addison x callie

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Prompt : Addison learns about Callie's pregnancy.

(so as a disclaimer, I just wrote whatever came to mind. In no way is this probably even remotely accurate to what’s canon. Just my own drabbling)

“What?!” Addison had promised herself she wouldn’t react to whatever Callie was about to say, sensing the dread in her tone, but the idea just sounded absurd. Callie was with Arizona–at least, she had been–so how could she possibly be… “You’re pregnant? Oh, Callie…” When she saw her best friend’s name on the caller ID, she should have known she wasn’t just calling to shoot the breeze. Addison frowned, cursing herself for sounding so astounded; almost like she’d taken pity on Callie in her desperate situation.

Upon hearing her reaction, Callie’s eyes widened, the panic that had already set in rising, forcing her mouth to run without any conscious control over what fell out. “It was only once! She left me in the middle of an airport, Addison! We were fine, and then we weren’t. She… she… she ran off to Africa and left me here all alone! Mark was just–”

“Mark?! You slept with Mark?” Again, Addison couldn’t hold her tongue.  It was shocking enough that Callie had ended things with Arizona. The fact that she’d managed to conceive a child within the brief timespan of Arizona’s stint in Africa seemed a feat only the frantic orthopedic surgeon could accomplish. Callie knew that, especially in Addison’s mind, she was known for doing things like this, but the fact that it was Mark’s baby made the truth even harder to swallow. 

“One time! It was only one time. I was just lonely, and hurt, and he was there.” Callie was quick to retort in a scolding voice, desperately hoping that the initial shock would wear off and her best friend would offer her some sort of consolation. Of course, she knew that Mark was probably the worst person to father a child in the history of fathers. Addison had told Callie all about what happened when he found out the redhead was carrying his child. They’d both seen how he was with Sloane’s baby as well. Mark was just too eager to jump into things he wasn’t prepared to handle. 

“…Mark has a way of doing that,” Addison added flatly, rubbing her temples and glad that Callie was over the phone and in Seattle where she couldn’t see. “Please tell me he didn’t use the ‘numb the pain’ metaphor?” He’d tried that on Addison not too long ago, and she was just desperate and lonely enough to fall for it. One thing was for certain: Mark Sloan had a way with women. 

“Not quite… but it had the same effect.” The change in Addison’s tone had done well to soothe Callie, taking the absurdity of the situation down to something ironic and almost laughable. She knew she’d called the right person then. Not only were they close friends who saw each other through just about every ill-advised twist and turn of their lives, but they both had familiarity with the situation. Addison had been in Callie’s shoes several years ago, and made a decision that Callie had to respect, though her opinion definitely differed now that it was her turn to face this reality.

“I know it’s soon, but… ” Addison hesitated, not sure if it was yet appropriate to ask what Callie’s intentions were, but being an obstetrician, she felt obligated to ask, “what do you plan on doing?” Whatever Callie decided, Addison wanted her to know that she was only a short flight away–she would support whatever decision she’d ultimately choose to make and be discreet. 

“Oh, I’m not… Addison, I couldn't… I’m keeping it.” Callie stumbled over her words, realizing what Addison was really asking her. First and foremost, it was against her personal code of ethics, but beyond that, Callie desperately wanted to be a mother. It was something she’d always wanted, even if Arizona didn’t necessarily share the same view on children. “It’s just that now she’s back; she’s here in Seattle, and I don’t know what to say.”  

There was a short pause while Addison gave the problem serious consideration. “Well…” It was evident by the delivery of the single word that the redhead’s brows were furrowed into a deep frown, “You love her, don’t you?” She could hear the small noises Callie made as she tried to decide whether or not to admit that Addison was right. Chuckling softly, she smiled, knowing the answer the Latina needed to hear. “Just tell her the truth. Don’t over-think it; just tell her. And Callie?” she paused until she heard the quiet hum that indicated her friend was listening, “Don’t let Mark go overboard."