A little late on that August train. But oh well!

This month’s About Face model is a different type of #ADDISONgirl that you’re used to seeing on the blog, but she isn’t a new face here. You may remember Nicole Doyle from a photo shoot our friend Freddy of BluePerk. But now she brings her rocker down to earth edge to our summer to fall set.

Nicole is a 20 year old New York Native (really Islip Terrace in Long Island).  She’s currently studying fashion merchandising at Empire State College (online for now, so she can still work full-time) and has that SoCal instinct of longboarding through the city. Nicole is also a philanthropist in her spare time and tries to bring awareness to autism. She tells us that her brother has autism and has his own Facebook page that Nicole runs for him. She also volunteers for Autism Speaks. 

Her biggest interest is music. Mostly alternative music. Her iPhone is currently playing Sleeping with Sirens, old Taking Back Sunday (the only kind you should like), and A Day to Remember. She was supposed to go to Warped Tour this year, but she was called into work. The life of a model. We laughed about how she didn’t miss much, since it was basically the same headliners as 4 years ago. The last show Nicole went to was Pierce the Veil at Irving Plaza. But now she is excited to see Chiodos, now that the original line up is in place (seriously people need to stop rearranging their bands, stick to the good stuff!). 

We’re all foodies at ADDISON. And nothing is different with Nicole. We all love going to Dumbo and Williamsburg to eat. But even the best restaurants in the city wouldn’t be the last meal on Death Row for Nicole. Her meal would be fries. She just loves them. From anywhere(her last fries that she had were from Silver Spurs). “It’s the best!” She says with a glint in her eyes. And our reaction is just gawking at her and her flat stomach. Oh how we’d kill for that. But maybe it’s her strength training. When she came to our office, she was just coming back from seeing her trainer after a leg workout. 

Of course she likes to shop. Her must have accessories are earrings and bracelets. But her last purchase were “vintage” t-shirts from H&M. She’s not much for make up, especially when eyeshadows match someone’s outfit (it’s a big pet peeve for her).

This month’s Face is Aubrey Wilder, a 22 year old model hailing from Randolph, Vermont. But although she’s from a small town she has big city goals. When she was 17 she traveled to Italy to model, and then finally ended up in our own favorite hometown: New York City. This Major Model Management lady shares a few things of our own heart: the love of SoHo, Central Park, and Sushi (last place she ate at was Bond St. Sushi)! She likes to think she’s a tiger in this city jungle, but her friends would say she’s more of a deer because of her clumsiness and her eyes (but believe me you’d fall in love with the angles of her face anyway!).

She fits right in with our office, with our talks of kombucha and GNC runs, because she’s a health and nutrition guru. When she’s not posing in front of a camera she is cooking, running, or practicing some other sport. But don’t dare come around her sporting a headband across your forehead or she’ll cringe at the sight (it’s her personal fashion pet peeve)! Audrey’s purse (or her backpack that she came to the photo shoot with) carries only her necessities: trusty Chapstick, phone (Blackberry, we’re not judging), iPod (probably full of house music), and her portfolio. But she makes up for her practicality in a bold coral mini dress that she just bought. And she cannot live without her long necklaces (to be honest, neither can we!).

We asked Aubrey what her survival kit for Coachella would entail, she responded with the complete necessities: moisturizer/sunscreen, water, and money. Although we do admire her minimalistic nature! (We know we can’t do it! We’d be bringing suitcases and outfits and accessories galore!). She would have loved to see Afrojack, Radiohead, and Justice at the festival, but she says she’ll just enjoy the April nights dancing to house music, maybe sipping a lycheetini at the Rose Bar.