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Romantic headcanons for TFP Soundwave, Knockout, Shockwave and Predaking with human s/o?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Eyyy time to romance the TFP Decepticons! )


✦ Protective of his human to the point of mild paranoia. Soundwave has lost many of his beloved cassettes and doesn’t want to lose his human too. He’ll keep track of their movements, with their permission of course, and comm them every other day to ensure they’re safe and sound. It’ll have to be the human who sets up limits when to this arrangement since Soundwave has no issue in going all the way. There are no attempts to bug their phone or e-mail to check on their conversations or see who they’re hanging out with. If they’re old enough to give their consent with a giant sentient hentai robot than that means they’re old enough to choose their friends.

✦ Laserbeak is the messenger for the couple’s correspondence when the two are unable to spend time together, the cassette not minding it much since he likes the human and gives him an excuse to stretch his wings if he’s been cooped up for too long in the ship. Usually Soundwave’s mail comes in the form of video files, showing the antics aboard Nemesis like Knockout ignoring Starscream’s rants or Breakdown giving advice to one of the Vehicons on how to approach their crush. On the day of their dating anniversary, he sends them an audio file. It’s filled with all the times they’ve ever laughed or called his name affectionately. The title for the file is ‘favourite_sounds’ and nothing else.


✦ Likes that someone else is in the medbay with him. He doesn’t feel as lonely anymore since what happened to Breakdown and having another pair of hands to spread the work around is a lifesaver when Vehicons and the like come in for repairs after a nasty battle. He jokes that the human is only around because he needs someone to hold his scalpels except in reality he is teaching them Cybertronian medicine. How to weld an energon line, how to clean an infected cable - It only makes sense they learn about this sort of stuff if they’re going to be with him and they might as well learn from the best.

✦ When Team Prime turns him down the first time attempts to join in, Knockout is absolutely fine with it. It won’t be easy joining the winning team and he’s willing to prove himself but- Please. Please take his human in if you can. You’re all supposed to be bleeding sparks for the humans, right? Well protect them from the ‘cons that are still running around and who will no doubt be itching to get back at anything and anyone. He knows he won’t be able to defend himself or his human from them should they get cornered and if only one of them can be safe from harm than it has to be his human. He lost Breakdown already. There’s no way he’s losing them too. His selflessness and putting his needs aside for someone else are some of the big factors of letting him join next time he defects.


✦ He doesn’t do… emotions well. At all. If the human is hoping for someone when they need emotional support than they’re kind of out of luck. He can be practical and, most importantly, rational for them. Almost everything can be solved and he’s determined to help them with their problems. He’ll wait patiently for them to calm down if they’re upset or sad, asking questions about what makes them feel this way, when it began. After he has all the information available and goes over it then Shockwave will make a suggestion or formulate a plan on how to resolve the crisis. It doesn’t always work and his attempts to keep trying, to keep improving on his methods to help them never fails to warm his human’s heart.

✦ Makes items for his human to help make things easier for them in their day-to-day life. If they’re easily overwhelmed by noise when going out, he makes headphones or earplugs that cancels out noise and is comfortable to wear for long hours. If their car has a bad habit of breaking down and making them late for work or other affairs, he’ll improve the engine and make a few tweaks here and there so it’s both more comfortable and fuel efficient for their budget. He also gives them a comm link so he can send them a message every day, reminding them of his feelings for them and how he cares for them since he knows humans need affirmation and reassurances from their loved ones to keep their bonds strong.


✦ Surprisingly gentle with them. He is a giant and yet caresses them so carefully in his servos when he’s holding them, the only way to describe the expression he has when he looks down at them as fond. Predaking has a lot on his mind thanks to the recent events but being with his human, even if it’s only for a little while, helps him feel like the road ahead isn’t as daunting. Not when they’re with him, supporting him. It makes him twice as determined to keep them from being harmed or dragged into the fights of the Cybertronians. He has plans to make a den of sorts to place them in should danger arise but he respects their desires to stay with their family and friends, knowing the importance of keeping a pack together. It doesn’t stop him from making visits to their house at the night, however, and it isn’t long before Jasper becomes a place where cryptid or monster hunters visits due to the footage and news of a dragon skulking about.

✦ Very tactile when it comes to expressing his emotions and his love for his human. He’s a ‘con of few words and thinks actions speak louder than any speech could. Loves to stroke their back, hair when he holds them to his chassis, keeping them warm with his heat as he rumbles with deep affection. Always pressing his helm against their forehead if they’re riding on his shoulder, his optics glowing bright when his human offers him a dazzling smile and a sweet I love you meant for him and him alone. He loves to curl around them when they nap or sleep together, hiding his human from the world with a carefully arranged wing of his so no foe or rival sees them.

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PSG Roundtable #8: Altars & Shrines for Non-theistic Purposes

Want to make an altar or shrine to a principle, concept, or impersonal subject that isn’t a ‘conventional’ deity, complete with names and symbols and pre-defined rituals?

First, you need to know what its purpose is.  There’s no clear delineation and they often get combined in contemporary practice, but generally speaking, a shrine is a space for devotional offerings, meditation, and/or self-reflection whereas an altar tends to be more of a practical workspace.  Both shrines and altars act as a space in which you interact with the immaterial in some way.  They’re liminal.

Please note that everything I say here is opinion, and I invite you to accept or reject what you will according to your own beliefs, needs, and desires.  I’ll be using my devotion to Death as an example, but you should be able to extrapolate for the universe, moon, sun, nature, etc.  I’m going to stick to the word “altar” for simplicity’s sake.

  • What is your altar dedicated to?

Be as specific as possible.  This helps you know exactly what you’re wanting to deal with.

Ex: Death.  What part of death?  The whole cycle of life-death-rebirth?  Death as the ultimate symbol of transformation and impermanence?  For me, death is the greatest power, and I have an obsession with the concept of entropy.  (Asimov’s “The Last Question” and Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Nine Billion Names of God” are two of my favorite short stories.)  It is the concept by which we define our very nature and how we understand our existence, the source of our greatest fears and anxieties as a mortal species, and the one truly unifying experience for all humans.  And a lot more besides, but I could go on all day about death so I’ll stop here.

  • How do you want to engage with this concept/abstract?

Some common ideas:

  1. Reflection, meditation
  2. Devotionals, worship
  3. Spellcrafting and magic

How do you normally do your meditation or magic?  How can the materials, timing, and other components be adapted?

  • What associations and visuals do you have for this concept?

Consider all the senses: scents, tastes, textures, fabrics, sounds, colors, stones, herbs, numbers, symbols, words and phrases, music notes and songs, emotions, aspects of nature, etc.  Make lists.  Hell, make aesthetic posts.  These will help you choose what kinds of objects, tools, and materials to put on your altar to best facilitate the kind of meaningful experience you’re looking for. 

(Make sure you’re not appropriating anything from a closed or initiatory tradition.  There are usually about a hundred thousand alternatives for everything, so don’t go taking sacred things out of their proper context and using them in ways they weren’t intended to be used.)

Ex: my personal associations for death include black, white, and silver; camphor, menthol, the smell of wet dirt; quiet chill, both damp and dry; grief, dissociation, sarcasm and morbid humor, relief, freedom, truth, rebellion, empowerment, justice, existentialism; the numbers two, three, and seven; obsidian, jet; Southern Gothic folk rock (Jen Titus’ cover of the American folk classic “O Death,” anyone?); black mirrors, slim dark-handled knives, scalpels; images of space; “evanescent” (the SAT word, not the band), “fate,” “tradition,” “stories,” “power”; bleached bones, blood both old and fresh, winter, corvids, silhouettes of bare trees, white bedsheets, gauzy curtains, empty hospital beds, abandoned houses, sexuality, dried flowers, candles burning either singly or in the hundreds.  See, as silly as aesthetic posts can be, they really can be useful.

Now look at your own lists and see what underlying trends and themes there are.  For me, I see impermanence and unadorned realism.  (I left out the more graphic and triggering associations I have with death because I don’t want to distract from the purpose of this post.)  Someone making a list for the sun, on the other hand, may find ‘strength’ or ‘optimism’ is a common theme in their associations.  I find that understanding the themes in your associations helps you understand your own relationship with the concept itself and why you might feel drawn to it so strongly.  It may also help you choose in which direction you want to take your engagement with it.

  • Setting up the altar.

