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“Don’t be beautiful. They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that. There are an eternity of other things to be other than beautiful.” Insp.

Dating Addy Carver would include

-You guys meet at the hockey game before shit went down

-Always being there for each other

-When she was recording things she would always take shots of you

-Thinking of inventive ways to kill zombies

-20 questions getting to know you

-Long, deep conversations about anything and everything at night

-You know everything about each other

-Trying to convince her to leave with you when she stays with the women’s cult

-Holding each other tight and sweet kisses whenever either of you cant handle it

-Especially when she realizes what she had to do that first night

-Whenever either of you thinks the other is in trouble you would risk the entire mission to save each other

-Murphy is always trying to push both of your buttons

-Punching him when you saw that he taught two zombie girls to make out

-Punching him a lot actually because he is awful

-In the beginning you would sneak off to places to make out

-Appreciating alone time together since its so rare

-Always being teamed up together whenever the group splits up

-Doing everything you can when she is taken by the cannibals and making the team go back for Cassandra because ‘ its a girl thing’

-Sometimes just taking a break to hold each other and feel safe

-Just being a badass power couple

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Team Bite Mark (Part One)

Roberta Warren- The Leader

Skills: Takes no shit, momma bear extraordinaire, inspirational speeches, can machete through any problem, probably gives the best hugs, all around Apocalypse Queen.

Addison Carver- 2nd in Command

Skills: Expert with a Z-whacker, A+ snark and genre savvy, eyebrows so perfect they could kill a man, master of brute force z-carnage, bisexual badass.

Dr. Sun Mei- Virologist

Skills: Actual medical doctor (sorry Doc), possibly the last person on Earth with the capability to synthesize a cure, Blunt and to the Point, multilingual, is adorable when grossed out.

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What if Jon Snow had been a girl? How would it affect his(her?) character, his relationship with Catelyn, his fate when Ned goes to KL? What would it mean for the fight against the Others, and for Rhaegar's interpretation of the prophecy?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Certainly, I think Catelyn would still be cold and distant toward any bastard child of Eddard’s, boy or girl, who was installed in Winterfell as his recognized child before Catelyn and baby Robb ever passed through the castle walls. As @poorquentyn and I have pointed out, Catelyn’s resentment over Jon’s place IOTL was not that Ned had fathered an extramarital child, but that he had elected to recognize him and raise him in Winterfell itself, with the same education and training as any of his trueborn children received. That’s a political slight, an undermining of Cateyn’s already-uncertain position as a stranger in a strange land, a southron Tully and her half-Tully Stark son. That girl!Jon would presumably still have the gray eyes, long face, and dark hair which are the Stark genetic markers would only broaden this divide, when comparing Tully-looking baby Robb with his Stark-looking half-sister.

That being said, Catelyn’s resentment toward girl!Jon and the situation she was in would probably have taken on a different character than IOTL. Girl!Jon would have been much less of a dynastic threat to the Catelyn’s trueborn offspring than her male counterpart: not only would she likely remain unlegitimated (Eddard doubtless not wanting to attract Robert’s attention to the last surviving child of his hated enemy Rhaegar), and it would be an extremely rare lord indeed who would support a bastardborn girl over a trueborn son (or even a trueborn daughter) if the succession ever came into question. Catelyn might have also exercised more direct control over girl!Jon than she did over Jon IOTL, using her power over the feminine sphere of the Stark household to do so. I doubt we would see something like what happened on Oakenshield - with Lady Hewett and her daughters treating Lord Hewett’s bastard Falia as a servant, forcing her to wait on them at meals - but Catelyn might well have ensured that her daughters would be accompanied only by appropriately ranking trueborn companions (instead of their bastard half-sister), to emphasize that girl!Jon was not their equal. The high harp lessons and socializing over needlework, the instruction in courtly manners, I could see Catelyn reserving those only for Sansa and Arya, not girl!Jon.

What girl!Jon might have done with her life is another question. Boy bastards of noble families have quite a few “career” options: he could become a career tourney knight (like that Bastard of Uplands whom Barristan defeated), or be trusted as an administrator of his father’s rule (like Ser Walder Rivers), or become a master-at-arms at another castle (like “Strong” Sam Stone at Runestone), or rise high in the Night’s Watch (like Cotter Pyke), or join the guard corps of a city (like Garrett and Garse Flowers, who were supposed to join the gold cloaks), or enter the Citadel (like Walys Flowers), or (if he were notable enough) earn a white cloak of the Kingsguard (like Addison Hill). Girls, however, seem to be far more limited. As I said earlier, Falia was essentially a servant of House Hewett until Euron arrived with his ironborn (though doubtless she would have found that preferable to her ultimate fate); Mya Stone, the all-but-officially-recognized daughter of Robert Baratheon, spends her days leading mules in the Vale; Aegon IV’s four daughters by Megette the blacksmith’s wife were given as babies to the Faith (though what happened to Melissa Blackwood’s two daughters, or Shiera Seastar, remains a mystery); and sweet but lonely Joy Hill is used as a marital bargaining chip for House Lannister. (The Sand Snakes are given more freedom and prestige, at least within Dorne, though they are of course in a unique situation.)

Given that, I could see Catelyn “encouraging” girl!Jon to enter the Faith as a septa, perhaps hoping to send her to a motherhouse in or around White Harbor. In a single stroke, girl!Jon could be distanced from Winterfell (and the Tully-Starks), given an honorable career, and neutralized in whatever small way she remained a dynastic threat. To what extent Ned would have assented to such a scheme is, of course, extremely speculative.

As for Rhaegar … eh. Insofar as we don’t even know what Rhaegar’s plan for Jon was, it’s extremely difficult to speculate on what might have changed or not had Jon been born a girl instead of a boy. Too, I think such speculation (and speculation on girl!Jon’s life in the main series) would inevitably lead to essentially rewriting the whole story, which I am loath to do.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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alison was a bitch and a bully but at least she was an entertaining and deliciously evil bitch and bully. this addison girl is as likeable as a stomachache.

Addison is like when you ask for a Coke and someone ends up giving you a freaking Shasta-Cola knockoff that was .50 at Big Lots instead