Wednesday's at 9:30AM EST is the peak sharing time

AddThis, the popular social sharing button on websites all over the Internet (including BitShare) just turned 5 yrs old. To celebrate they created an infographic that shows some interesting social sharing behaviors. Everyone always wonders when the best time to post blogs are, how about Wednesdays at 9am? Another factoid is Tumblr continues to grow with 532% growth, but Twitter has the best all time growth!

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Infographic: Social Sharing Trends

This is a fun little infographic from AddThis Analytics… the big nuggets are that most links are shared within 2 minutes of posting, as well as Wednesdays and 9:30 AM ET being the times when most sharing activity happens. A great resource for planning out a social media campaign!

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Estadísticas de AddThis en 2011

AddThis, el popular servicio que nos permite compartir, acaba de publicar una infografía con todos los datos de 2011.

Datos muy curiosos y que no tienen desperdicio como;

  • El servicio ha sido instalado en más de 11 millones de dominios.
  • El 28% de todo lo compartido el 1 y 2 de Mayo fue sobre Osama Bin Laden
  • Compartir en MySpace sigue cayendo, casi un 57% menos.
  • El 52% de lo compartido, se hace a través de Facebook.

No os cuento más, os dejo la infografía.


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Sharing is Caring

AddThis is the largest content sharing platform on the web with over ten million websites using it.  They have compiled statistics from the past 5 years into a nice and easy to read infographic about how people share.  Some of the highlights include: Wednesday is the peak day for sharing; Sharing by Twitter wins by landslide; and Most sharing happens via copy paste.

One can only imagine why Wednesday is the peak day for sharing.  It probably has to do with the standard work week.  In the business world Monday and Tuesday are usually reserved for catching up on things that couldn’t be accomplished the week before or over the weekend.  It is the start of the work week and therefore one’s time should (wel….it always should) be devoted to work.  On the flip side of this the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is usually reserved for activities away from the computer (internet).  This can include anything from spending time with the family to doing some sort of outdoor recreation.  The reason why I think Thursday and Friday aren’t peak days is because they account for what happens on those days.  Wednesday releases the backlog of what people wanted to share or haven’t viewed yet from the preceding four days. 

The fact that Twitter has 7x more growth in shares the next leading service (Facebook & Like) isn’t that surprising.  Twitter was created share ideas and content.  His 140 character limit as well as it’s automatic shortening of urls makes it the perfect medium to share info.  There’s too little space to actually talk about what you’ve just read or seen so it’s easiest to just share a link.

In my opinion the most surprising stat was that most sharing happens via copy past.  I’m not sure how this statistic was generated (probably by link tracking) but it’s astounding that this fact exists.  The ways in which copying and pasting is dominant could be any number of ways.  It may those internet users who don’t use sites like facebook, twitter, and digg.  What they do know how to do is copy and paste.  It could also be users on listservs where it is easiest to just post the direct link to whatever site they want other users.  It could but other things but either this a very interesting stat.
The Paranormal Society

The Online Morning and Evening Newspaper: 37 Articles, 16 Photos and 12 Videos by 25 Contributors.


AddThis , Ghost Adventures’ Nick Groff , Ghost Hunters’ Amy Bruni , Fact Or Faked and Ben Hansen.

Next Edition Update: less than 9 hours.

El servicio AddThis acaba de publicar el informe anual “2011 Social Sharing Trends” de cómo se han compartido los contenidos y qué herramientas/apps se han usado más.

Los resultados revelan que Facebook es la web número uno para compartir (52,1%) y que el uso de Tumblr como herramienta de difusión ha credido enormemente (1.299,5%). 

También nos indica el gran crecimiento de Chrome en detrimento de Firefox a quien ya ha superado y la bajada de Internet Explorer. 

Y el dato que define el 2011: los dispositivos móviles han explotado y su volumen de uso va a más. 

Sin duda, datos interesantes para tener una visión de hacia donde vamos y de donde venimos en cuanto a cómo se comparten los contenidos en la web.

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Comment installer le bouton like, twitter et Google+ sur son tumblr

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10 % of Visits to a Website Comes from Sharing

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