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Fandom: Batman (Movies - Nolan), Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Bane/Talia al Ghul
Characters: Bane, Talia al Ghul, Ra’s al-Ghul | Henri Ducard, Melisande (DCU)
Additional Tags: Bane origin story, Angst, Drama, Origin Story
Series: Part 1 of Child of Darkness

An origin story of Bane, revealing the heart and motivation of the man behind the mask. This story follows Bane from his childhood in the pit prison through his rescue by Ra’s al Ghul.

For any new Bane fans out there.

I honestly ran into this like, shin-destroying hurdle with blogging because I R E A L L Y want to blog about the otome games I’m playing but me and bestie play them so fast that I have thousands and thousands of caps of contact and ten trillion HEADCANONS OH THE HEADCANONS and like I really want to dissect every chapter of every story I play like down to the minutia and talk about the mechanics and the art and the art form and the writing and I want to OH GOD HOW I WANT TO just dump the EXTENSIVE word dump for this entire additional character story set for Enchanted in the Moonlight

So I just have no goddamn idea where to start

But I’ve also been like. The most productive I’ve ever been in my entire life? I haven’t drawn much of One Two Three but there’s stuff I haven’t shown you guys that has gotten done and I’ve been getting just a fuckton of encouragement and feedback on this one project she’s helped me start and I’ve been super into her stuff, and like I haven’t had this much tangible work to show for my efforts in a long time (I’m even like, absurdly proud of the Enchanted in the Moonlight stuff I worked on for like a day and a half, that character has a more robust dedicated playlist than almost any of my OCs cripes)

And last night I wrote the most complete like, layout of story characters etc. I have in forever?? This morning I guess, from like 11 pm to 3:30 a.m.? I didn’t sleep I wasn’t tired so I played the first character from Kiss Me on Clover Hill which just dropped and I am so excited fucking happy birthday to me

But anyway so much so that I actually am scared I just ripped it off wholesale from something and I have some terrifying amnesia???? I keep frantically googling things about the premise/characters and not turning anything up but it’s scary

Like I want to be excited but also, maybe brain tumor oh no

I’ve also been reading/buying just a fuckton of manga, very exciting, I feel so good!

And I know I could at least reblog but I get all balled up with everything I want to say, ahaha.

Work has been kind of nuts lately, not necessarily good, but I looooove my position at work so much that it’s hard to be in a bad mood.

But yeah that’s what the hell happened to me after that wedding.

Minute to Midnight

Summary: His relationship with Tony is the only thing that has ever gone right in Bruce’s horrific life.

After overhearing an argument between Pepper Potts and Obadiah Stane, he realizes there’s nothing right about it at all.

[prompt: “artificial”]

His life had been a dark place, before they’d met.

When the lights to the manor are turned out, leaving the house as nothing more than a shadowed structure on a cliff by the sea in the middle of the night, Bruce balances on the back of the couch and stares out of the window – watches the maddening glitter of the stars to the soundtrack of ocean waves crashing against the rocks below.

He has no real interest in the contents of space – he knows the planets (and their compositions), knows their moons (and their compositions), knows how long it takes each of them to revolve around the sun; he knows the other galaxies that spin and the theories of other Earth-like planets and the plausibility of life outside of Earth, but when he looks up at the sky, those thoughts are silent. Because when he’s looking at the stars, he’s looking up at the process of death – brilliant flashes of stars that have long since exploded, the agony of their deaths silent and beautiful by the time he’s able to see them.

And he finds peace in that. He thinks about the vacuum of space, the way it surrounds everything it touches in a freezing, encompassing darkness, squeezes and drains away the warmth of life until each thing is left at the brink with no other option but to combust, blow apart, and die.

There’s probably something wrong with him that he finds both the concept and the opportunity to experience it, beautiful.

“What are you doing out here?” A groggy voice grumps from behind him. “You left me alone so you could stargaze? Really?”

“Sorry,” he says automatically, not meaning a syllable of it as he twists to straddle the couch instead, and he can feel the softness of the smile the cuts his face as his eyes land on the half-dressed form standing in the middle of the room. There’s no moonlight to bathe the tanned expanse of skin, but his eyes adjust quickly enough that he can make out the quiver of the subtle abdominal muscles under the caress of the air conditioner. “I didn’t want to wake you.”

He watches as Tony shuffles forward, feels those too-damn clever eyes trace over his own outline, can feel the tension that births instantly at his words. He wants to stop it, whatever thoughts are going through the other man’s head, but times before have taught him the uselessness of any such attempts. Tony’s mind is a bullet train, races and produces at inhuman speeds – by the time anyone can think of stopping a line of thought, a conclusion has already been drawn with evidence and fact, stamped and embedded.

“Nightmares?” Tony asks softly, the usual odd note to his voice that always forms at the topic. “Again? You just had one a few nights ago.”

“And two nights before that,” Bruce admits with a wince, ducking away from the sharp look he knows he’ll receive for the confession. “Like I said, I didn’t want to wake you. And … I didn’t think it’d be a good idea to be so close to you, or anyone really, for a while after.”

