Im trying to learn my anatomy and drawing what Im studying tends to help me remember things better, so I made this! I made this for personal reference but figured it might be helpful to some of you trying to learn hands too? It helped me a lot so I just figured, eh. I tried to keep it short and simple without going into too much detail, so pardon if there’s some stuff I omitted. Feel free to use it if you like! Im planning on making a Part 2 soon, which will have the hand structure, surface form, proportions, finger tapering, foreshortening, etc. Also please excuse my writing, I did my best to make it neat! >_<

Edit: fixed the insertion point of the adductor pollicis. Everything should be okay now!

Edit 2: Part 2 is out! Linked below!


10. ANOMALOCARIS (~ 525 Ma)
This one metre long invertebrate surely deserves to be included on the list, being one of the first complex oceanic predators to ever have existed. Anomalocaris stalked the Cambrian oceans, viewing the world with a deadly new evolutionary innovation - eyes. Complex eyes allowed this creature to storm its way to the top of the food chain, and with powerful appendages covered in spines it had no trouble devouring prey with tough carapaces. Whilst Anomalocaris is dwarfed by the other contenders on this list, it was still over 10 times larger than any other animal of its time.

9. KRONOSAURUS (125-99 Ma)
Kronosaurus, a Cretaceous mosasaur, is named after the Greek titan, Cronus. Its name is well deserved as this ancient beast was a remarkably powerful being. Kronosaurus could reach up to 10 metres long and had a mouth full of sharp, conical teeth. Unlike most other mosasaurs its tail was relatively short, however, evidence shows that Kronosaurus has immensely powerful fins and a pectoral girdle making it an impressive swimmer and hunter.

8. HELICOPRION (290-250 Ma)
Helicoprion has astounded scientists since its discovery over 100 years ago. It is iconic for its bizarre spiral of teeth, there are still debates on where exactly these teeth where on the shark with proposals stating they were inside the mouth, on the tip of the tail, the dorsal fin or hanging under the jaw. The most commonly accepted location of the teeth is inside the lower jaw enabling Helicoprion to cleanly slice its prey into pieces.

7. XIPHACTINUS (~110-70 Ma)
Xiphactinus was an extraordinary fish that lived during the Cretaceous. It was an esteemed predator that could reach an incredible 6 metres in length and specimens are renowned for their stunning preservation. One such example was 4 metres long and found with another exceptionally well preserved fish just short of 2 metres inside it implying that this particular Xiphactinus individual died shortly after its last feast. Xiphactinus had immensely sharp, slim teeth and an unmistakable underbite which was a possible aid when snaring creatures from below.

6. TYLOSAURUS (86-75 Ma)
Tylosaurus is considered a mosasaur and was a vivacious predator all be it smaller than its relative Mosasaurus. Tylosaurus could reach up to 15 metres in length and was one of the apex predators of its day. Fossilised stomach contents of Tylosaurus contain fish, sharks, turtles and other marine reptiles. Despite having an impressive set of teeth, the frontal areas of the jaws exhibit a large reduction in tooth size as well as a more heavily reinforced snout in comparison to other mosasaurs suggesting that Tylosaurus may have rammed into victims with immense force damaging prey internally.

5. MOSASAURUS (70-66 Ma)
The mosasaurs ruled the Cretaceous oceans and Mosasaurus was no exception. It could reach up to 17 metres long, longer than most other mosasaurs. Mosasaurus had a strong jaw packed with numerous conical teeth, bite marks of which have been found in huge prehistoric turtles and ammonites suggesting that Mosasaurus was a formidable hunter capable of catching large prey. Mosasaurus was a profound swimmer with strong paddle-like limbs and a huge tail capable of rapidly accelerating the animal when required.

4. DUNKLEOSTEUS (382-358 Ma)
Dunkleosteus terrorised the oceans around 370 million years ago and was part of a dynasty known as the placoderm fish (meaning armoured). Dunkleosteus could reach a whopping 6-10 metres in length and probably weighed over a ton. The skull was made up of huge, solid bony plates giving unrivalled protection allowing them to dominate the oceans. Placoderm fish were some of the first organisms to have a mobile jaw, as can be seen in Dunkleosteus’ impressive shearing plates which were used to slice cleanly through prey. Despite an revolutionary jaw, Dunkleosteus could not chew and several fossilised regurgitated remains of its meals have been found that the giant fish simply could not stomach.  

3. DAKOSAURUS (157-137 Ma)
Dakosaurus was the largest of a group of marine reptiles that were distant relatives of crocodiles. Dakosaurus could reach up to 5 metres long and had a streamlined body with large paddle-like fins and a long muscular tail implying that is was a very efficient swimmer. The diet of Dakosaurus consisted mostly of fish. The teeth of Dakosaurus are lateromedially compressed and serrated which is a similar morphology to modern killer whales indicating that Dakosaurus was an apex predator of the Jurassic oceans. Skull fenestrae provides evidence that Dakosaurus had very large adductor muscles (which are responsible for the jaw closing) and so it was certainly capable of a forceful bite.

