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some advice, from me to you

- DATE. YOUR. WORK. I can’t stress enough how much this can really help. If you date all the worksheets and handouts that you’re given, it’ll make it so much easier to keep everything in order so you can find it when exam time comes around. 

- I like to have just the essentials when I go to classes. So for me, that’s a notebook (two for maths subjects- a summary book and a workbook), a clear plastic pocket, my pencil case, my laptop, my planner, a water bottle and, if I can’t keep a PDF of it on my laptop, my textbook. I use the plastic pocket to store all the loose handouts I receive, and I find it much easier than using a binder or something big and heavy. Once it gets filled up, I just get another one and use double-sided tape to stick the two together. 

- Adding on to the last point- if you can, keep all your textbooks digital and leave the hard copies at home. Your arms and back will thank you, and sometimes online copies have additional study material which can be a bonus. 

- It’s not a source of embarrassment to study. If you want to study, go to the library and study. Find a spare table in the cafeteria and study. Pull out your phone and read through your notes on there. Enhancing yourself is not something to be ashamed of.

- However, ensure that you are spending enough time relaxing and having fun with your friends. Downtime is important. It keeps you focused and happy, and gives you a break from all the stress.

- UTILISE YOUR TEACHERS. They are the ones who know the course inside-out. Most times, speaking to them can really help you.

- Prioritise. I know this seems obvious, but it can be something that’s really hard to do. Remember- you are your biggest priority. 

- Find out what works for you. You don’t have to fit into any category. Study however you want- if that’s in Starbucks, so be it. If that’s in a huge quiet library, so be it. If that’s in your favourite Indian restaurant, so be it. I have a friend whose sister used to sneak into the detention room during lunchtimes just so she could do her work in peace. Whatever works for you. 

- Try to look over your notes at least once every night. It really does help.

- Don’t waste your holidays.

- Don’t waste your nights, either. When you have no homework, CATCH UP. We’re all behind on something. I know. 

- Find a study buddy. Having someone else there to motivate you can be extremely beneficial. 

- I don’t listen to music with lyrics while I study, because the words distract me from my work and disrupt my thought processes. It sounds cliché, but classical music can really calm you down when you feel the rising panic of an overdue assignment. One of my favourite songs to listen to is “Salut d’amour, Op. 12″ by Edward Elgar. 

- TO-DO LISTS REALLY HELP ME. They motivate me and push me to finish them, because ticking off boxes is just so satisfying. 

- Keep a spare pencil case with pens, pencils, an eraser, and a ruler in your locker. 

- Always bring a drink bottle to school, and aim to finish it. It does wonders for your skin and helps with headaches.

- Set goals. It’s so much easier to reach big goals when you set a series of realistic, small ones that lead up towards your ultimate dream. 

That’s all I can think of right now! Please let me know if you enjoyed this post or if it helped you in any way, or if you have any other questions you want to ask (ask box and messages are always open, though I am by no means an expert) (I’ll try my best though). Thanks for reading!! 

- eloise

Ten things that happen when you clap your hands

1. A fairy gets its wings.

2. A request is put out to the suppliers of the wing factory to produce an additional unit of wing materials to help replenish stock levels.

3. Entirely incidentally, a passing bee misinterprets the clapping noise as the sound of a wasp farting. It sniggers. Have you ever heard a bee snigger? Clap and listen carefully. This is all the more remarkable because bees normally have a very mature sense of humour.

4. The gnomish feather shop sends the hob-and-lanthorn out on the moors again to pluck feathers from unsuspecting seabirds. They bill the wing factory for the cost of five hob-hours and a large plucker.

5. An advert is put out for a tendon-stringer second class to act as maternity cover for the wing assembly line, which has become rather stretched with this latest request.

6. You are invoiced for the cost of the wings via the unseelie post. You do not read your unseelie post. The bill goes unpaid.

7. A minor administrator at the wing factory is tasked with investigating the unpaid bill. The administrator realises that two quotes have become stuck together with syrup in the order queue, causing an error. The first quote is about clapping your hands to show that you believe in fairies. The second quote is about angels getting their wings whenever a bell rings. As a result, a number of spurious deliveries have been made to fairies, and a number of bell-related requests have gone unanswered.

8. There is a queue of angry angels at the factory door. They do not have wings. They do have burning swords. Now would be a good time to make a shedload more wings. However, the factory is having major cashflow problems because nobody has been paying their bills.

9. The fairy has buggered off with the original wings and is nowhere to be found.

10. Basically what I am saying is never clap. You may end up being the cause of a major supernatural incident. Just show your appreciation by grinning or something.