In truth, ‘nightmare’ is only a correct term in the vaguest sense, for what he’d gone through only a few hours ago, what he’s ever gone through during them, really. Terror would probably be a more accurate description; horror. The visions that wash over him at night are violent, suffocating, and inside of them he can’t breathe or move under the fear they chain him down with. They always feel real, as if he’s truly back in the past of his life, and the burn of his father’s raging eyes always sears against his skin with the blows of his attack; he chokes on the hatred of words he can hear as clearly as he had when they’d first been said – he wakes up not struggling for breath, keeps from flailing in panicked desperation only because some part of his mind, small and alert, screams that Tony’s beside him, too close to lose himself in the waves of fear, to lash out against what isn’t even there.

“I wish you had woken me up.” The brunette sighs as he steps closer still – Bruce can see the draw of his shoulders, stressed and upset. Guilt stabs him low in the belly. “I don’t like you being out here by yourself in that state of mind.” He reaches out then, slowly as if he’s unsure he’ll be allowed to touch, and it’s so absurd that Bruce immediately closes the distance, snagging the extended hand as he slips off the couch. He always wants Tony’s touch.

“I’m okay,” he assures quietly as arms wrap firmly around him. He returns the hug just as tightly, feels the world righten. “They’re just nightmares, Tony, I know that. The past isn’t now. He can’t hurt me now.” Even if every time the belt falls in the nightmares, it feels exactly like the first blow. Every time.

The grip around him squeezes harder. “No one can hurt you now. I won’t let them.”

Bruce buries his head into Tony’s neck, and the shivers that he’d managed to get under control just minutes before return full-force under the security of Tony’s arms. He tries to hold them back, but this is Tony, and in the hold the other man has locked him in, the feelings of safety and love he always manages to envelope him in, and he breaks down at their first wave.

“God, sweetheart,” his lover murmurs against his temple, hands soothing up and down his back in increasing desperation. The touches wash away the stinging reminders of phantom pain. “Stop doing this to yourself. I’m here now, Bruce. Come to me when this happens. You have me to come to, now.”

He closes his eyes and soaks in the warmth.

“Let’s go back to bed.”

[story continued on Ao3]

Dear Fandom, 

Unless you see it come from the mouths or official blogs of bryankonietzko or michaeldantedimartino, I wouldn’t believe it. 

   So stahp with the “Did you know” things that were never true. Some of these are almost as silly as the things J. K. Rowling apparently claimed. 


Title: Bonfire Hearts
Rating: NC17
College AU, Romantic Comedy, Fluff & Smut
Wordcount: 34823

One part pining Alpha, one part oblivious best friend, two overly invested wolf packs, and a 90s themed frat party for the record books.

Title: Better Spent in Love
Rating: NC17
College AU, Drama, Angst & Fluff, Fairy Tale
Wordcount: 15016

Scott was his best friend, and Stiles should have noticed sooner.“You’re not leaving, are you?”
“No.“ Stiles didn’t even have to see his face to understand that resolve. "No, I’m not going anywhere.”

The fantastic anomalagous​ and I teamed up for both the Sciles Mini Bang and Sciles Big Bang this year. LC did beautiful art pieces for both of my stories, in addition to writing two fantastic pieces of her own (here and here). If you like Truth or Dare, College AUs, Alpha/Emissary love stories, and Best Friends in Love, these are stories for you!


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (3DS)

First released for the PS2 back in 2004 Dragon Quest VIII changed the era’s video game expectations with simple and efficient gameplay and a beautiful open world.

The re-release will feature multiple improvements and additions, including additional story scenarios which delve into Dhoulmagus’ past, as well as the protagonist’s childhood. The story is improved upon further with the introduction of new characters Morrie and Gerda to your party, as well as full fledged voice support.

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts on bon clay and his interactions with luffy and what he did in alabasta

Overall he’s great, and his sacrifices at the end of Alabasta and Impel Down made me cry. His friendship with Luffy is a lot of fun, and the two of them together in Impel Down was a great addition to the story. And in Alabasta, prior to the self sacrificing… he is one of the many characters whose misdeeds are somewhat too readily swept under the rug and forgotten about by both fans and the story itself. In hindsight, it’s kind of funny to remember that Bon-Chan grinned from ear to ear after his men shot Kohza as he pretended to be the king in order to sent the spark for the final clash of the rebellion

And after than he ran away laughing his head off about it all. The suffering of the people of Alabasta seemed to mean absolutely nothing to him, and he was even ready and willing to kill Vivi to keep Crocodile’s plan going. From an objective standpoint, Bon-chan has done some seriously bad things. Still, he’s such an amazing person to his friends and so readily likable that it is very easy to let all that go. I think he’s another very morally grey character in One Piece, and like Luffy, cares more about doing right by his friends than about being a “good” person. 

roane21 asked:

Is a villain protagonist cliché? My main character is no goody-two-shoes. He has the characteristics of a villain you know, cruel, unsympathetic, cold but loyal and insecure underneath it all. However, I'm having doubts. Is he too one dimensional?

