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For Valentine’s day, please enjoy “The Truth,” a Star Trek minicomic by Ming Doyle and myself.

It was created for To Boldly Zine, a Trek zine edited by our friend Dafna. It makes its debut this weekend at the L.A. Zine Fest. In addition to this story, there are contributions by Jason Ho, Joshua Williamson, Rachel Dukes, Ian Brill, and a bunch of other super-talented folks. If there are any left over after the event, I’ll be sure to give you a link to it!


GLEE AU: Sebastian had a tragic stage accident while he was performing as a professional dancer for the first time. His NYADA nemesis and roommate is a more heartbroken than he wishes he’d be.

One part of the Achilles myth that I wish was in tsoa is that Achilles was not the only child of Peleus and Thetis, he was the youngest of 7 and the only one to survive past infancy. I think that would have added another layer to why Achilles was so spoiled by everyone and why Thetis wanted so badly to take him away and make him immortal

The chronicals of an Animation student

Animation Students as a Whole:

Some of the Shit we do: (CG Addition)

Story Boarding and Story Concept:

Modeling Correct Typology:

Proportion and anatomy:

Rigging characters:

Learning walk Cycles:

Learning Visual Effects:

Learning Unity Scripting and Coding:

Maya file has corrupted:

Learning 3ds Max after learning Maya:

Learning Maya after learning 3DS Max:

Doing Homework and Projects:

Peer Critique:

Teacher Critique:

Making Reels:

Pay off:

Worth it?

You better Believe it

Now that I’m half way through Sense8, here’s my brief review.
  • Interesting concept/premise? Check.
  • Is that concept explored well? Check.
  • Thought provoking and plot unraveling/developing dialogue? Check.
  • Is there a clear and interesting plot line throughout to focus on? Check.
  • Are there clear and interesting subplots for each character? Check.
  • Is each character given a fully fledged characterisation with desires, motives, interests, quirks, etc? Check. 
  • Are they (the characters) relatable? Check. 
  • Are the characters diverse? CHECK X8 More Representation than you’ve ever seen in your binge-watching career. 
  • From London, to Mumbai, to Chicago, to Nairobi, to Seoul, Berlin, and to Mexico. There’s no white-washing in this show. With gay relationships and a trans woman, too. Diversity and representation doesn’t end at location and race.
  • It’s funny, it’s serious, it’s emotional. There’s something for everyone. 

So what are you waiting for?

A Quiz for Larries who have given birth:

How likely you would have been to put on a pair of skinny jeans and heeled boots when you were 4 days postpartum?

For context, what was your age and physicality relative to Briana?

For an extra point, please describe in vivid detail just how much your whole body and especially your junk hurt like a motherfucker.

(Please tag your addition as ‘birth stories’ so squeamish people can blacklist to avoid it.)

New Story Based DLC incoming!

Look what i found in the news today. ^^ I bet all of you nerds saw this already, but posting it here for the ppl who haven’t seen it yet.

(Taken from Vinereport)

‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ to get DLC that expands storyline, no appearance from Hero of Ferelden

The story once goes on and on for Dragon Age: Inquisition, as the highly acclaimed action role-playing game is set to receive a downloadable content (DLC) pack featuring stronger focus on additional story content, according to developers.

In his recent talk with fans and players over Twitter, game Creative Director Mike Laidlaw revealed details about the next DLC pack coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition, following the most recent Jaw of Hakkon. “The past three days have been filled with that weird intensity that makes game dev kind of addictive’” he posted. “It’s a rush when things come together.” When asked what he was working on, he said: “We’re not quite done with story content for DAI [Dragon Age: Inquisition] just yet.”

The tease of an additional storyline clearly made fans and player both happy and excited for the arrival of the said content. However, Laidlaw has made it clear and seemingly final that the Hero of Ferelden will not be coming back to the game in any way at all.

When asked about it, he said: “I’ve already said that the Hero of Ferelden will not be appearing. Sorry!” he also killed off any hope for a future appearance for the Hero of Ferelden: “I wouldn’t work too hard on that particular hope. I do not feel the HOF would work well as an NPC [non-player character].