In the Super Mario Odyssey demo that was made available to the press in September, Mario’s flying ship, the Odyssey, is partially covered in some sort of silvery, metallic material. In addition, both the Luncheon Kingdom and the Seaside Kingdom contain metallic cubes that are not able to be interacted with in any manner during the demo. Comparing the metal on the Odyssey and the cubes reveals that the textures are extremely similar, as the same diagonal lines and an identical pattern of circles is visible. This connection will hopefully be explained in the full game.

What’s this one? This is the third film. Is this the third film?

No, it’s the second film. I honestly don’t even know. Is it?

Don’t even know what film we’re doing. We’re definitely doing one of the Hobbits.

I know this isn’t Sherlock, because it’s a whole different fucking costume.

Disclaimer: I have never taken a non-science college class. Meaning, I have no idea how to take notes for humanities or social sciences. Not saying this method won’t work for that, just that I can’t guarantee it will. Also, this method is not about achieving pretty notes, only structured practical notes.

What you’ll need:

  • Notebook. I use a notebook. Most people I know use a notebook. Why should YOU use a notebook?
    • You won’t get as many handouts (if any) as in highschool.
    • Professors won’t ask to see hw in your notebook. For all they care, your notes could be a comic about the class. As long as you pass, you do you.
    • You don’t have as many classes in a day so even if you carry around notebooks, your bag won’t be all that heavy.
    • You can divide it into three sections: class notes, seminar notes/work and lab work. All in one for your studying comfort.
    • Professors WILL reference that formula from 3 classes ago and when you have no idea wtf they’re talking about, you can just flip a few pages.
    • Seriously, no one in your class wants to hear you snap loose leaf paper out of your ring binder.
    • And let’s be honest, your notes are going to get jumbled up any other way.
    • If you’re taking a continuation class and you’ll need to revise from these notes, it’s much easier to pull out a notebook than to look through the thousands of notes from all your classes and try to figure out which are the ones you need and what is the correct order.
  • Two pens, three tops. Blue for general notes, black for sections and the other color for subsections or underlining. Go for black for general note taking if you want to (I do it too sometimes) but blue strains your eyes less.

In class:

  • Structuring notes: not every structure works for every subject and professor so you should figure out a method for each one. That said, I usually start out with a basic structure and then tweak it along the way to better suit my needs:
    1. The name of the unit should be your ‘big title’. ‘ORGANELLES’
    2. Every ‘big topic’ (very easy to identify – usually the professor will make it really clear that you’re moving on to a different topic or it’ll be on the slides) inside the unit is assigned a number. ‘3. Mitochondria’
    3. Every ’big aspect’ of that topic is a subtopic. ‘3.4. Structure’.
    4. If there are even more sub subtopics, continue with the numeration system. Otherwise proceed to use bullet points for any enumerations. If there are enumerations inside these enumerations (wow enumerception), change your symbol for each level. Instead of bullet points you can use dashes, squares, spirals, Xs…
    5. The exception for this is when the enumeration corresponds to steps in a process. In that case, I number each step and circle the number.
    6. For each level you descend, indent your text. It’ll be easier to not get lost. Skip this if you’re working with a small notebook and you’re afraid of running out of pages.
    7. Sticky notes are your best friend. Does some random piece of info the professor just decided was important enough to be mentioned not fit into your very methodic structure? No problem, add a sticky note. Cute + calls attention to it, so you won’t forget.

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So i'm curious, is there like some unspoken rule for super villains that if one is dating a superhero that no other super villain can fight them? (unassumingly the hero and super villain types have been around for generations now)

Not really but all the other Villains are so scared of Villain Lady and her absurdly dangerous inventions that they haven’t been fighting Heroine pretty much from the moment of their first battle.

Mostly because Heroine didn’t immediately die from VL’s inventions, which is what normally happens to heroes who aren’t effectively immortal so they were like “ohhhh she’s got a crush, ok let’s avoid that one”

Some of the villains were super supportive though.

Gormunauestrixx Devourer Of Minds and Mistress Armageddapocolypse both send VL congratulations cards after she changed her status on SuperBook to “dating Heroine” (The Devourer definitely made the card out of human skin and penned it in blood that moves on its own on the card but VL still happily displays it on the mantle)

And Dr. Abomination gave them a toaster that burns hearts into toast as a gift (it also constantly screams song lyrics to 80s punk music but VL finds it adorable and Heroine just wears earplugs a lot in the kitchen)

Wig Styling Tutorial: Creating Large Spikes

The trick to “large” spikes is figuring out how to defy gravity. With that in mind, you have two options for holding up those big, spiky chunks of hair:

1) Use an understructure as your inner support. For instance, styrofoam, stiffened felt, or even wire.