2. LIOPLEURODON (160-155 Ma)
Liopleurodon stormed the Jurassic oceans, its huge 7 metre long frame effortlessly cruised through the water. The skull itself could reach a massive 1.5 metres long with a jaw that was packed with teeth up to 10cm long and was capable of an immense bone-crushing force. Liopleurodon was a remarkable hunter with the ability to swim with its nostrils open and so could use its powerful sense of smell to track prey from afar, much like sharks do. Liopleurodon most likely had good camouflage such as a lighter underside and a darker topside so it would blend in with the water to prey above and below.  

1. MEGALODON (~16-2.6 Ma)
Megalodon rightfully deserves the top position of the greatest prehistoric ocean predators, ruling the seas for an incredible 14 million years. Megalodon has been estimated to reach up to 18 metres in length and weighing over 40 tonnes. Megalodon is known for its huge 6 inch teeth which were serrated on both sides for an efficient slicing action. Fossils of Megalodon’s prey have also been found, the shark appeared to have adapted its hunting tactics for different sized prey; for smaller prey they would just use their bone crushing bite to pulverise internal organs, but for larger prey they would bite or rip flippers off of creatures to immobilise them and then go in for the kill.
The exact bite force of Megalodon has been estimated at around 110,000 N which was more than enough to shatter even the most robust bones. The hunting methods of Megalodon will unfortunately remain a mystery but it was been hypothesised that they swam at great depths and used short bursts of speed to swim up and tear into their preys vulnerable underbelly.
Sharks have existed for over 420 million years and still continue to be some of the most successful predators alive, Megalodon is a perfect example of how deadly they can be.

anonymous asked:

Exercise regimen for somewhat beginners?

Sorry for the late reply! I tried to be as detailed as possible! 

Usually beginners perform the best with 3x a week full body routine. This means working your entire body when you go to the gym, but only going 3 times a week.

[#] indicates how many exercises from each group to do in your workout. To save on time, cut out arm exercises from your routine.

Chest: Bench press (dumbbell or barbell). Incline/decline bench press (dumbbell or barbell). Chest Flies. Chest dips. Push-ups. [1]

Back: Bent over rows. Seated Cable rows. Lat pulldown. Dumbbell rows. Pullups (or variation). Deadlifts. [2]

Shoulders: Dumbbell shoulder press (sitting or standing). Lateral side raises. Lateral front raises. Rear lateral raises. Face pulls. Machine shoulder press. [1, or pair 2 when doing front/rear exercises.]

Legs: Squats. Leg press. Calf raises. Lunges. Abductor/adductor machine (or with resistance bands). Leg extensions. Leg curls. [2]

Arms: Bicep curls (chose from preferred variations). Tricep extensions (choose fro preferred variations). Tricep dips. Use dumbbells or barbells. [pair 2]

Core: Planks + variations. Hanging leg raises or knee raises. Kneeling cable crunch. Russian twists. [1]

(It doesn’t have to be in this order, generally you do the heaviest and hardest exercise first). Again, to save time, cut out arm exercises. Your arms will be worked out doing the other major muscle groups. [Triceps get worked with chest, biceps with back.]

Example Day 1: Incline bench -> Lat pulldown -> cable row -> Lateral side raises -> Leg press -> Dumbbell Squats -> Bicep curls + tricep extensions (super-setting if you want) -> Plank 

Example Day 2: Deadlifts -> Lunges -> Calf raises -> Shoulder press -> Chest flies -> Dumbbell row -> Bicep curl + tricep extension -> Hanging leg raises.

Example Day 3: Pullup -> Bench press -> Front lateral raises -> Rear lateral raises -> Bent over row -> Leg extension -> Leg curl -> Bicep curl + tricep extension -> Kneeling cable crunch.

You can also follow a beginner routine.

The Ultimate beginner full body workout.

Beginner fullbody workout.

Complete workout with only your body. (long read)

I also have a youtube video on a home routine.

Once you stop progressing with this you can move onto a new routine such as a bro split (day 1: arms / day 2: chest, etc) or PPL (push [chest, shoulder, triceps], pull [back, biceps], legs), or Upper/lower splits.

I sorta have my own routine going on to work on my personal weak points.

~3 year progress ^^^, and I started with no help, no knowledge, just doing whatever in the gym.

You can do it!!


