addison and aaron


Aaron: You know abandoning your unborn child, Like father like son.

Smith: I’m going to kill you.

Dean: Dad has another kid out there other than me and the twins?

Aaron: Nope it’s you. He didn’t want you.

Smith: That’s it I’m fucking killing this bitch infront of his own family.

Dean: Dad he’s not worth it.

Smith Whispers: Aaron Jordan Sterns I’m pretty sure you know what I do for a living. If my son wasn’t here right now I would kill you where you stand but since he is I’m going to give you a warning better live it up soon because my goons are going to be coming for ya.


Aaron: Jane why are you not furious?

Jane: because it’s just sex and for her it was making love. She’s in love with this boy and they’ve been exploring each bo-

Aaron: Stop talking! Your response is to throw hey your kids are fucking dinner party.

Jane: No I’m throwing a please don’t sue my family because my full grown husband attacked your teenage child.

Aaron: he deserved it he called me a bitch. The nerve of him


Aaron: He refused to get off her.

Jane: They were hugging. Aaron look she wasn’t going to stay your perfect angel forever.

Aaron: well at least I still have liberty.

Jane: Honey, no one that lives in this house is a virgin.

Aaron: What?!?! Even lewis?

Jane: Lewis gets all kinds of visitors if you catch my drift.

Aaron: No I don’t

Jane: He’s bi