2) Support the spike using teasing and/or large quantities of hair.

For this tutorial we’ll be going down route number 2, which does not require any additional structure materials. When spiking a wig this way, I will always do two things: first, I will weft in extra hair. Second, I will always tease the base of the spike, if not the entire thing.

“Why the extra hair?”

Spiking a thin wig or even an average-thickness wig is no fun. When you pinch the fiber into a spike you’re compressing that shape down, and if you do not start with a large amount of hair you’re going to be left with thin, sad spikes. In addition, lots of hair means lots of volume - double-wefting a wig or just adding extra wefts gives the hair a chance to push against itself, to the point where your spikes may even begin to stand up with no teasing at all.

“Why the teasing?”

Teasing serves two purposes. First, it creates even more volume when you kink your fiber, giving us thicker-looking spikes and forcing the hair to stand up naturally. Second, it physically locks the hair together, especially at the base of the wig. This means that your spike will last far longer than if you’d just used glue.

Click the below cut to get started!

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“A sister they had, Galadriel, most beautiful of all the house of Finwë; her hair was lit with gold as though it had caught in a mesh the radiance of Laurelin.” 
                                                                    ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

Contributed by Simon Pocock:

Thomas Hut was built in 1930 thanks to the combined efforts of the founding members of the Ski Club of South Africa – one of whom was Eddie Pells – and the Worcester Section of the MCSA, who realised that the slopes of the Fonteintjiesberg were good for skiing after a heavy snowfall. The hut is named after McL Thomas, who was chairman of the Worcester Section at the time and who first loaned the funds to build the hut, and then waived repayment.

Building the hut was quite a task. A road to Brandwacht had to be built first, which was jointly funded by the MCSA and the Worcester municipality. Stone and sand was readily available, but additional building materials, such as roofing and planks weighing 3.5 tons, had to be transported to the site. This required a team of donkeys and 200 pupils from the local school!


Director: David Yates Stars: Eddie Redmayne
VAM 30/01/2017 1m 19s

Director: David Yates Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston
VAM 30/01/2017 0m 42s

Director: David Yates Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston
VAM 30/01/2017 0m 47s

Director: David Yates Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston
VAM 30/01/2017 0m 42s

Director: David Yates Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston
VAM 30/01/2017 2m 12s

Director: David Yates Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston
VAM 30/01/2017 2m 24s

Director: David Yates Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler
VAM 30/01/2017 0m 33s

Director: David Yates Stars: Dan Fogler
VAM 30/01/2017 1m 20s

Director: David Yates Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston
VAM 30/01/2017 1m 8s

Director: David Yates Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston
VAM 30/01/2017 0m 51s 

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I'm liking this blog so far. Could I request DJD/reader?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: I’m glad you do, anon! Hope these headcanons are to you liking since I’m going to assume that this is a group relationship with the reader. I will also be only doing SFW headcanons since it’s not specified if NSFW was desired for this prompt. If you do want NSFW and want individual headcanons for specific characters from the DJD, just shoot in another ask and I’ll get to work on that. )

✦ The human honestly thought they were dead the moment they found themselves on the Peaceful Tyranny. By that point they’ve already learned of the DJD’s reputation and are very nervous as they’re brought to the team. They can only hope that since they’re so small and squishy, their suffering ends quicker.

✦ For some reason they aren’t killed right off the bat nor are they tortured. None of that can happen since the Pet suddenly strolls up to them, takes a few deep sniffs, and licks their face. It’s… It’s disgusting but the Pet showing interest in them helps out a lot since Kaon loves the Pet and wants the Pet happy. So if the Pet wants to keep the disgusting organic fine. Looks like the Pet has a playmate now.

✦ At first Kaon wants nothing to do with the organic. Most he’ll do is make sure they’re fed and watered and threaten them with death should they pull any stunts. Then one day he walks in, aching and tired since the ‘con they cornered didn’t go down easily, and the human asks if he’s alright. He’s surprised and immediately suspicious, wondering if this is some sort of trap but the human must have noticed his suspicions since they assure him that they’re worried for him is all. He doesn’t answer them that night but the night after, when they ask again, he answers simple yes or no questions and that evolves into actual conversations that he finds himself looking forward to. Soon the human tries to prep things for Kaon’s return so it’s more comfortable for him - A cup of energon at his desk, datapads of his favourite works already set up, the Pet’s bed fluffed up. Kaon begins to tolerate their presence more and it soon ventures into liking them. A sign of that? He isn’t threatening to kill them every day now. That’s progress.