Forget the adductor machines…try this exercise instead and build those glute meds 💪🏻👌🏻

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HIIT leg day ⚡️🍎

Squats 2x8
Lunges 2x10
Squats 2x8
Leg press 5x8

Leg curl 4x10
Leg extension 4x10

Lunges 2x10
Squats 2x8

Hip adductor 4x20
Hip abductor 4x20

Lunges 2x10
Squats 2x8

Standing calves 3x20
Sitting calves 3x20

Squats 2x8

Slow and steady 5k to close 🍑🍑🍑

It was wonderful to listen to Stéphane at the fan meeting in Verona. Thanks so much to Anna and Reut who organized and recorded it, and everyone who asked interesting questions! You should watch the whole thing, but here are a few highlights about coaching, and his students, transcribed to the best of my ability: 

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Dumbbell triceps kickbacks are not ideal for hypertrophy (muscle growth) for a few reasons: 1.) The limiting factors are going to be gravity the strength of your shoulder adductors, not the triceps. 2.) The triceps are only going to be working through a very short range of motion. 3.) It’s easy to rely mostly on momentum and minimal muscle contraction. Instead, skull crushers, cable push-downs, and dumbbell overhead triceps extensions give you more bang for your buck. Stop wasting your time with this exercise.

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lets-do-this-for-good  asked:

Message 1: Hi, I started working out for a month, and I would love to hear your opinion about my workout routine. I'm currently 183 pounds, my goal is 127 and I don't have a dead line to reach it (I'm not in a rush, I'm okay even if it's gonna take me 2 years). I concentrate mostly on strength training. Anyway, here is my workout routine, can you give me your opinion please? :) I'll send you 2 other messages, where I write you my routine. Thanks, N. :)

My workout has this “exercises”: 

1-I start with a warm-up on the Treadmill for 10 minutes (around 6 km/h / 3,7 mph); 

2-Cruches (15) + Leg raises (15) x 3 (both of them, together); 

3-Hip bridges 20x3; 

4-Fitball squats 15x3; 

5-Adductor machine weight 20/25 kg (44/55 pounds) 1 minute x 3 (pause 30 seconds every minute); 

6-Horizontal cyclette 6 minutes level 3; 

7-Side-lying leg lifts 12x3 (each side);

Cable Machine: 

8-Standing Lat Pushdown (straight bar) min. weight 20kg/44pounds 12x3; 

9-Triceps cable pushdown (v bar) min. weight 15kg/33pounds 12x3. 

Then: 10-Dumbbell Flyes with weights of 4 kg each arm (9 pounds) 12x3; 

End with 8 more minutes on the treadmill with the inclination of 4.5% and 5.5 km/h /3,4 mph. 

I do this workout around 4 times a week (sometimes 3 times, sometimes 5). If it’s too confusing then in my blog is written nice and clear. Thanks for your time, N. :)

I’ve copied your follow up messages into the answer section above so it’s easier to read. 

How did you come up with your goal weight? 

4 times a week is a great. It gives your muscles enough time to repair but you still feel active and it’s manageable with a busy schedule. 

Warming up with some cardio is great, especially for cardiovascular health. You may want to consider boosting it up to like 15 or 20 minutes a couple days a week if you want to increase your fat loss, but you said your main goal is strength so whatever works for you and your schedule. 

I used to do the same workout like 5 times a week and I found that devoting workouts to different muscle groups really improved my strength quickly because they had more rest time. If you’re a beginner and/or uncomfortable with different workouts, then by all means keep doing what you’re doing. Just a thought.

Your workout is very, very leg heavy. Is there any reason for that? Your only upper body exercises are lat pushdown, tricep pushdown, and dumbbell flyes (not including abs). You’re not really hitting your delts or biceps at all. 

You might want to consider benching with dumbbells instead of doing flyes because it’ll hit more muscle groups in one movement while still working your chest. 

I do have my personal workout plan coming up in my queue if you need some help dividing your days if you decide to do that.

So that’s just a general opinion. Let me know if you have any more specific questions.

Chaol’s Healing Process

Some TOD spoilers here so stop reading now if you haven’t read it!

Many people have been exasperated by the fact that Chaol can move his knees but not his thighs, because it’s your thigh muscles that are responsible for movement of your knees.  Obviously that’s true, but at this point his hip flexors/extensors don’t work still, which means even if his knee is flexing and extending so his lower legs are moving the upper legs themselves are still flat on the chair/bed/couch.  Also he has no sensation in his thighs.  So he can bend his knees, but he can’t feel the muscles working, and he can’t move his femurs (thigh bones).  So to him, he can’t move his thighs.  Plus, it’s not uncommon in nerve injuries for the movement to come back before sensation does.  Given how much research SJM did on the ways paraplegics move and how OT/PT is done with these patients, I have a hard time believing this was a mistake she made.  I think she was trying to explain that his upper legs are not able to move (because his hip flexors/extensors/abductors/adductors are still nonfunctional) and that was the easiest way for her to describe it as many readers and probably Chaol himself don’t necessarily know what a femur is.