Do what you would do for a conventional altar: cleanse the space (or container, if you’re making your altar in a box, cupboard, drawer, or something similar) and everything you’ll be using on it.  If you don’t have a tradition that comes with a prescription for setting up an altar, you can look up how to cleanse and consecrate altar items in any number of ways and choose the method that’s most appropriate for you.  I do recommend using methods that reflect back to your concept.  For example, salt, as an agent for drying, preserving, and purifying, would be appropriate for death, as would frankincense, which in a multitude of cultures is a required component of funerals.  For something dedicated to the universe as a whole, I would probably incorporate sound into the cleansing, as sound is a wavelength and much of what we know about our universe (sound waves, radiation waves, gravitational fields, matter itself, etc) is based on those principles.

Ex: My altar is dedicated to death in the impersonal, entropic sense.  This means that anything personal goes to a different space set aside for my beloved dead and ancestors; this altar is for the vast, inhuman concept of “the end” that can be so oppressively terrifying or incredibly freeing.  The setup is based on a visual that came during a meditation: the altar cloth is black with a ring of alternating smooth and rough obsidian stones (which betrays my bias as an Irish polytheist) around a circular mirror in the center.  A small sphere of obsidian sits in the center of the mirror.  A black pillar candle stands tall behind it all.  The setup is designed to facilitate my journeyings by creating a symbolically liminal space represented by the ring, made of stones that naturally draw in power rather than reflect it.  The drawing in reflects my journeying technique as well as how I connect with the greater, impersonal energy of death and darkness and all those cheerful things, especially when I hold the obsidian sphere, so it works for me.  If I were doing ancestor or spiritwork I would probably use more white, which recalls a different aspect of “death” than black does to me.

The “nature worship” tag has additional commentary on non-theistic practices.

- mountain hound  

So, Hound covered more of the altar stuff. I’ll add my thoughts on shrines. for ease of reading, I’ll mimic the format starting with

  • What is your Shrine dedicated to?

I find a shrine is much more free form than an altar due to its fundamentally different nature. Whereas an altar is used for practice in spellcraft or meditation a shrine, in my opinion, is about devotion connection in a way that is different than an altar is used for. As such, while I see altars as something that needs to be more specific (as Hound mentioned above), I find shrines do not need to be so specific. For example, my shrine is to Nature, in all its forms. I do not emphasize more the harsh wilds or the tame fields but all its forms under the complete object. If you wish to emphasize one or the other, you can, I just do not find it as necessary to do as with an altar. 

My reasoning for such is (and feel free to disagree) an altar is used more in a practical sense for spellcraft and meditation and other uses that are generally to garner a result. As such being as specific as possible is advantageous as it leaves less room for error.  A shrine, however, is used for more abstract things such as offerings, self-reflection, etc. which are generally things that are not (though can be) used to garner some sort of result. For example, I will leave offerings at my shrine more as an act of devotion with no end goal as opposed to an offering I may give a spirit when requesting its services (which is a good example of an offering to garner some sort of result).

The rest of the points are very eloquently put and can be easily applied to both altars and shrines; the primary difference is the function of active vs passive respectively and how narrow and broad the scope respectively.


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Before the World Stops Turning: Pt.2

Greetings Tumblr! I’m back again after only a few days with the next part to this multi-chapter fic as part of my concert series. This chapter was pretty fun to write and I really enjoyed exploring the friendship dynamic between some of the characters. I’m trying something new with this fic and I’m going to be changing POV from one chapter to another, so fingers crossed that I don’t screw it up haha

Anyways, I added everyone to my tags if you requested to be added…If you would like to be added/removed don’t hesitate to let me know!

I hope you enjoy this chapter! (As always, additional notes and random commentary I have will be at the end beneath the tags)

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pairing: dazai/chuuya
summary: “i’ll see you next month, chuuya. thanks for dinner.”
prompt: day one: “once upon a time on the same side”

“You’re different.”

“Not bad. And here I thought you’d be pouring me a cheap wine…”

Scoffing, Chuuya’s eyes narrowed as he watched Dazai swirl the glass, nimble fingers holding the stem. Of course he wouldn’t, he wanted to say, and not because it was for Dazai. But because Nakahara Chuuya only had the finest wines and wouldn’t subject himself to anything lesser.

Not because his guest that night was Dazai.

Dazai could drink mud, for all Chuuya cared.

Dazai wasn’t even a guest. Just an unfortunate passerby.

“Different?” Dazai echoed after taking a sip, head tilting and looking at Chuuya a bit too curiously, too innocently. “What do you mean?”

“From when you were in the mafia,” Chuuya muttered, eyes dropping to focus on his empty plate. “When you were my partner. You’re different.”

“Ah.” Dazai smiled. “Well, that’s to be expected. This kind of demeanor would be quite odd to don inside the mafia, no?”

“Still,” Chuuya contested quietly, tilting his head back to finish the rest of his wine. He could feel Dazai watching him as he lowered the glass, sighing and still focusing on his silverware.

Having dinner with a defect wasn’t exactly approved behavior for an executive of the mafia, but this was Dazai and this was Chuuya and no matter what, that cockroach kept finding his way back.

(Maybe Chuuya left a trail.)

“Chuuya,” Dazai said, voice so quiet but still strong, and Chuuya looked up tiredly, struck by the way Dazai was looking at him. “I meant what I said, you know.”

Chuuya frowned. “You say a lot of stuff. Doesn’t mean I remember everything.”

“That you make me happy.”

His breath caught in his throat. It may have been because of the unfortunate romantic lighting of the candle or the alcohol swimming in his veins, but Dazai made Chuuya’s breath stop for a moment and he wanted to punch the daylight out of him for it. Swearing, he looked away and stood quickly, balance compromised.

But when he reached out to steady himself on the table, his fingers never met wood. Instead, Dazai’s hand took Chuuya’s and when he looked up again, he was still looking at him with that same look.

“That’s bullshit,” Chuuya snapped.

“It’s not.”

“It is.”

“It’s not.”

“It is.”

“It’s no–”

“Then why the fuck didn’t you ask me to come with?!”

Chuuya’s free hand came down on the table, jostling everything on it. Dazai remained calm; Chuuya bowed his head, breathing a bit uneven. When he felt Dazai give a soft tug, he resisted; he didn’t want to be held. He didn’t really ever, especially not now, especially by him. Dazai sighed and Chuuya reacted by grabbing his shirt, slamming him against the wall.

When he looked up, he was met with that same, that exact same, look; did he only have one expression? What was wrong with his face?

What was wrong with Dazai?

What was wrong with Chuuya?

“I didn’t want you to,” Dazai answered. “Because I wanted to keep you safe.”

“Bullshit! I can take care of myself, we were the most feared duo–”

“It’s easier and safer for you to stay here. And because I couldn’t be the only reason you left.”

Chuuya stilled, their gazes locked as the grandfather clock continued to tick with the passage of time. The reason wasn’t good enough for forgiveness, but it was enough for tonight. Chuuya relented; he let go of Dazai after a moment and stepped back, allowed the other to fix his clothes. “…We were on the same side once, you know. Didn’t have to be like this but you went and fucked things up.”

Dazai smiled. “Sorry.”

“You’re not.”

“You’re right. I’m not.”

Dazai brushed past him and the feeling of their arms brushing left electricity lighting Chuuya’s skin as he heard Dazai pull on his coat. He caught a whiff of his cologne before realizing Dazai was in front of him; a crooked finger tilted Chuuya’s chin up and his eyes were half lidded as the other stole a kiss, dry lips brushing against each other, curling into a smirk even before pulling back.

“See you next month, Chuuya. Thanks for dinner.”

And then he was gone, slim figure and dark hair disappearing into two hours past midnight. Chuuya lingered by the closed door before pushing himself off and going to clear the table, smirking slightly, tiredly.

“…Yeah. Next month.”

juniejuniejune  asked:

Do you know of any deities or other entities who are specifically asexual, agender, nonbinary, etc? Thanks!

Athena comes to mind as you could argue that she is asexual, having no interest in romantic pursuits with others and often being repulsed by sexual advances. (I believe in the Homeric Hymns it is stated that she is one of the few gods Aphrodite holds no power over) In terms of gods who aren’t cisgender, Baphomet is said to be the embodiment of both a man and a woman while also being neither at the same time. There are also lots of tales about deities presenting (shapeshifting) as other genders, especially in hellenistic and norse stories, so you might find something there too. Hope this helps! 


