addison girls

Team Bite Mark (Part One)

Roberta Warren- The Leader

Skills: Takes no shit, momma bear extraordinaire, inspirational speeches, can machete through any problem, probably gives the best hugs, all around Apocalypse Queen.

Addison Carver- 2nd in Command

Skills: Expert with a Z-whacker, A+ snark and genre savvy, eyebrows so perfect they could kill a man, master of brute force z-carnage, bisexual badass.

Dr. Sun Mei- Virologist

Skills: Actual medical doctor (sorry Doc), possibly the last person on Earth with the capability to synthesize a cure, Blunt and to the Point, multilingual, is adorable when grossed out.

Dear ZP Community: Addison is a boy.

To the people who are confused on what Addison’s gender is, he is a boy. Viv has confirmed Addison to be a boy multiple times throughout the ongoing span of Zoophobia.

If you were simply confused, I’m here to tell you that he is a boy…

If you think that he’s a girl, I could understand why. He does seem very effeminate and so many people get confused by his gender.

Also, don’t try to tell Viv that her character is a girl. It’s her character, what the hell do you know? XD


genderbends: the raven girls

They were loud and triumphant and queens of Henrietta, because they’d found the ley line, and because it was starting, it was starting.