Work with what you have

I discovered a new machine at the gym today- leg press. I may not be able to walk tomorrow. I’m trying to really focus more on weight training.

The advantage to PCOS, from a fitness standpoint, is that if you have high levels of free testosterone and androgens in your body, then you naturally build muscle more easily.

I have had personal trainers beg me to get into lifting before bc I build muscle so fast. One week of bicep curls and I have definition.

Today, I had to increase my bicep curl weight to 40 lbs to get the intensity I wanted. Triceps are still at 30 lbs, but I increased the reps from 8 to 10 per set.

Leg press- 115 lbs, 2 sets of ten. I may not be able to walk tomorrow.

I did some adductor and abductor exercises as well, to strengthen my hips. Stair machines and exercise bikes kill me bc my hip and pelvic girdle muscles are weak.

Cardio I kept to 30 mins of treadmill (fast walking to give my calves a rest from Saturday) and 15 mins bike.

Next time I’m going to explore the bar weights.

As a fluke I tried the scale at the gym- it says I’m down a few lbs. I’m wondering a couple of things-

1 is my home scale just junk?

Or 2 did adding probiotics and milk thistle kick start my system enough to finally get the ball rolling?

Who knows.

Today’s little victory: I went down a hook size on my sports bra.

imke14  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you have any tips about lunging? A haflinger I ride is super stiff (especially on his right side) and right now I'm focussing on just getting him to relax instead of bucking and pulling away while lunging. But I don't know how to make him engage his core and step underneath himself once he's ready to do some real lunge work. I do use poles at a walk already though and intend to use them in trot too once he's finally calm enough to focus on things like that.

Usually my answer to horses bucking and pulling on the lunge line is to jettison the lunge line and free lunge them until they have learned how to behave all by themselves, but that is largely because I’ve never had formal line lungeing instruction, and also because if a horse pulls hard on me, they’ll pull my collarbone out of joint. This is also only an option if you have a fenced lunge ring; plus free lungeing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

I’m going to assume that free lungeing isn’t the solution here, particularly because you say he’s stiff, which could definitely be behind his bucking and his leaning. Leaning to the outside makes me think that he’s relying on the lunge line to an extent for balance, and that will only be corrected as he gets stronger and more flexible. 

When I’m working with a horse who rushes, whether in hand, on the lunge, under saddle, wherever, I like to take them all the way down to a walk. Walking work is easier on you, because you have more time to see what’s going on and more time to correct them, and both easier and harder on the horse, because they aren’t needing to run to stay on top of their feet, but they also can’t use momentum to propel themselves through an awkward spot. From what you’ve said, I imagine that you’re already doing a lot of walking work, which is great. Also, please forgive me if you know much of what I’m about to say, but I think going through the anatomy and the physics of how a horse’s body works is useful when it comes to figuring out how to improve their movement.

So to get the horse engaging their core and stepping underneath themselves on a circle, they need to bend through their bodies. Bending through the neck is relatively easy - horses can achieve the most flexion at the point where their neck and their thorax meet - but bending through their back is harder, as there’s not much room for lateral flexion in the spine. They can increase bend through their trunk by rotating their ribcage as well - you see this on small circles, when the ribs to the inside kind of contract and the ribs on the outside open up. The motion of their limbs also contributes to the degree of bend. For any sort of bending/sideways movement, there are two types of motion of the limbs: abduction and adduction. Abduction is the term used when the horse steps out to the side with a leg, away from its body. Adduction refers to the horse bringing a leg across the centre of its body, towards its centre of mass. When we talk about horses stepping underneath themselves, we are talking about adduction.

When a horse travels on a circle, ideally they should be bent through the body. This means that the inside hind needs to step up and underneath the horse to support its weight. The adductor muscles in the hind leg are the ones that run from the pelvis to the inside of the femur and tibia - the adductor, the gracilis, sartorius and medial semimembranosus (i.e. the semimembranosus on the inside of the leg). (There’s a nice little FB post on the gracilis here.)

Picture lifted from the Science of Motion website, but no idea what book they originally took it from. The adductor muscle itself is sort of buried in the middle of all the other muscles.

Showing the location of the semimembranosus and the gracilis from behind.

Anyway, when a horse adducts its hind leg, these muscles contract to pull it across the body. Effectively, any sort of work that encourages the horse to step sideways and underneath itself will strengthen these muscles, such as leg yielding. Since I am awful at lateral work, I will add some tags at the end of this for people who actually know what they’re talking about with lateral work, and will focus instead on what I do myself.