The Tetrad++ (Panpsyche, Panhyle, Paneros, Pancrates, Paneris, Panprosdexia) are “transgender or gender-variant deities who have come into being in our time as divine figures whose living myth reflects the realities of twenty-first century gender diversity.” Polytheists I personally know, respect and trust were present at the births of the Tetrad++.

- Heathen Chinese

Anpu (Anubis) has a feminine side to his conventionally understood masculine one; in my personal experience, he’s more androgynous.

This isn’t about specific deities per se, but there’s a book coming out called Jailbreaking the Goddess by Lasara Firefox that offers a new model for feminine energy outside of the usual Maiden/Mother/Crone.  I attended one of her workshops for this new fivefold goddess archetype and she presented it as one that is fluid and nonlinear, based on mentality and action rather than biology, and isn’t restricted by gender, sexuality, or other heteronormative institutions.  Lasara herself is genderfluid, currently using feminine pronouns, with a nonbinary kid, so she’s also coming at it from personal practice rather than just theoretical.  She also discusses deconstructing power dynamics as well as the intersectionality of neurodivergence, race and the problematic aspects of white feminism, cultural appropriation, politics, and other issues of social justice.

Our “nonbinary” and “asexuality” tags have additional commentary and resources.

- mountain hound

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Kind of fun thought I had. Bee in bugau suddently finding out he has a possessive!kink when the wanderer keens out the phrases "Yours! Yours! Im- mmh!- Im yours!" He just stills, before a vibration starts to work up in his throat into a growl. His hips starts to work like a jackhammer, hands pressing into the readers bum to bring them flush crotch to crotch. He also nibbles underneith the humans ear while moaning of how the humans is his and only his. When he drops his eggs in them? "Mineee.❤"

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Yes good feed the bee’s newly discovered possessiveness kink. Feed it well and take Bee’s eggs like a champ, traveler. Gotta help our bee boy out somehow ayyyyy.

Due to the nature of Cybertorn, I can definitely see a few of the bugs having a possessive side to them. Though how they react to that, or even know if they have it or not, depends on the bug and their personality. For chuckles and giggles why not list down some of the Bugbots who have this too?

Fort Max

Found out by complete accident when in a session with the traveler. He tries his best to be gentle with his human due to the size difference and how delicate they are - Until he looks down one evening and is struck by how gorgeous they are beneath him like this. His twitching his spike sliding in and out of their entrance as they twist and arch beneath his frame, thighs drenched in fluids and stomach swollen from the first batch of eggs he laid in them. Their eyes looking up at him with such love and devotion, the traveler’s smile dazed yet happy while they move in tandem to his hurried thrust. The traveler is so beautiful and amazing and they opted to pick him out of all the bugs out there. The traveler is his and they’re saying as much with how they beg him to mark them, claim them in such a needy and pretty voice. He soon picks up the pace, growling agains their ear on how pretty they look beneath him, around him as he fills them up and up and up with his eggs. He’s rewarded with their gasps and moans, begging him to fill them up until they can take no more and who is he to deny his human’s wants and needs?


Lonely and recluse due to his own (poor) choices and outside factors, Prowl is not used to anyone liking his company and wanting to stay by his side. Let alone want to be his mate should his mating season come around. He can’t help but feel a little twinge of jealously and envy if he sees the traveler spend time with Red Alert or Cerebros around the Luna-1 colony during visits, wishing the traveler gave him that gorgeous smile and touched his wings like that. This one hundred percent guarantees a possessive Prowl during a mating session, his hands and feelers roaming everywhere while he scents their skin and hair. He wants everyone knows the traveler is his from the marks on their supple skin to the swollen stomach that carries his eggs. The thoughts drive him to bury himself deeper in his human, hips rutting between their legs at a sharp and frantiic pace. All the while he growls in approval of the traveler’s willingness to mate with him, be with him, telling him over and over again that they’re his.

So in summary yes excellent more possessive bugs to bang the traveler. )

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I'm liking this blog so far. Could I request DJD/reader?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: I’m glad you do, anon! Hope these headcanons are to you liking since I’m going to assume that this is a group relationship with the reader. I will also be only doing SFW headcanons since it’s not specified if NSFW was desired for this prompt. If you do want NSFW and want individual headcanons for specific characters from the DJD, just shoot in another ask and I’ll get to work on that. )

✦ The human honestly thought they were dead the moment they found themselves on the Peaceful Tyranny. By that point they’ve already learned of the DJD’s reputation and are very nervous as they’re brought to the team. They can only hope that since they’re so small and squishy, their suffering ends quicker.

✦ For some reason they aren’t killed right off the bat nor are they tortured. None of that can happen since the Pet suddenly strolls up to them, takes a few deep sniffs, and licks their face. It’s… It’s disgusting but the Pet showing interest in them helps out a lot since Kaon loves the Pet and wants the Pet happy. So if the Pet wants to keep the disgusting organic fine. Looks like the Pet has a playmate now.

✦ At first Kaon wants nothing to do with the organic. Most he’ll do is make sure they’re fed and watered and threaten them with death should they pull any stunts. Then one day he walks in, aching and tired since the ‘con they cornered didn’t go down easily, and the human asks if he’s alright. He’s surprised and immediately suspicious, wondering if this is some sort of trap but the human must have noticed his suspicions since they assure him that they’re worried for him is all. He doesn’t answer them that night but the night after, when they ask again, he answers simple yes or no questions and that evolves into actual conversations that he finds himself looking forward to. Soon the human tries to prep things for Kaon’s return so it’s more comfortable for him - A cup of energon at his desk, datapads of his favourite works already set up, the Pet’s bed fluffed up. Kaon begins to tolerate their presence more and it soon ventures into liking them. A sign of that? He isn’t threatening to kill them every day now. That’s progress.

✦ Nickel, surprisingly enough, is the second member to interact with them in a friendly fashion. Realising the benefit of another small being on the ship, Nickel more or less strong-armed the human into helping out at the medbay. The close relationship they have with Kaon and the Pet also isn’t lost to her either so perhaps that’s why she felt like she could trust the human in not sabotaging the others. Initially cold and to the point to the human, they grew on her over time with how dedicated they were in doing the job and how they did their best to clean up Helex and Tesarus’ insides after an excursion. They even took her berating and scolding in stride when most folded over in fear. She’s the one who taught Cybertronian to the human so they can communicate with each other without needing to rely on the translator Nickel had originally (and begrudgingly) gave to them. It’s not because she likes the sound of their voice or wants to hear them say, ‘Thank you, Nickel’ or anything. No. Not at all. Shhhh. Shhhhh. Shhhhhhh if you know what’s good for you.

✦ Through being Nickel’s assistant, the human is able to befriend Tesarus and Helex. Having someone else taking care of their insides is new to them and the human attempts to strike up a conversation with is both amusing and pleasant. (And gives them a great excuse to not speak with Nickel when she wants to chew them out. Sorry Nickel! They’re trying to entertain the organic here so they’re real busy.) The two end up liking the human a lot in the end thanks to that cute smile of theirs and their friendly personality. Those are hard to come back in the ship. Tesarus likes to speak with them about what the cause of the Decepticons means and is the one who introduces the human to Megatron’s Towards Peace. Helex’s other pair of arms are smaller and delicate enough for him to pick up the human without fear of hurting them if he wants to give them a hug if they pass by the hallways.

✦ Vos likes speaking with the human and it’s how they become friends. What is he talking about? The human isn’t all that sure. They’ll be going over some medical reports Nickel asked them to read up on and he’ll walk in the medbay, sit down on a chair, and stare at them for a few seconds before speaking. It is the creepiest thing in the world at first but the human picks up the fact he seems kind of lonely whenever he drops by. Like he needs to speak with someone and the human was the only one they could turn to. As a result they try to seriously listen to him. Not through his words but through his body language, his tone and do their best to ensure their ‘hmmms’ and expressions fit the talk they’re having. Apparently it’s enough for him. One day he suddenly reaches out and runs a digit down the the human’s face before carefully, carefully booping the tip of their nose. That’s his way of showing affection and acceptance. Yay…?