✦ Nickel, surprisingly enough, is the second member to interact with them in a friendly fashion. Realising the benefit of another small being on the ship, Nickel more or less strong-armed the human into helping out at the medbay. The close relationship they have with Kaon and the Pet also isn’t lost to her either so perhaps that’s why she felt like she could trust the human in not sabotaging the others. Initially cold and to the point to the human, they grew on her over time with how dedicated they were in doing the job and how they did their best to clean up Helex and Tesarus’ insides after an excursion. They even took her berating and scolding in stride when most folded over in fear. She’s the one who taught Cybertronian to the human so they can communicate with each other without needing to rely on the translator Nickel had originally (and begrudgingly) gave to them. It’s not because she likes the sound of their voice or wants to hear them say, ‘Thank you, Nickel’ or anything. No. Not at all. Shhhh. Shhhhh. Shhhhhhh if you know what’s good for you.

✦ Through being Nickel’s assistant, the human is able to befriend Tesarus and Helex. Having someone else taking care of their insides is new to them and the human attempts to strike up a conversation with is both amusing and pleasant. (And gives them a great excuse to not speak with Nickel when she wants to chew them out. Sorry Nickel! They’re trying to entertain the organic here so they’re real busy.) The two end up liking the human a lot in the end thanks to that cute smile of theirs and their friendly personality. Those are hard to come back in the ship. Tesarus likes to speak with them about what the cause of the Decepticons means and is the one who introduces the human to Megatron’s Towards Peace. Helex’s other pair of arms are smaller and delicate enough for him to pick up the human without fear of hurting them if he wants to give them a hug if they pass by the hallways.

✦ Vos likes speaking with the human and it’s how they become friends. What is he talking about? The human isn’t all that sure. They’ll be going over some medical reports Nickel asked them to read up on and he’ll walk in the medbay, sit down on a chair, and stare at them for a few seconds before speaking. It is the creepiest thing in the world at first but the human picks up the fact he seems kind of lonely whenever he drops by. Like he needs to speak with someone and the human was the only one they could turn to. As a result they try to seriously listen to him. Not through his words but through his body language, his tone and do their best to ensure their ‘hmmms’ and expressions fit the talk they’re having. Apparently it’s enough for him. One day he suddenly reaches out and runs a digit down the the human’s face before carefully, carefully booping the tip of their nose. That’s his way of showing affection and acceptance. Yay…?

✦ Tarn is the most difficult one to make a connection with and it’s mostly his fault. This ‘con is going to be a stubborn one, refusing to speak with the human or even acknowledge their presence unless he absolutely must. Not even Nickel can get him to budge on this point. He’s frustrated to see the others falling for this organic and it makes him feel left out and alone, wondering what sort of charms this human has to get the others to like them so much. The best way to connect with him is through music. Asking him what he likes to listen to and letting him talk about his favourite music, the first time he heard music so beautiful it made him want to cry. Sooner rather than later he’ll ask the human if their species has anything decent to listen to. The classical genre is the best type of music to introduce him to along with letting him first hear the dramatic symphonies and pieces. In return he plays them the Empyrean Suite and, sometimes if they’re working together, he ends up humming the song as his servo subconsciously reaches out to stroke the human’s hair, back. It’s soothing. 

✦ Soon enough the human finds themselves becoming a source of emotional comfort to the group. Nickel coming in to gripe about how the others don’t take care of themselves enough and how she’s worried for them. Vos coming in for… whatever he’s talking about. Tarn coming in to express his doubts about how the others take, perhaps, too much delight in executions since he doesn’t want to lose them to that. They’ll do their best to be a (figurative) shoulder to cry on while giving sensible advice on the member’s current doubts. Sometimes they’ll act on the advice, sometimes they won’t but it means a lot to the ‘cons that the human is willing to hear them out even if some things they talk about are out of their grasp.

✦ Now the human now has all of the DJD in love with them. Congratulations! I hope they don’t mind physical affection because there will be a lot of it with this group considering how touch starved they are in their efforts to keep the personas up. There’ll be a lot of nuzzling, a lot of petting, a lot kissing - mostly the Cybertronian way but Nickel won’t mind an organic’s version of a kiss. Or three. Or hey! Did she tell them to stop? No? Good so keep smooching while she hugs them back.

✦ With how big the ship is, the human will be carried around and there is an occasional fight about who gets to carry them that day. Tarn had to make a schedule on who gets to carry the human when though the human couldn’t help but notice he gave himself the most days. Everyone agrees that Tesarus is never allowed to put the human inside him when helping them get around the Peaceful Tyranny ever again because what the scrap Tesarus. What the scrap.