So Abba does not like adducting her hind legs one little bit, which is presumably tied to the lump and divot of muscle in her one haunch. With her what I’ve done is an exercise which I picked up from Buck Brannaman’s 7 Clinics and was then re-taught by my trainer. Basically, while the horse is walking a calm controlled circle around you, every so often you roll the hind end over. By that I mean you walk to the hip and the horse makes a much smaller circle around you, which means they are now being compelled to step much more deeply beneath themselves with that inside hind. Abba being Abba, she takes as many small steps as she possibly can, sort of shuffling her hind end sideways, before she gives up and does the hard work of bringing the inside hind forward and across her outside hind. I filmed this today, so will tag you in the video once it uploads. 

At first, as soon as you get one step of adduction, you reward the horse for that and then let them go out on the bigger circle once more, but as they get better at it, then you can ask for more steps where the horse is crossing over with that inside hind. Ideally, though, you want to get to a point where you don’t need to roll the hind end over and away from you to get the horse consistently adducting that inside hind. Also, whilst I start out with it at the walk, you can entirely progress with this to the trot. 

This is the main exercise I’ve used with Abba to get her stepping up and underneath herself with that hind leg. Another one that I’ve used from time to time is really very similar, it just involves laying out a flask-shaped or even just triangular grid of poles, and then leading or riding the horse in, and asking them to turn around within the triangle/bottom part of the flask. The deeper into the corners they go, the further underneath themselves they need to step in order to make the bend they need to get out of the corner again. The challenge here is that they cannot step outside the poles. Abba likes to cheat on this one as well, by going deep into only one corner and cutting off the other one. 

Ground poles and cavaletti are fantastic for getting the horse to start using themselves properly, particularly when you string several of them together in a row. You can do a series of ground poles raised on alternate ends, so that as the horse goes through them they have to alternate between really engaging the protractor muscles on each side. Protraction is the forward movement of the limb, and again, the protractor muscles in the haunches and hind limbs are involved in allowing the horse to step up and underneath itself. Strengthening these muscles (the tensor fascia lata, the quadriceps and the digital extensors) increases the horse’s ability to track up, and this is where polework is so good, because the horse has really got to use the protractor muscles to get the hind limbs up to clear the poles. 

Original image from Gillian Higgins’ Horses Inside Out. The digital extensors are not labelled, but are the pink part running down the front of the gaskins.

I’d say that for improving the strength of the protractor muscles in the hind end you really can’t go wrong with poles. Start simple, with single poles spread out across your circle, build up from there. The more poles you string together, the harder it becomes. 

It’s also fun, when the horse is stronger and fitter, to vary the height and the distance of the poles, so that they have to figure out how to adjust their striding on the fly. I’ll sometimes give Abba say a ground pole, followed by two raised cavaletti, and then maybe another two ground poles, which last will have a shorter striding than the rest of the line. When first encountering these sorts of questions her answer was either to stand on the poles (a very bad answer, make sure they are wearing boots, in case the pole breaks beneath their weight), or to treat the two poles as a long jump. Now that she is stronger and better balanced, she is capable of shortening and going through them like her legs are pogo sticks, which is still not quite right, but a definite improvement.

Obviously, stretches will help as well, particularly the usual carrot stretches, but I imagine you are well aware of them!

One final lungeing solution: lunge on a slope, if there is one available. Encourage the horse to slow as they go down the slope, and keep them moving forward as they go up the slope. You can put poles along the lower part of the circle, for added effort. 

So those are the basic exercises I do with Abba to encourage her to use her hind end better. I’m going to tag @mievzar-equus for further and more sciencey input, plus @heartofhorselords and @clickerhorse, who know more about proper in-hand work than I do. I hope this is useful, and not too much of the same old, same old. And I shall get on with those videos as well.

Massage Practice #2, part ii

So I tickle-massaged his inner thigh; legs spread, ass and back of balls showing. When my fingers went up high he gave this noise, ahhah, and his ass lifted up and I could see part of his shaft for a sec, so hard, so straight. And then when my pinky accidentally rubbed against his bare balls, he moaned and his knees bent, ass way up and I saw everything. The big pink head, the long pole with a couple veins, sticking so hard, so straight ahead gravity had no effect.

I did want to hold it. I did want to stroke it. I did want to lick it and suck it in my mouth.

But not yet. Not this time.

Jamie! I said and he said, well you bumped me. It was an accident, I said, okay I won’t go near there then. N-n-no, he stuttered, that’s not what I meant. I want you to bump me there. I was a little shocked he said that out in the open. I didn’t know what to say for a sec, then I said, okay just a little, kind of by accident though.