✦ Tarn is the most difficult one to make a connection with and it’s mostly his fault. This ‘con is going to be a stubborn one, refusing to speak with the human or even acknowledge their presence unless he absolutely must. Not even Nickel can get him to budge on this point. He’s frustrated to see the others falling for this organic and it makes him feel left out and alone, wondering what sort of charms this human has to get the others to like them so much. The best way to connect with him is through music. Asking him what he likes to listen to and letting him talk about his favourite music, the first time he heard music so beautiful it made him want to cry. Sooner rather than later he’ll ask the human if their species has anything decent to listen to. The classical genre is the best type of music to introduce him to along with letting him first hear the dramatic symphonies and pieces. In return he plays them the Empyrean Suite and, sometimes if they’re working together, he ends up humming the song as his servo subconsciously reaches out to stroke the human’s hair, back. It’s soothing. 

✦ Soon enough the human finds themselves becoming a source of emotional comfort to the group. Nickel coming in to gripe about how the others don’t take care of themselves enough and how she’s worried for them. Vos coming in for… whatever he’s talking about. Tarn coming in to express his doubts about how the others take, perhaps, too much delight in executions since he doesn’t want to lose them to that. They’ll do their best to be a (figurative) shoulder to cry on while giving sensible advice on the member’s current doubts. Sometimes they’ll act on the advice, sometimes they won’t but it means a lot to the ‘cons that the human is willing to hear them out even if some things they talk about are out of their grasp.

✦ Now the human now has all of the DJD in love with them. Congratulations! I hope they don’t mind physical affection because there will be a lot of it with this group considering how touch starved they are in their efforts to keep the personas up. There’ll be a lot of nuzzling, a lot of petting, a lot kissing - mostly the Cybertronian way but Nickel won’t mind an organic’s version of a kiss. Or three. Or hey! Did she tell them to stop? No? Good so keep smooching while she hugs them back.

✦ With how big the ship is, the human will be carried around and there is an occasional fight about who gets to carry them that day. Tarn had to make a schedule on who gets to carry the human when though the human couldn’t help but notice he gave himself the most days. Everyone agrees that Tesarus is never allowed to put the human inside him when helping them get around the Peaceful Tyranny ever again because what the scrap Tesarus. What the scrap.

✦ The DJD know that, sooner or later, they’ll have to let the human go to somewhere ‘safe’ AKA where they can’t easily go to. If any Decepticon saw an organic on the ship and asked them why they were there… It pains them but it’s for the best interests of their humans. In the end it’s Kaon who lets them ‘escape’ officially. He does by ‘accidentally’ leaving the door of his habsuite open one day and taking the Pet with him. All the while loudly talking about how annoying it is that they have to dock their ship and leave the doors of the hanger wide open as Tarn makes his usual trade with that Autobot medic from Delphi. The others surprisingly fail their spot checks too as the human takes the hint to leave by packing their things, writing them goodbye letters, and heading out to Delphi for sanctuary. (Ambulon and First Aid will be so confused by how healthy and fit they are for an organic that had been with the DJD for so long.)

✦ They’ll miss their human but it’s for the best. They’ll keep tabs on Delphi more than ever now since their human is staying there. Surely they’ll be safe in Delphi, Tarn assures them. The Autobots run it and they have a reputation of adopting every little organic they come across. Besides- Pharma is under their thumb. What can he do?

anonymous asked:

This is more of a general question, but what do you think would happen if a bot wanted to become conjux endura or sparkmates with a human? They wouldn't be able to spark merge with them or be cybernetically connected with them or be able to share EM fields with them the way they would with another bot. How (in your opinion) exactly do they become eternally or infinitly "bonded"?



I think it’s possible. It won’t be easy but it’s possible.

This is the Transformers universe after all. All sorts of strange things can happen when you start hanging out with giant alien robots who can transform into cars or boats or memory sticks at will.

I believe that if you hang out bots long enough and you’re exposed to the numerous materials and resources that’s natural to them, your body learns to adapt otherwise you die from the exposure. Since it’s been shown in media that the human characters are shown, time and again, to be perfectly fine I like to think this is true.

So on the subject of spark merging itself! Like I said, it’s possible. It just requires a set of factors and a lot of effort on both parties for work.

The most important factor is that human in the relationship has been exposed to the spark enough times for their body to adapt to the energy. Be it spark play when getting it on or just being shown it as an act of trust on the bot’s part, there are a number of ways for this to happen.

The process of bonding is normal enough- The bot reveals their spark to the human and the human tries to absorb, for the lack of a better word, the energy through physical touch. In return, the human’s own energies is sent to the bot in return. Not as much compared to what the bot is given but they’re giving something.

This is best done for an hour, no longer than a hour and a half, before the pair stop since, by that point, so the human can recover and resume the process. The human body can handle only so much after all and the human will feel full in a way after it’s over. Like how a person would drink a lot of water in one go and have that uncomfortable press in their stomach. Only this is with energy aimed at their heart and brain so there maybe a tingling, prickly sensation deep within their chest and the back of their head too.

Another thing that I can imagine happening is the bot asking a friend of theirs in the medical field to stand outside the room though this is considered an intimate and private act. Just in case.

This may take several sessions as the couple slowly bond together. I like to think it takes around half a year for them to be fully bonded to a full year if the human has difficulties. An earth year may not be long for a bot but it can be frustrating for them on their end to go and stop, go and stop, go and stop. They can feel the connection take shape but it’s not finished. It feels like they’re almost dangling in a sense and, depending on the bot, it’s strange but bearable or strange and annoying.

Over time the human will develop an EM field and that’s a a good sign. It means the couple has almost completed their bonding and are nearing their goal. It also means the most difficult part is about to come up.

Because the human’s EM field is a very, very basic thing. It’ll only pick up the feelings of others and project their feelings out to those who also have EM fields. They won’t be able to control the field or change the ‘feeling’ of the field so to speak. Depending on the personality, the human will start feeling overwhelmed or exposed by this change since other bots can tell how they feel and they can tell how the bots feel. It can feel weirdly intrusive and invasive for some or distracting and irritating for others. The bot will need to help their human get through this by teaching them tricks and ways to block out what they feel or focus on something to ground them.

Spark bonding with a human is possible. It’s difficult, long, and arduous. It’s demanding and exhausting. It can even have the pair going through this wonder if things can really work out.

It’s absolutely worth it in the end when the bonding is complete and the couple feel whole at last. )

witchofthesouls  asked:

Character meme: Rodimus IDW please.


Send a character meme | STILL OPEN )

✖ First impression
‘Oh hey he’s hot.’

✖ Impression now
I fucking love Rodimus with all my heart and will defend him from individuals who attempt to (wrongfully) sully his name and so on and so on.

He’s a character who tries to be the best, not only for himself but for others since he wants to be important, he hopes to be important with how his life was all but entrenched in warfare. From personally detonating his Nyon to nearly getting killed by Megatron in the attempts to protect the Matrix, Rodimus’ life has been shaped by big and calamitous moments that lead to bigger and better things - For others. Not for him. Not when you pull back and see what he got from it. A lost home. Time drifting in space, half-dead and half-alive. You have to admit that some of these events would break a ‘bot or a ‘con if it was thrown at them.

But not Rodimus. Rodimus kept going. Rodimus must have felt like he had to keep going because there’s something more for him out there, right? There’s no way he’s going to die in space or be used as a batter or be tortured by some ‘cons without his life meaning something after all this time. That’s the thing that keeps him going too - He hasn’t found that meaning yet, explaining why he keeps chasing after big and impossible things to attain, to keep himself busy and help others. The Matrix. The title of Prime. The Knights of Cybertron. Notice his goals too. It may look like they’re to improve his standing or reputation with others, and in a way it is, these also help others out if he can do this. Getting the Matrix back means the Autobots still have the chance. Getting the Knights of Cybertron can help the planet enter a Golden Age that the plant and its people so desperately needs. Getting the title of Prime means he can lead a new generation away from the past of their ways and rebuild their homes, their cities that had to be burned to the ground so something new can come from it.

The title of Prime itself is important. When he informs Optimus he wanted to be something, Optimus assumes he wanted to be a Prime for the glory of it.

Rodimus continues and says he wanted to be Optimus Prime. A bastion the others look up to in a time of need, an individual who seems so sure of himself during times of great peril, an individual who looked like they were sure of the world and could take it on. That’s what Rodimus wanted to be. With his own twist of course.