No, I definitely wouldn’t say that villains as protagonists (sometimes called anti-heroes) have reached the point of being cliche. The description you provided isn’t enough for me to determine whether or not he’s one-dimensional, and complexity relies on more than just personality traits. Make sure to give him an interesting interior life (hopes, fears, dreams, goals, etc.) in addition to some back story, memorable physical traits, and a unique voice, too. :)


Cullen’s day of R&R(?) part 4:

“I am not leaving this room dressed like this. And neither are you.” Cullen measured out his words with all the authority as he could muster.

“My contact needs to us like this. It’s a matter of trust,” Hawke replied.

“This is ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. This is also unauthorized and highly unorthodox.”

“Nothing we have done has been authorized. At least, not authorized by anyone but you, Knight Captain.”

He refused to look at her. The Champion. The Champion of all of Kirkwall, dammit. The apostate Champion. Ever since that title was bestowed on her, she had become uncontrollable. This was his mission, his investigation, and he was supposed to be her handler. The nerve of her. Does it matter how much she previously cooperated or how much they have successfully done? Flaming blight. “I am not stepping out of the room looking like this. Neither are you. I will not authorize this.”

“They’ll put a contract out on me if you don’t.”

Week 7 (and beyond)

sothereff said: So… you’ve all got these insightful comments about these episodes, and all I have to say is how much I completely and totally ship Barbra and Bryant (Barbant? Brybra?) and their portrayals of Katniss and Peeta.

Probably an unpopular opinion in this fandom, but while I respect Jen & Josh and the work they’ve done in the movies, they’ve never quite embodied the characters for me. In contrast, Barbra and Bryant have done such an amazing job bringing the Everlark I know and love to life.

I’ve come to enjoy the actors immensely, mainly due to the incredible script. Comparing the movies and TKC, there’s no contest. I’ve never hidden my disappointment with the first movie, so it’s been a happy surprise to have this additional dramatization of the story that actually feels like canon. Peeta is sassy, funny and clever. Katniss is serious, but there’s a softness to her that never comes through in the movies. In TKC, she’s rightfully a girl. A scared girl, full of so much love and compassion, and repeatedly selfless even when she thinks she is being selfish. A young woman on the cusp of adulthood who can’t even see her own worth.

And yeah, yeah, I admit it: I’m obsessed with the love story. (TKC revisited 08 - I hear you, Paul Pakler, but I won’t be ashamed of my love of Everlark.) So it’s been a relief to get the heart of the love story back, the parts that Gary Ross stole from us. The cave scene, the time spent on the cornucopia waiting for Cato to die, the berries and retrieval from the arena, their reunion on Caesar’s show, and so many other moments. 

(Also, confession: I’ve listened ahead. Like, a lot. I’m that crazy person who’s listened to the Everlark-heavy episodes in CF and MJ over and over again. Sorry not sorry.)

I’m so glad you all encouraged me to start listening. TKC has been a gift for this busy mom who doesn’t a lot of time to waste spend on fandom stuff. I can listen to an episode in my car, at work writing code, or just put the headphones on while I’m doing dishes to drown out fighting children. ;)

Now if I could just figure out a way to get Barbra and Bryant to adapt some of my favorite fanfiction…

anonymous asked:

I have to ask, what did you guys think of Episode 4 around the part 23:55 mark?

Peeta’s proposal!

javistg said: I think it was a lovely addition to the story. IMO it was beautifully scripted and it felt like something Peeta would say.

My heart almost broke when he mentioned spending the last six months with her. To me that was a clear signal of how false the proposal really was. Peeta was performing for an audience and he was saying what he knew they wanted to hear. I think it’s something Peeta would have done and I’m sure that Katniss would have gotten the hint. No wonder she was crying. :(

What did you think?

Challenge 131: A mountain of maybes and some Icarus wings (4/?) [Nakamura / Kaijou]

Title:  A mountain of maybes and some Icarus wings

Characters/Pairing/Team: Hayakawa, Nakamura / Kaijou

Challenge: 131, Team Battle

Summary: Nakamura’s doomed to be a supporting character in everyone’s life. Sometimes he even doubts he’s the protagonist of his own story

Additional tags:  Nakamura Shinya, Hayakawa Mitsuhiro, please. Thank you!

Submitted by: RETROCEDER NUNCA, RENDIRSE JAMÁS  Veto_power_over_clocks

Hayakawa drags Shinya to the Winter Cup final.

For the sake of accuracy, it must be clear that what Hayakawa did was tell Shinya that he wanted to see the match, and Shinya should go as well because it would be fun, and maybe they could invite some of the second years? They could all get something to eat before it started, and taking the train back home would be safer if they were in a group, and, come on, Nakamura, let’s see what we’re dealing with next year!

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