✦ The DJD know that, sooner or later, they’ll have to let the human go to somewhere ‘safe’ AKA where they can’t easily go to. If any Decepticon saw an organic on the ship and asked them why they were there… It pains them but it’s for the best interests of their humans. In the end it’s Kaon who lets them ‘escape’ officially. He does by ‘accidentally’ leaving the door of his habsuite open one day and taking the Pet with him. All the while loudly talking about how annoying it is that they have to dock their ship and leave the doors of the hanger wide open as Tarn makes his usual trade with that Autobot medic from Delphi. The others surprisingly fail their spot checks too as the human takes the hint to leave by packing their things, writing them goodbye letters, and heading out to Delphi for sanctuary. (Ambulon and First Aid will be so confused by how healthy and fit they are for an organic that had been with the DJD for so long.)

✦ They’ll miss their human but it’s for the best. They’ll keep tabs on Delphi more than ever now since their human is staying there. Surely they’ll be safe in Delphi, Tarn assures them. The Autobots run it and they have a reputation of adopting every little organic they come across. Besides- Pharma is under their thumb. What can he do?

GNC/nonbinary content in Starfinder:

Including content that goes against conservative human notions of gender.

Chapter 3, Races:

  • Pg. 43: Androids “do not reproduce in the human fashion and have no biological need for gender—some identify strongly as male or female, while others shift fluidly or ignore it altogether, and still others actively reject it on philosophical grounds as a relic of their former slavery.
  • Pg. 47: Kasatha have low sexual dimorphism and the differences are “easily overlooked” by other species. Their society is “generally matriarchal”.
  • Pg. 49: Lashunta are mentioned to have had divided gender roles in “ancient history”, which had caused their ability to develop at puberty into one of two subspecies (beefy & brash or smart & delicate) to be associated with the physical traits thereof, but their culture is now “more egalitarian”. Lashunta culture is traditionally matriarchal.
  • Pg. 51: Shirren have three reproductive sex roles, described as “male” (sperm-bearing), “female” (egg-bearing) and “host” (incubates & contributes additional genetic material). Three-person marriages are common in some shirren societies, while in others, a “queen” host “incubates for many partners and is considered the true parent”.
  • Pg. 53: Female vesk are noted to be larger and more colorful than males, but do not otherwise show dimorphism. 
  • Pg. 55: Ysoki genders “are difficult for other races to tell apart”, and “favor similar fashions”.

Chapter 7: Equipment

  • Pg. 225: The “Serum of Sex Shift” is noted to be mass-produced and widely available. It works instantly and permanently, cannot be dispelled, and allows the user to “take on a set of sexual characteristics” of their choice, including switching back to a prior form on using another vial of the serum, or picking other/additional characteristics.

Chapter 12, Setting:

  • Pg. 431: Citizens of even the most homogenous of the Pact Worlds tend to be accepting (or at least unconcerned) regarding differences of gender and sexuality.
  • Pg. 453: On the planet Triaxus, the native ryphorian continent of Ning broadcasts ritualized combat between “lithe, genderless warriors” known as Battleflowers, or “Ukara” in the local tongue. They are usually drawn from the Solarian character class, and the text suggests they may also include kasatha and vesk combatants.
  • Pg. 457: The maraquoi, native to the Brethedan moon of Marata, are described as having seven genders.
  • Pg. 486: Ibra, deity of celestial bodies and the mysteries of the universe, is formless and without gender.
  • Pg. 490: Triune, a tripartite deity of AI, machines, and invention, incorporates two goddesses (Brigh & Cassandalee) and an artificial intelligence (Epoch) identified with “it” pronouns.
  • Pg. 491: Weydan, god of discovery and freedom, manifests in avatars of “every gender”.
  • Pg. 493: Arshea, deity of liberty, sexuality, & physical beauty, is “androgynous” and encourages devotees to “experience all aspects of gender, love, and sexuality.”

Feel free to add more if i missed anything!

Skirt 08
  • skirt from the collection of Kira Plastinina,
  • 1 color,
  • mine mesh (only Lod0 and Lod1),
  • HQ texture,
  • custom thumbnail.

The skirt goes not with all tops. With most of the top to the bottom, it will not go, because the texture line to the sea in a place where usually is the bottom or other elements associated with the mesh. I hope you will forgive me for it, because it is my only mesh of such a plan. This is the second skirt, made on the basis of the mesh.

If there are problems with this material, please write to me. I hope you will enjoy. 

Thank you for using!