So yeah. He’s confident and cocky and rash, barging into things be it rooms or situations because he believes he has to after all this time. It’s worked so far, why will it stop working now? It can’t stop working either. Not when he has the fate of others on his shoulders, placed there by himself in his need to help, to be important.

This type of character is a tricky one to get now and then, more so if you put them front and centre and load them with all this important stuff to them. Because it will grate some people’s nerves, more so if it’s Hot Rod/Rodimus because, let’s be real, Hot Rod/Rodimus will always be contested by others ever since his arrival on the scene.

There’s a balancing act you need to be aware of when showing off not only his attempts in being awesome but his attempts to hide any vulnerabilities by being awesome and hoping no one notices it. Sometimes it goes great like during the Remain in Light/Dying of the Light arcs. Sometimes you sigh in frustration like his characterisation in the Lost Light series. Either way I’ll take him as he is because Rodimus is trying and that means a lot to me.

✖ Favorite moment
That Conversation in Remain in Light (5 of 5) - This Calamitous Life, Issue #21.

I always call it That Conversation because it’s what helped my like for Rodimus transition into admiration and adoration for him.

Blow his the full conversation he has with Ultra Magnus when he’s being prepped to help rewrite the killswtich, with the (then) real possibility he could die from this attempt with how intense this procedure will be. This is after Rodimus confronts Magnus for luring him (and, in a way, the others) to Luna-1 in an attempt to have Tyrest punish Rodimus for his behaviour up until that point.

(Note before we go on: To be fair to Ultra Magnus he did not think Tyrest went off the deep end when he hatched this plan and the emotions were running high, as this occurs shortly after Overlord’s escape on the Lost Light. Let’s get that clear please no hurting Mags thank you.)

As it was worded in the comic, emphasis from the source itself:

Rodimus: Magnus - (I’m gonna call you Magnus.) - Magnus, if this is it - If I’m going to die - I need to come clean. Everything you’ve just said. I’ve done worse. I’ve done much worse.

Rodimus: I brought Overlord on board.

Rodimus: I was part of it, with Drift and Brainstorm and the Duobots. I let it happen. Prowl said I owed it to the Autobots before we left Cybertron, he… We met in his office, and we he told me he wanted an Autobot Phase Sixer- Somebody powerful as Overlord but on our said. And then he said- These might not have been his exact words but he said if I was scared of having Overlord on board I could say no, which… Well. Here we are.

Rodimus: I don’t want to die.

Ultra Magnus: Of course not. Of course you don’t.

Rodimus: No, I mean-

Rodimus: Self-sacrifice, Magnus- It’s cheap. It’s a cheap way out. I need to live so I can make amends and-

Please notice his choice of words in the Conversation too. He owns up to what he did with his inactions, allowing the others to do as they need and not intervening when he knew he should have, Making it clear he wants to make amends, thinking that if he died than he failed the crew even more since he didn’t have the time to admit the truth himself. He straight up gives a disclaimer for Prowl’s response to his reluctant to bring Overlord on board, not wanting Ultra Magnus to take it against the strategist or have a bad impression or something among those lines.

You can see him attempt to do better after this moment, you really can. From telling the truth about what happened with Overlord, to allowing the votes to happen though it depresses him how close the results were. He’s trying and I keep going back to this moment when debating with my friend over whether or not Rodimus should be a leader or not, should be considered good or not. Much as I find it difficult to read the Remain in Light arc due to Ambulon’s death, I try to because it makes the impact of all the sweeter to me.

✖ Idea for a story
Hear me out:

Hot Rod not only as Decepticon but as a trained medbot. After the destruction of Nyon, Hot Rod opts to join Megatron’s side to avenge the city and its fallen citizens. Not only that he learns to become a medic in the ranks because he can’t kill, can’t hurt anymore. He doesn’t know if he can handle having anymore blood on him.

If these useless servos have to be of use somehow then it’ll be helping those who are important and in need of care. 

It’s through this patent dogged determination of his that helps him become the skilled and (in)famous medic of the Decepticons. While he may not have the natural dexterity and supposed innate skills of those forged to be a medbot, his stubbornness to save lives at any costs helps him round out the constant catch up he has to play into when compared to others like Ratchet or Hook. His speedy alt-mode also gives him an edge when on the battlefield, able to reach those wounded and in critical condition in time.

So when tasked to watch after a human hostage with his best friend Deadlock, Hot Rod is certain he got this as a sort of punishment from Megsy or something. Why stick his aft to watch a fleshy little alien mope in the cell within a cell? He could be doing better things but noooo. He’s stuck here, making sure the human eats the given rations and tries not to hurt themselves because beings from Earth have this weird ability to get into themeslves into all sorts of trouble. (Example: The hostage’s current predicament.)

Then he notices, one day when giving the hostage a check up, how the human is kind of cute for an organic

✖ Unpopular opinion
I thought the whole Joke Situation with him, Ultra Magnus, and Megatron after the events of Speak! Memory was kind of… blown out of proportion?

Rodimus took it well enough because this is Rodimus we’re talking about. He’s never hidden his annoyance with Megatron before if something he said annoyed him, as seen the countless times in the last issues before Speak! Memory. If he felt insulted by Megatron’s comment about how he’s back in shape after being turned inside out, we would have seen it in the panel. We don’t though. He’s smiling as he stretches his limbs out, noting that Megatron is trying to make a joke which seems to amuse him a lot. He’s happy to be put back together and glad all’s end that ends well.

What happened??? Why is this a thing??? Hello??? For real someone explain this to me if they have the opposite opinion of me in regards to this.

✖ Favorite relationship

Be it friends or lovers, I am a ride and die type of shipper for these two. Rodimus/Megatron, Rodimus/Ultra Magnus, Rodimus/Prowl have spots in my heart, yeah, and there’s a reason they only have spots. Because the boys here have taken up most of the space and will not be letting up anytime soon.

I love their relationship to pieces? Rodimus defended Drift from a doubting Bumblebee and convincing Ironhide to save an injuries Drift during the All Hail Megatron series, showing he did care for his friend before he got anything substantial in return. Drift buying an honest-to-goodness ship with his personal money to gift it to Rodimus, certain in Rodimus’ capabilities to find the Knights of Cybertron and doing his best to help Rodimus out be it speechwriting or sword training.

Their reunion The Dying of the Light (Part 3) - Your Fierce Tears, Issue #52, helped continue my drive to see them happy. Rodimus asks for Drift’s forgiveness and lets him decide whether to take it or not, acknowledging that words or actions can be used to manipulate others as they both know in the past. Drift accepting the apology and hiS SMILE IN THE PANEL IS SO HAPPY AND SWEET AND RELIEVED BECAUSE HE COULD TELL RODIMUS WAS BEING 100% SINCERE WITH HIS WORDS. MY HEART FOR THE BROS.

Also Drift sticking to Rodimus’ side like glue after they reconcile is both hilarious and sad. Drift sweetie no. Don’t forget Ratchet. Convince him into a threesome or something please-

✖ Favorite headcanon
When he’s happy his spoiler goes flip-flap-flip-flap.

I cry every time I think about this headcanon. It’s beautiful.

anonymous asked:

OMG I just read your headcanons about a few of the bots getting their s/o pregnant and AHHHHHHHH. I HAVE MAJOR BABY FEVER RIGHT NOW. Can you do more please! Thank you SO much!

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Since you didn’t specify a canon or characters for this request, I’ll be doing two of my favourite IDW characters. You can find more headcanons of this type here and here! )


✦ Is shocked to learn about these turn of events when his human approaches him about their results. The relationship Optimus and the human have is more friends-with-benefits than anything else. The two looking for ways to blow off steam with how he’s working so hard to help Earth enter the intergalactic stage while the human is focusing on helping Marissa Faireborne prepare for her spot in the Council of Worlds. The pair have a long discussion about what they should do and, in the end, agree to keep the baby and raise them to the best of their abilities. They tell their closest companions about the turn of events and make them swear to secrecy in order to keep the media from finding out.

✦ The media finds out anyway. Probably for the best that his human is out of the public’s eye while they go through the pregnancy. The news circuit flips out when they learn Optimus Prime’s human lover is pregnant with his child and try to get any shot of them in the following months, running think piece after think piece about this revelation and how this could affect humans-Cybertronian relations. This is one of the most stressful periods in the human’s life and Optimus tries to be there for them when he’s not away on missions or activities. Often enough it’s Jazz and Arcee who keeps the human company the most. Arcee is… awkward at best though she does her best to protect the human. Jazz helps smooth out tensions and ruffled feathers and helps the human laugh more often. Over-all this time could be better and it could have been worse.

