The dream was longer now that she actually knew what had been going on.

Brooke would open her eyes to a dark room with only one light source, a candle on the dinner table in her old house. Her mother sat there in a black dress, looking at a huge tome before looking up.

“He is dead, I lied to you. And now I’m dead too. You will have to pay for your sins, Brooke. You will pay.”

That is when the first hands creep up her body, pulling her inside the shadows. Soon she is surrounded and fighting doesn’t work anymore. Colours fade, light is blocked out by clouds of wavering shadow.

Her screams are muffled by a hand covering her mouth, yanking her backwards.

When everythign fades to black there is nothing left but the crackling sounds of fire.

There is an urban legend, or no more of a rumour going around in pubs of London, the town of the Themse. It’s not around quite long enough to be called a Legend, if that is what is actually the way a rumour will ever qualify as a legend.

They say he is always watching, a joyful smile on his lips as he races the wind and the shadows on his blood red motorbike. It’s easy to spot him in a crowd, too, with his yellow suit and matching bowler hat, his walking cane and the pink highlights in his jet-black hair.

However, if you do spot him you know there is something wrong. And if you witnessed something weird, something supernatural, something magic, then you know you will probably get to know him soon.

If he walks up to you and says hello, he will take the memory of that magical thing you witnessed.

How I know? I forgot. The only thing I remember, is staring into a light and seeing a cheshire cat’s smile as this sunshine of a man turned and left me.

If you remember why he would pay you a visit, he hasn’t gotten to you yet. The man must have a busy schedule with how many weird things happen in London.


After finishing his education in Hogwarts, where he first started oggling memory altering magic, Revelin Ross quickly joins one of the training programs that the ministry offers, in his case he quickly gets put into a program for becoming one of the special agents known as the Wizards In Black, an injoke between the mostly muggleborn wizards and witches working there. Actually the department has another name but since the nickname came up no one ever uses it anymore. However they are the ones who are enforcing the Secret of the existance of magic with their supposedly inconspicuous agents who specialize in wiping and overwriting memoris. However, despite the policy among the agents to wear black suits that don’t make them stand out, Revelin stays true to himself, opting for a flashy yellow suit with dark lapels. He would get quite a lot more trouble for it if he wasn’t actually really good at what he was doing and therefore almost singlehandedly managing London’s muggles.

However most people tend to remember a man in a bright yellow suit with a bowler hat and candy pink highlights, so the rumour of the sunny memory-thief is quite popular among younger muggles.