And I proceeded with lightly rubbing my fingers on his inner thigh and butt cheeks. A finger or two would brush along his balls when moving from one area to another. He would ah and oh with delight when I touched that sensitive area. My bath robe belt had loosened and when I bent over a little to massage I know he was kind of straining his neck back to get some downblouse. He got a couple good peeks of my boobs here and there but mainly just a little cleavage. And as I knelt on the bed beside him, the bottom of the robe was parted so my bent leg was fully exposed, all the way up my thigh, a little bit of panty showing every so often and I changed positions.

In some ways it was the perfect outfit. I couldn’t believe I was there on the bed rubbing my naked brother who had a stiffy from here to Squamish, flashing him my panties and boobies every so often. And I couldn’t understand why it was such a turn on. I had to be careful, I didn’t want him to see the wet spot.

For the finale I massaged the adductor muscles, up the left leg using both my hands. He was in head-down, ass-up position. As I approached his balls I took away my top hand but moved my bottom hand right up and nudged my middle finger right into the crack where his leg and torso meet leaving my index finger right on top of his balls and I rubbed lightly back and forth, my index finger maybe quarter way up the shaft and back down along his balls. Three or four times.

Then the other leg. Slowly up and up. This time my ring finger rubbed in the crack so middle and index fingers lay right on his balls. Rubbing gently up and down, back and forth, up further to where the shaft starts and back down to the balls, up further on to the shaft this time before back down to the balls. Another rub up and back down. And another. And finally, right up the shaft to underside of the glans. I touched it fleetingly but his moan was loud.

Okay, I said, that’s enough.

Let the whining begin. He tried to get me to do more… I said no, Jamie, that’s enough. You have to respect when I say the session is over. But you didn’t do my arms. Next time, I said, and with that I left the room.

Yukke’s Line Blog translation

Ishioka hometown ambassador, Mito ambassador letter of appointment receiving ceremony!
2017/5/1 19:22

Experiencing it for the first time, I was excited and nervous. With the major of Mito and Ishioka! What a great picture!
Well! Since we become ambadassors we wish to spread wordwide the charm we find in Ishioka, Mito and Ibaraki overall. I can’t wait to start it, so let’s hope we will be succesfull!

We even got business cards!

Right after that we exchanged business cards, since I’m a business card exchange virgin, my face turned bright red. Business card, business card, business card, such a nice echo. Make me feel powerfull.

The collaboration wall with Mito, Ishioka and MUCC is also pretty cool, right?

After the ceremony, I, the freshly choosen ambassador became the lonely Fukuno near the prefectural office.

I went to an azumaan! [t/n.: kind of a restaurant]

The soba was really tasty, and the tempura also! And what about the kaibashira you ask? [t/n.: literal translation is: adductor muscle of a bivalve] It was also delicious!

And it seems like we will be on NHK news! Don’t miss out!
Me? I also talk a lot….

Weeell!!! Let’s do our best as ambassadors! (◎∀◎//)


I’ve been contending with this pose for 5 years. Especially on the left side. The medial rotation of my femur bone hits something and there’s sharp pain in my groin. I have very tight adductors. But since ive lost 14 lbs. in the last four months, somehow better torso rotation makes up for my tight adductors. (Wether we wanna admit it or not, the belly gets in the way of the rotation and the bind).

Or maybe i just became ready. The hips feel slightly more open. finally i’m in a place where i don’t have to hold my emotions in. I feel like i can let my emotions and thoughts out and i’m heard. This has released so much tension from my 2nd chakra.

BUT It’s still not easy. The practice is such hard work. But that’s the point: to put in hard work regardless of the outcome. One day there will be ease and more space to move in, but then there will be something else to contend with. The point to keep moving but to still be appreciative of the Now. There’s only now. 😊Marichyasana D.

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7/31/2017 high volume squats 

  • competition squats: 190x5x9 
  • box squats: 3x3
  • single leg extensions: 4x12
  • seated adductor machine: 4x11

Hella nervous going into my working sets because I know high volume gmfu even when I have a consistent gym schedule. By my second set, my legs were already shaking during my set up. Idk if it was because I didn’t eat much or if I was dehydrated but I was feeling lowkey lightheaded and had to take long ass breaks between sets. Lowbar is feeling really great and I’ve noticed that my knees don’t cave in slightly when I get fatigued. Honestly, I just didn’t want to die this training session. I hella worked on keeping my breathing between reps controlled so I didn’t bomb out towards the end. 