✦ When they break their water, the human is taken to a hospital and has to be under an alias to keep the media off them. Alas Optimus is not there when the human is going through the motions of childbirth, having to deal with a crisis. He could have delegated the mission to someone else but thought it would be better he’s there on the field, finding the idea of being useless as his partner screams and labours in pain too much for him. He’s apologetic when he comes see them much, much later when all is said and done. Optimus promises he’ll try to be the best sire and provider for the two long as his spark runs and the human thinks that’s enough. It’ll have to be. This is no fairy tale romance and they both knew it when going in.

✦ The baby is a cute and sturdy little bitlet, communicating through low and serious-sounding beeps with those around them. The bean may seem aloof at first, preferring the hold and attentions of their sire and carrier, but they will practically melt in the arms of whoever is holding them if you scratch their tummy juuuuust right. They have Optimus’ antenna finials which wiggle and twitch about to show how happy/annoyed they are and the antennas are another good spot to scratch if you want to have a purring sparkling cuddling up against you. They absolutely love Arcee for some reason and tries copycat her movements whenever they’re together, something everyone thinks is not the best of ideas.

✦ Pyra Magna and her Torchbearers adore the little one’s presence when the human brings them along into meetings, with Skyburst, Dustup, and Jumpstream being the most intrigued by the baby’s presence. The baby, in return, adores the Torchbearers for their interest in them and the fact they are so very colourful. Not that the baby’s arrival makes Pyra Magna feel more lenient with Optimus. If anything she’s become more critical of him, observing him now that he has to act in the role of a sire and how fares as that. (Hint: Not well. Don’t get him wrong. He’s not trying to be an awful parent on purpose. It’s just he’s been at war for so long and has been looked up to as a leader by so many people that he finds it difficult to not be practical and firm. Despite the best solution with his sparkling is to sometimes act softer and kinder.)

✦ More worried than ever about the prophecy he’s had. Never once did it show his partner or child in his visions, making him wonder what happened to them. He shudders at the possibilities and does whatever he can to keep them by his side. As a result he can be a bit controlling about his human’s movements and decisions, especially if it involves the baby. The human will have Words with him on his actions and a lot of fights happen between them. The relationship they have is sometimes fraught, often exhausting, but one they’re determined to see through. If only for the sake of the baby.


✦ Since he’s never met a human before the liaison, he presumes that the morning sickness and tenderness of their body as signs of them having the flu or cold. He only realises what’s going on when they start to see Ratchet for check ups and tests on the side, having seen their open planner by accident when tidying up the liaison’s office one day. At first he’s a little miffed that they went to Ratchet instead of him and then he thinks something terrible must have happened and they’re trying to hide it for his sake and oh no P a n i c T i m e. He makes his poor human lose at least twenty years off their lifespan when he barges into the officers’ meeting out of the blue, yelling about how he’s there to support them and see them though whatever he’s ailing them okay? The liaison realises what he must have realised by accident and awkwardly explains what’s really going on. This is how First Aid (and everyone in the room) learns about the pregnancy. Rodimus pulls out a party popper from his subspace and pops it in celebrations. Ultra Magnus scolds Rodimus for his behaviour. Megatron wonders if he should have stayed in his cell. (A question haunts First Aid for the rest of his days regarding that fateful meeting: Why did Rodimus have that party popper in the first place? A mystery.)

✦ The pregnancy months are a wild ride for the couple and everyone on the Lost Light. Everyone has to actually hide their weapons and keep high-grade energon out of reach. Ultra Magnus is cracking down on serial cussers so they don’t negatively influence the child’s first word. Nautica, Brainstorm, and Perceptor are helping babyproof most of the ship with the aid of Megatron and Rodimus. First Aid tries to learn everything he can about human pregnancies and Swerve, Tailgate, and Rewind offer to help him out by going through the human internet with him and looking up videos. Big mistake - They may have freaked themselves out by accident when learning what could go wrong during the pregnancy and during the delivery because there is a lot of ways it can go wrong. The poor liaison needs to assure the four that they’re fine. Really. There’s no need to try and put them in a plastic bubble or carry them all around the ship if they have to be somewhere. Please you guys. They need to finish this report by tonight. You guys-

✦ The day his human’s water break First Aid surprisingly keeps himself together. The liaison was worried he would go into hysterics or something and yet there he is, calm and cool and collected as he helps them out of their shared habsuite and into the medbay. He tells the medical crew what’s going on and leaves it to their capable servos, trusting Ratchet and Velocity to handle the procedures. He focuses all his attentions on his human as they go through contractions and the pains and the dreaded crowning, telling them how wonderful they are and how strong they are and yes he will never touch them again if that’s what they want. There’s a reason why Ratchet realised he could be the next Chief Medical Officer.

✦ Their baby is a box. That’s a very rude way to describe a babe and yet that is the truth. It is a box that hops around and beeps/chirrups if they want something and is still somehow the cutest bean to ever exist. It might have to do with the fact the baby is so soft and squishy, always up for cuddling sessions. The baby is fussy however and, ironically enough, hates going to the medbay whether its to see their sire or get a much loathed checkup. Remember how it’s mentioned the baby beeps/chirrups in communicating? Well not in the case of them going to the medbay. The baby box screeches and this is when everyone learns the importance of lowering their audials’ sensitivity or noise cancelling plugs. At least Siren gets a taste of his own medicine.

✦ There is not shortage of babysitters for the bean since everyone wants to help take care of the first ever recorded human-Cybertronian sparkling in history. Rung looks after them in his office, the room having been turned into a nursery of sorts as he helps in the child’s development and looks after them when the parents are busy. Swerve shows the baby educational cartoons and sneaks them the actual fun cartoons when First Aid isn’t looking. Even Whirl volunteers to give a hand/claw but he’s stricken off the list when the couple learn he tried to use them as a coaster at Swerve’s. The baby box loves their family and the attention they get though there is no denying the fact they love love love their parents the most. The baby all but leaps out their sitter’s arms when First Aid or the liaison come to pick them up at the end of the day, purring and beeping up a storm while they’re being carried away for recharge. (Sometimes, when in their habsuite and he thinks they’re already asleep, the human will heard First Aid whispering to the sparkling all sorts stories during his time on Delphi. Most of the tales focusing on his time spent with ‘Uncle Ambulon’ like how he helped the ‘bot get a new paintjob or how, one time, he transformed into a leg by accident and was so embarrassed he hopped away. ‘I think you would have loved him,’ First Aid always sighs whenever he finishes telling his stories.)

✦ Oddly First Aid is a stickler for proper terms. He will get annoyed if someone calls his child a ‘bean’ or ‘blob’ and will not hesitate to tersely remind the individual that his child is a protoform or baby, thank you very much. The only ones who get away with calling his child a bean is his human partner, Velocity, and Ratchet. The first two are obvious choices due to how close they became over time. Ratchet is only allowed because there’s something hilarious in seeing how his old boss cooing over a baby and using a high-pitched voice and kissy noises to keep the child’s attention on him. This is Ratchet at his best and his most shameless.

anonymous asked:

Seaformers nautica seaformers nautica seAFORMERS NAUTICA FLUFF HCS maybe some mutual pining btwn her and that cute CROC scientist

( Melly’s Mod Notes: I expect a lot of Nautica requests for this event, okay?? This is her time to shine. This is her in her element. LET THE PRUPLE BOAT BABE R I S E PLEASE. )

✦ Nautica and a friend of hers, Velocity, are new members to the Lost Light pod. Hailing from the Camien seas, Nautica and her friend joined the pod upon learning the frequent interactions this pod had with a coastal city. Upon learning it was due to a group of scientists’ attempts to learn about seaformers and their culture, the two of them had to join the pod to get a better idea of what humans are like. Nautica helps in many ways in the pod thanks to her brilliance and her wide range of knowledge in many subjects; officially, she’s an engineer who helps in the upkeep of the structural integrity for the Lost Light’s hand built network of caves and nests located in Crystal Coast.

