make his move.

Adrián was definitely not one to be rough with any sort of display of affection; his actions mirrored his personality impeccably. He was soft and gentle in mostly everything he did, and he planned to keep it that way with this scenario. He then turned to approach Elijah, slowly and carefully backing him up against the wall, and placing his hands on said wall on either side of the smaller man’s head, preventing him from leaving, at least for now. He craned his neck down to meet Eilijah’s bright, curious eyes, feeling his face grow warmer than ever before.

Breath, Adrián. Just breathe.

“ E-Elijah, I.. I have something, er, fairly important to tell you– ”

“ This is where we kiss, right ? ”

Stunned was the first thing that the corporal immediately felt after he heard the words pour out of his love interest’s mouth. They rung in his ears for a good while before he regained his composure. Or, what he could of it.

“ I-I-I.. H-how did you… ? ” He managed to breathe out before being yanked down by the dog-tag and suddenly meeting the lips he had long to kiss so much. His eyes fluttered shut, slowly trailing his hands down to position onto Elijah’s sides.

‘ Wow. That went a lot better than I expected. ’

Oh the irony
  • Teacher: You're going up the elevator right? Who's going with you?
  • Me: Yeah, I know where the class is th-
  • Teacher: *points at random boy in my class* You, go with her.
  • Boy: Oka-
  • Teacher: Actually, no. A boy and a girl shouldn't be in alone in an elevator together... You! *Points at girl* go with her.
  • Me: Haha sure
  • Also me: *Has a crush on a girl*
  • Also me: *is one of the gayest people I know*

theres been an alarming lack of addkiwi in the tag as of late so im here to fix that. here. have the gays. traditional doodles bc i’m at grandma’s haha.

hc; Addie hangs around home without a shirt during summer. Kiwi pretends to complain but feels the opposite tbh. Addie just takes the most of it to tease the tiny bf