found this a while ago on another page that’s since been deleted

The only thing I could think of was how much I hated egg
salad. But at that precise moment, I’d have eaten a raft of the
fucking things rather than be in the spot I was in.
I felt and heard the zipper close again, and Matt’s
maniacal cackle. Then the stench hit, hard. Rotten eggs. Old egg
salad. My eyes watered, my lungs burned with a sulphuric
afterglow. I fucking hate egg salad.
“That one was particularly bad,” Matt laughed. “I’m rather
proud of that one.”
I struggled, but as I did the rope grew tighter around my
wrist and I used up more air, rotten air, fart-tainted air. The
nylon of the sleeping bag stuck to my sweaty face and I could
barely breathe, and what I could breathe I didn’t want to.
“Getting stuffy in there?” he asked.
The bag unzipped. I felt Matt’s giant ass engulf my face,
he pulled the fabric of his tight gym shorts aside and my nose was
prisoner of his soggy
shit chute again.
“Ahhhhhhhh….” he sighed, as the murky mist from his
fluttering ass valve enveloped me.
“SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssss…..” it
came, long and slow and hot, the latter half of the first blast
waning into a sibilant sizzle before picking up to a trumpet
blast on the follow through.
He was off me and zipped up the mummy bag tight around me
again. Dank darkness engulfed me. The stench made me sneeze as I
felt his ass oil drip down the back of my throat. I tried not to
breathe, but I had to. Fucking egg salad.
Just two days before, all was right in my world. I’d pulled
into the camping site in New Hampshire late Friday happy to be
away from a shitty job, a bitchy girlfriend, a nosey family, the
whole ball of dysfunctional wax. This place would be perfect, an
escape until Sunday morning or afternoon, just to get the f***
away from everything and everyone.
It wasn’t a popular campground, I found out, too far into
the woods to be accessible to families with screaming children.
But it was perfect for me. My site was hundreds of yards from the
next site, and that wasn’t taken. So I pitched my tent, got
hunkered down and late that afternoon, as the sun set through a
maze of stately pines, I took off for a walk around the
That’s when I saw Matt, though I didn’t know his name
at the time. . Powerlifter, I thought, this guy had to be a
I hugged a thick pine and peeked around it as he pitched his
tent. He was alone, I watched as he easily hoisted heavy
bags out of his Ford pick up truck. he had Short brown hair
and wore a tight white t-shirt and
very tight black shorts, the clingy spandex type that
were so snug around his oaken thighs it seemed they’d either cut
off his leg circulation or shred in the effort.
He was bending over to drive stakes into the ground for
the tent when it happened. His giant ass cheeks, hard and
muscular and thick, fluttered in pre-blast and then he unloaded
a mammoth fart, a thrumbler, one I damn near felt split in a hot-
air blast around the tree I was hiding behind. He laughed to
himself and kept hammering.
“Fucking truck stop food does it every time,” he said.
BOOM! Another fart, then another. And even though I was a
good 20 feet away, I could smell it, that rotten egg aroma, and
it was sickening me. ‘Great,’ I thought to myself, 'how the f***
do I get out of here now without being spotted by this fart
I slowly walked away,
backwards, watching him continue to hammer the stakes. I was
about 30 yards down the campground road, totally out of his sight
now, when I heard thundering footsteps and whirled around, fully
expecting to see a charging black bear roaring at me. I was
close. It was that guy, thighs slamming into quivering motion
as he raced toward me, thick arms pumping. I froze, couldn’t
move, and it didn’t matter much. he was on me in seconds, he
was that quick for a big guy. he launched himself from a good
10 feet away, legs wide open. His black spandexed crotch crashed
into my face and I felt the twin oaks of his thighs slam shut
around my head as we both slammed to the earth. he was on his
side now, leaning up on one arm, pulling the back of my head with
the other hand, smothering my face into his cheesy crotch as
those insanely huge thighs chewed my head.
he was speaking, but I couldn’t hear a thing with ears so
full of thighs so big. I madly tapped his legs in submission but
he squeezed harder. I grabbed at them and tried to pull them
apart. he let up just enough for me to hear.
“I said there’s no way you’re pulling these babies apart,”
he growled, glaring down into my red face. “My thighs are 33
inches around, my calves 22, so forget it. You’re just what I
needed right now, this weekend. I have a lot of stress to work
out and you’re gonna be my relief!!!”
Just before I felt his iron adductors lace into my neck and
shut down my blood to the brain to knock me out, I got my first
whiff of cheese, rank and, naturally, egg salad smelling as I felt
his thighs quiver and heard, through the conduit of his massive
upper legs, a whoosh of air leave his gargantuan ass and flood up
between his scissored limbs to wash over my face. Mercifully, I
went to sleep.
But then, damn the luck, I woke up. My hands were bound to
my sides, I was sitting against a tree watching Matt work to
build a roaring fire. It was a warm night anyway, and the glow
from the fire was making me sweat. he saw me wake up and walked
over to me, sitting down on a log before me, “Yeah, you’ll have a
headache for awhile, all my scissor
victims do,” he said. “But you’ll have a worse fart hangover by
the time your stint is up. I just love enforced fart slavery,
making a man eat my farts, smell them, be one with them. Mmm….”
he spread his big legs and rubbed his dick through his
shorts. I sat, open mouthed, until I snapped out of it, angry.
“Stint?” I asked. “What do you mean? Please, man, just let
me go, I won’t bother you, I just came up here to get away for
he smiled. “It’s not 'man,’ it’s 'Matt.’ Well, to my
friends it is. You call me 'Master Matt’. Got it?”
“What?” I asked, outraged. “f*** you, man, you let me go
and that’s that. I’m outta here.”
Matt smiled and stood up.
“It’s gonna be a long weekend, little man,” he said, hands
on wide hips. “So what don’t we get started?”
he put a huge pot of beans and franks over the fire and
bubbled it up nicely before spooning out a large dish for
himself, sitting cross legged on the ground before me to gobble
it up. he held some out for me but I turned my head.
“Suit yourself, but trust me, you’ll get hungry,” he
A look came over his face, a warm look of satisfaction and
“Mmmmm, that didn’t take long,” he sighed.
he got down on his knees before me, wiggling his huge, hard ass
at me. he hiked up his shorts even higher, thick ribs of thigh
meat oozing out the leg holes and revealing a swollen arc of ass
meat. He reached back and kneaded his big cheeks through the
tight black shorts