✦ She pretty much jumps on board at the idea of being interviewed by the CROC scientists when they drop by and asks if anyone is interested in a round of Q&A. Having none of the baggage that those in Cybertronian seas may have with humans, Nautica is more willing to trust the crew’s intentions and admires the centre’s attempts to bridge the gap between humans and seaformers. It helps that the liaison for the Lost Light pod is cute - Seeing them smile at her direction or laugh at her attempts to make a human joke has her sashay in excitement. She looks forward to seeing the liaison during the monthly visits, always up front in the greeting gathering and quick to give a gift to them be it a bouquet of dried flowers, a collection of shiny baubles, or a string or seashells that bring out the pretty colour of their eyes out.

✦ In return of giving all she’s got during interviews and studies, the liaison better be prepared to be asked about all sort of questions in regards to their own culture and their personal life. How they go about selling and buying things, how they entertain themselves, how their relationship with their fellow humans are done. The liaison takes this all in stride, recognising and encouraging Nautica’s love for knowledge and helping her channel all that energy and excitement to productive things so she doesn’t become restless. Through the liaison Nautica puts her mastery of cartography and geography into use, helping map out the ocean floors to find the best feeding and scavenging spots for her pod. The liaison always ends up blushing and hiding their face in wonder and embarrassment when they learn Nautica named a series of discovered littoral caves after them. Again.

✦ Nautica is very pretty. Very very pretty - A merdolphin whose colouring and patterns match that of a Regal Tang due to her deep purple colour with streaks of fetching yellow running down her tail. She’s not a prideful thing but she can’t help swell with pride and joy upon noticing how often the liaison checks her out when they think she’s not paying attention. Nautica will use this to her advantage. Most often in the form of trying to lounge like human mermaids to attract the liaison’s when they’re mingling with the pod. Complete with using seaweed and ribbons to mimic human hair. Velocity is begging her friend to chill with the thirst. (Meanwhile Skids and Swerve are singing ‘Kiss the Mer’ in the background to get the two together already Primus.)

✦ Always excited to learn what she can from the humans and the liaison uses this as an excuse to have date nights educational meetings with her. The two will find a cave to huddle together, watching videos of how to create crystals or how to make a solar powered watch because Nautica is a visual learner and likes to following along with what’s being shown. The day she learns how to make fireworks from is the day she, Swerve, Skids, and Whirl are sent to the naughty time out crag for misbehaving mers by a disappointed Megatron. (Ultra Magnus would do it but he’s still getting patched up over at CROC.)

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Brainstorm and Perceptor with a human scientist s/o please?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: I love the SCIENCE! duo so have yourself some headcanons, lovely. For this request, I’ll do doing SFW headcanons since it wasn’t specified if NSFW was desired. Let me know, anon, if you want NSFW and I’ll get to it. )


✦ At long last he has an assistant! He’s joking, he’s joking. Mostly. Pleased as punch that his human can be more involved with his activities compared to other professions that they could have had like a simple diplomat or such. Brainstorm is naturally going to rope his significant other into helping him out with his experiments and projects. They’ll need to be the temperament and, like, 98% of the impulse control that he desperately needs when he goes about his work. Please help Perceptor keep the lab from exploding every other day.

✦ More than happy to talk their ears off about a subject or topic if they don’t know about it but he does. He’ll let them do the same in return but the human has to be prepared for him to ask endless questions. There’s so much humans can learn from what Cybertronians have developed over the centuries and who knows? Maybe he can learn a thing or two about what humans have accomplished in their short time in the universe! He’s just so happy there’s someone else he can discuss SCIENCE! with and the person is happily responding back to him.

✦ Dates include trips out of the ship during shoreleave to look for more materials and tools for work. Sometimes they’re uneventful trips where they spend their time chatting and playfully arguing with the other as they hold the other’s hand. Sometimes the Rod Squad will need to bail him and his human out of trouble because gosh Stormy you can’t insult the local blackmarket dealer like that it’s a faux pas and now they want to kill them.

✦ Loves to make gifts for his human after realising he can help improve their time on the ship with SCIENCE! and of course he’s going to take that up. His human deserves the best! These gifts can range from practical like a hover device so the liaison can travel around the ship faster to the impractical like glasses that has lenses that has emojis flash in the lenses depending on the human’s mood. Gifts will have weapons installed in them so the human quickly learns to have an inspection routine to detect them before they bring it to Brainstorm to please uninstall the lasers. Music boxes shouldn’t have lasers in them, dear.


✦ Was pleasantly surprised to learn the liaison is a scientist by trade when he checks the files of the officers. He approaches them first when the chance comes up, letting them know he’s here to discuss certain topics if they’re interested. Initially he’s just happy that there’s someone else he can speak to when it comes to science but over time develops a crush on them when he sees their discipline and dedication both in and out of the lab. His way of courting them is giving them mathematical equations for them to solve during their spare time to keep their brain sharp and telling them punny jokes like how he thinks of them periodically. What a nerd.

✦ He doesn’t force them or asks them to become his assistant or aid in the lab since he knows they’re busy with their other duties as is. Never once does he hint that he would like them to give him a hand in the lab since that, to him, feels too much he’s pressuring them to say yes to the idea. Perceptor will be touched and flattered if they make the time to help him out however. He trusts them with having access to his projects if he’s not around and privately hopes they defend his work from being fiddled about by a curious Brainstorm. (They do and he loves them even more for it.)

✦ Dates are not really a thing for this couple to their frustrations. Perceptor is often too busy with his projects and experiments for that to happen and doesn’t help the liaison’s schedule is both busy and unpredictable. One minute his human will be enjoying their break and the next minute they’re being dragged to help settle a crisis between a few ‘bots. The two try to make up for this by setting up a private correspondence between each other so they can send the other messages and notes for them to read later. The sappiest love letters are sent. Complete with affectionate pet names and everything.

✦ When luck is on their side and the ship is quiet and everything is done for the day, the couple will spend time together. Their favourite activity will be going out of the ship to stargaze, looking at the constellations and quietly discussing their life before everything… everything happened. Perceptor will always make it a point to tell his human that, despite everything, he’s happy where he is now. With them in his arms and gazing up at the celestial bodies with awe and wonder. If everything in the past had to happen just so this moment between them, content and happy and together, could occur? Of course he’ll do it all over again.

anonymous asked:

I don't think this has been done before but is it ok if I ask for fluffly and naughty headcanons for poly Knockout and Smockscreen? If not, then just fluffy and naughty headcanons for Knockout and Smokescreen separately please

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Hey there anon! Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about this pairing to really write it as a polyship but I can definitely do the requests separately. )


✦ Originally friends, he finds himself developing a crush on his charge and ends up being very flustered and unsure of what to do when he realises he has a crush on them. Do they go to Bumblebee since he’s the most interested in humans? Optimus because he’s Optimus? Definitely not going to Ratchet or Ultra Magnus for help. In the end he turns to the kids for help on what he can do and all three chip in to help him make a love confession. It’s almost a disaster but hey! It worked out in the end. They both(!) confessed their feelings to the other and kissed and it was awesome. (Now how do they explain the mess here in the base to the others…? He had no idea pastries could explode.)

✦ He will do his best to make his human laugh and feel loved because they are loved, dammit. Smokescreen does his best to be attentive, asking how they’re doing whenever they meet up and always being on time when dropping them off or picking them up. Their health is a major concern of his considering how fragile and easily hurt humans are and constantly pester an annoyed Ratchet for help/advice/anything if his human so much has a headache. Bless his spark the boy tries.

✦ Unfortunately he does end up becoming more reckless on the field if his human is with him. He’ll pull flashier moves, strike a pose after knocking a baddie down, and even try out some soundbites he’s been practicing. He wants to impress them with the amazing skills he’s learned! Team Prime disapprove of the behaviour yet leave him be since he’s just really into his human and he is happy. Miko personally finds this all hilarious and encourages him to do more stunts around the base in the name of True Love. Jack and Raf are watching on in horror and are quick to yell for Optimus/Ultra Magnus/Ratchet, in that order of desperation, if they need to stop Smokescreen from doing something too dangerous.


✦ Surprise he’s entering this relationship as a virgin. The human may not realise that with how he talks up his game and how he’ll have them begging for more transfluid in their body. The moment they make it clear they’ll take up his offer, he freezes up and is forced to admit the jig is up. With how focused he was in training with the Cybertron Elite Guard and all, he never gave himself the time to, you know, enjoy himself. His human will have to teach him what to do and they don’t have to worry too much in this part. Smokescreen is going to be very attentive student for these lessons.