The Hero of Ferelden refers to the protagonist of the first Dragon Age game, Dragon Age: Origins.

The previous DLC pack, Jaws of Hakkon, featured new armors, weapons, enemies, as well as introducing a new region, Frostback Basin. A multiplayer DLC pack was also released recently, the Dragonslayer and The Black Emporium, where the "Mirror of Transformation” was introduced, allowing players to change their appearance.

Free Flights & Places to Stay for Victims’ Families

If you know of anyone who may need this information please contact Christian West Howard ( Christian is the one who has been making this all possible. I just saw this on my feed and wanted to pass the info, while I was actively searching for more information, and it’s taking a minute to spread around. Please spread the information!

These were the two posts that Christian is trying to pass a long through his Facebook Post:

1. I just got off the phone with Jetblue and yes, they are providing flights free of charge to those immediately family members affected by the shooting. You must call in and speak with a representative, it is not available online. That applies to any location that Jetblue services. Their phone number is (800)538-2583 and you may contact Keri Ramnarace ( for additional details.

2. Please, please send this post to victims or anyone in communication with victims’ families. I have several rental properties in Orlando and will put families in them that are here to visit or for funerals. No charge. I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese, so if they are coming from other countries there is no issue of language barrier. I need your help letting them know this. Please put this in their inboxes. If you do not know of someone, please repost this.


#Flying too close to the sun

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These Nights Aren’t Made For Thinking by @nowforruin

Summary:  Emma Swan came to Portland, ME to start over. She’s got a job she loves, but when a particular case gets under her skin, she finds herself visiting the Jolly Roger and its curious bartender, Mr. Killian Jones, more often than she thinks is wise. But some nights aren’t made for thinking.

Fanfics that deserve to be movies [15/?] [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 910, 11, 12, 13, 14, 1617, 18, 19,


My contribution for @savewoy​ ‘s project~!

I had a hard time deciding what I should submit.. because honestly I want to make something special for once for my favourite tv show.. therefore I finally choose Wander Over Yonder’s inspirational & moving quotes as the theme! I may only choose 5 of all.. but reminder that this is all only from WANDER.. I haven’t even count on Slyvia or Peppers.. not to mention those quotes that either too long to write- and those 5 quotes r the ones that stuck in my head and have literarry changed my life.

To me.. Wander Over Yonder acctually have the most inspirational quotes than every stories I’ve seen count together.. The show is SUPER entertaining with all those smooth animation, loveable characters & hilariously cute stories! in addition.. this little show has saved my life countless times..

It’s just such a huge pity to let such stories end just like that.. exspecially after the animators have planned a lot of backstories we’re dying on wait on.. I won’t ask much.. but I really reaLLY REALLY wish this show could continue for at least ONE MORE SEASON to clear everything up.. this is such a great show and it’ll be a shame to end up in a mess ending like the other past great shows(if u want names, do message me)..

By any chanse, you guys who’s interested to SAVE this beautiful show, please go check on these links; <3
*Blog to Help u =>
*Petition => here, and here, & also here
*Send Disney’s Crews Messages =>

HUGE thanks for reading! <3

Aphra Behn (1640-1689)

Art by histoireinsolite (tumblr)

Born into obscurity, Aphra Behnbecame one of the most important dramatists of the seventeenth century.  Prior to beginning her writing career, Aphra served as spy for Charles II during the Anglo-Dutch Wars.  She also spent time in debtor’s prison and the need for financial security was a driving force in her writing career.  Her first play, The Forc’d Marriage, was produced in London in 1670 when she was approximately 30 years old.  

A prolific writer, Aphra wrote plays, novels, poems, and short stories, in addition to translating works from French and Latin.  Her writings often alluded to sexual desire including same sex attraction, controversial themes for a seventeenth century female writer. Her best-known work today is Oroonoko, a sympathetic story about an enslaved African man.

Aphra Behn’s career created opportunities for later female writers.  In A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf wrote, “All women together ought to let flowers fall upon the tomb of Aphra Behn which is, most scandalously but rather appropriately, in Westminster Abbey, for it was she who earned them the right to speak their minds.”