“Any second now…oh, yeah, here it comes!!!”
he scooted back until his big thighs straddled my body as
it leaned against the tree, and his huge ass was just below my
face. The skies opened, or more accurately, his asscheeks did and
a huge wave of foul, fetid hot air exploded in a crackling
crescendo out of his rump to blast into my chest and wash up over
my face. The stench was overwhelming, it was beyond rotten eggs,
it was inhuman and it was right there, at me, I couldn’t avoid
it. I screamed and twisted my head from side to side to try
catching a snatch of fresh air that might be left in the wake of
her deadly ass blaster.
“Uh-uh, no you don’t…and in you go!” Matt growled.
he leaned forward and then sprang back off his hands, his
thighs wrapping around the tree trunk - and my head - to capture
my face deep in the muffocating confines of his cheesy, stanky
ass. My nose was pressed right into the still-sputtering ring of
his asshole which I could feel through his tight shorts. His giant
thighs crushed my ears and her huge calves locked behind the
tree. It was a bizarre sight, or would’ve been to anyone walking
by, which wasn’t likely at this hour or location: as he crouched on
his hands, facing the ground, gluing his huge
ass to a bound man’s face as he leans against a tree, ripping
blast after blast of thick, juicy fart waves into his nose and
mouth. My face was dripping with sweat, which only served to hold
the lingering stinky molecules being constantly blupped from his
stinky ass to my skin. he was a non-stop fart machine, oohing and
aahhing as he went, undulating his thick rump on my face,
blistering it with endless ass emissions of the most acidic, foul
kind, burning my nasal passages and filling my head and lungs
with the most acrid stench imagineable.
Somewhere in the midst of it all, I passed out. I awoke
sweaty and humid inside a mummy sleeping bag, the type Everest
climbers use, the type good to like 30 below zero. And this was a
warm August night.
“Welcome back,” I heard Matt say. I struggled and found my
hands still bound.
“You were out for awhile, so I let you sleep while I
cleaned up and got us ready for bed,” he said, coming into my
field of vision in the small, two-man tent. he was on his knees,
now stripped down to tight white briefs, still wearing
those short socks and boots. he had the biggest, hardest pair of
asscheeks I’d ever seen. Matt’s gigantic white ass was a sculpted
work of fleshy art,
thick pads of rump meat that twitched in muscle as he moved. and I
remembered the foul cave
that lurked between them.
“Oh, and I finished those beans,” he giggled, straddling
my chest as my head stuck out of the tightly zipped mummy bag.
“Just thought you’d like to know.”

Yesterday's workout (4th of July)

-deadlifts 3x15 45 pounds
- squats 3x10 50 pounds (on each side)
-abductor machines 3 x 25 (40 pounds?)
-adductor machine 3 x 25 50 pounds
- seated hamstring curls 4 x 15 80 pounds
-quad extensions 4x15 80 pounds
- standing calf raises 3 x 25 50 pounds

I’m having trouble with my deadlift form, looking for youtube videos to help me get it right. If you have any tips please message me, it would be really helpful. Also, my bad form is the reason I’m only lifting 45 pounds.

I’m not sore at all, I think i need more structured workouts and not just go to the gym and do random exercises. I once bought crush 5.0 and I had amazing results, my arms looked so strong! Maybe I could use it again.