✦ Eager to please if a bit messy and very impatient at times. The human will need to keep a change of clothes on in Smokescreen’s habsuite so they have something to wear when the fragging is over. There’s a strong possibility of their outfit getting drenched in transfluid to the point its unsalvageable or he tears it up when helping his human out of their clothes. He’ll try to be more careful if this annoys his human enough. Honest!

✦ Absolutely shameless when he’s aroused, not even if they’re in the base where the others can see him. It’s not obvious to the humans but the way he’s fluttering his door wings, cooling fans blasting all the while, is basically the Cybertronian equivalent of presenting himself to his human to please mount and ride him until all he can speak is static. Bulkhead, Arcee, and Bumblebee try to shield their respective charge’s eyes from the display. Ratchet will not hesitate to call the two out and tell them to get a room. Ultra Magnus is going to force the two into timeout corners.


✦ A human who is always on Nemesis Prime is going to get exposed to a lot of weird things. Between the energon supplies, the experiments of Shockwave, and the existence of Starscream, Knockout is very protective of his human and will never forgive themselves if they end up getting hurt. He keeps them on his shoulder at all times and if he’s too busy to leave the medbay than he’s keeping tabs on them through Soundwave’s security or has Breakdown with his human to ensure their safety. 

✦ He also becomes their doctor so they get the best treatment possible after he sees his human get hit by a bad bout of a flu and sees them struggling to get better. He begins to keep human medicine and medical supplies stocked in the medbay and tells them that they are to look for him if they need an injury patched up. Knockout goes as far to research medicine and biology to make sure he’s giving the correct treatment/care to his human and not making it worse. An earthling’s body is… different from what he’s used to handling but the things a medic will do for love.

✦ Surprisingly enough he doesn’t ask them to buff him during the earlier stages of their relationship. It’s a taxing thing to do and he doesn’t really like the idea of just anyone getting their servos all over his frame. As a result, Knockout is rather shy about asking anyone for help on this matter and only asks those he feels comfortable/at ease with like Breakdown. It’s only when he’s sure they’ll work out does he ask them to help him get the more difficult, hard-to-reach scratches and dents.


✦ Isn’t that big into medical play. Reminds him too much of work with how he often needs to strap down the more annoying or irritating ‘cons so they get their slagging physical over with. He’ll try it out, just once, for his human’s sake if they really want to play out the scenario. Who knows? He may find himself enjoying it with how he gets to order them around and examine their body, digits skimming across their shivering body as he does a very thorough inspection of his lovely human.

✦ What he’s really into his bondage and using toys on his human, edging them and teasing them until they’re begging him for just a taste of his spike or valve on their mouth. He adores the desperate look on their face, the brightness of their eyes as they watch him stroke his spike languidly as he plays with the folds of his valve. Maybe if they beg him really nicely he’ll consider it. Maybe.

✦ Breakdown is a regular partner to the couple’s antics in the habsuite due to the closeness he shares with both of them. A good thing too. Knockout’s digits are sharpened to very dangerous points so it’s, ah, difficult for him to prepare his human to take a spike. Thank goodness they have their good friend Breakdown to help with that. The larger mech is gentle and focused as he scissors the panting and whining human’s opening. All the while taking instructions from a nearby Knockout about how to make their favourite human come undone under his ministrations.

anonymous asked:

Any headcanons for yandere!swerve? Or Swerve with a yandere s/o? (cybertronian, since a yandere human wouldn't really be scary or anything)

( Melly’s Mod Notes: FINALLY THE CHANCE TO DO YANDERE!READER HAS ARRIVED. A yandere for Swerve coming right up because oh b o y I like making my boy suffer. )

✦ Swerve catches the attention of the ‘bot on the grand (secret) opening of his bar. He stands out from the crowd with his humorous quips and colourful personality, greeting everyone by name and telling the funniest stories they’ve ever heard. When they order their first drink and ask what the price is for the opening of the bar, Swerve replies that the first drink is for free long as he gets their name. He then smiles a smile so sweet and beautiful they’re a little taken aback. They end up thinking about that smile a lot in the coming months.

✦ They begin to fall more and more in love with him as they get to know him better be it casual conversation or meticulous observation. He’s just so sweet and friendly, making everyone around him laugh with his jokes and stories when the crew needs a smile or need a bit of sweetness in their loves.

✦ The incident with the gun has them realising how easily harm and fragile Swerve is. The idea of losing him to anything or to anyone is unthinkable and makes them slowly realise that they’re the only one who really appreciates and adores Swerve for who he is. It hurts the ‘bot so much to see the way the others on the ship treat Swerve when they act like they don’t need him. It angers them to think no one sees how wonderful and great Swerve is. Well fine then. If they can’t appreciate him than they will and keep him all to themselves if possible and they will make it possible.

✦ It isn’t hard for the ‘bot to make Swerve love them much as they love him. They spoil Swerve with attention and compliments, giving the mini what he so desperately wants from the others but never had. Not until his amazing Conjunx-to-be came along, suddenly sweeping him into their arms and kissing him and hugging him and savouring him with so much intensity it’s scary but in a good way. If it causes him to not hang out with Skids or the others as much than whoops. The ‘bot will apologise and say my bad if they’re confronted with their smothering behaviour. They’ll remember to tone it done and who knows? Maybe Skids and the others will learn to be more appreciative of Swerve next time. If there’s a next time.

✦ Begin to insert themselves more and more into Swerve’s life as the relationship goes on. Swerve finds himself relying on them for emotional support and validation and they’re so happy and eager to provide it for him - Provided he shows he trusts them the way they trust him. He’s happy to prove himself to them when they begin to doubt their relationship, scrambling to make them happy by giving more control. It isn’t long before they help Swerve run his bar and become him roommate, spending all their time with him now given how intertwined their schedules, their resources, their everything is.

✦ Anyone who so much as mocks or teases Swerve is going to pay for it. They’ll confront the individuals about it, using their height and build to intimidate the more cowardly ones to back off. The ones who aren’t as easily intimidated or dare ramp up their disgusting antics at their precious love- They’ve clearly got to go. Swerve’s love will be sneaky about it, not wanting to drag their darling bartender into this. Here, they’ll ‘accidentally’ add a bad garnish in a particular bully’s drink. There, they’ll ‘slip up’ during an adventure and a case of friendly fire almost turns deadly. They do their best to space these incidents out and make sure he’s unaware of it all the while. Long Swerve is happy and is with them than everything is perfect.

  • 4chan: we're going to get tumblr
  • 4chan: by flooding tags that people search to find things with shock images
  • tumblr: *doesn't actually use tags to search things*
  • tumblr: *uses tags to add additional commentary, making loads of unique useless tags*
  • 4chan: haha we win or something

OUaT Season Four Countdown - Season Three Rewatch Edition (Day 2)

  The countdown continues! In 33 days time, we’ll all be eagerly awaiting the start of the season we’ve been waiting so long to see. As the hiatus draws near to its end, the impatience starts really kicking in and things seem to drag on longer than usual. To help combat this, we’re hosting a rewatch of the third season. Check out all of the details and episode schedules here. Today is our second day! That means you need to find sometime today to watch ‘Lost Girl’. Watch via DVD/Blu-Ray, or one of these links. If you don’t want to pay, it’s up to you and google to find a different link.

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OUaT Season Four Countdown - Season Three Rewatch Edition (Day 1)

  The Countdown has officially begun! In 34 days time, we’ll all be eagerly awaiting the start of the season we’ve been waiting so long to see. As the hiatus draws near to its end, the impatience starts really kicking in and things seem to drag on longer than usual. To help combat this, we’re hosting a rewatch of the third season. Check out all of the details and episode schedules here. Today is our first day! That means to kick things off, you need to find sometime today to watch ‘The Heart of the Truest Believer’. Watch via DVD/Blu-Ray, or one of these links. If you don’t want to pay, it’s up to you and google to find a different link.

Make sure to liveblog! But if you’d rather do something along the likes of a gifset or graphic, go ahead with that, too. But don’t forget about the season three appreciation weekends. ;) We’re tracking the tag 'S3RW’, so make sure to tag all posts dealing with today’s rewatch with that tag in one of the first five tags. Otherwise it doesn’t show up in the tag. Below the cut is a completely voluntary fun little form to fill out and post to your blog once you’ve finished the episode.

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