addington square

Birthday Boy (Luke Hemmings Smut)

it’s luke’s birthday and you decide to give him a little present of your own. 

- hii !! i’m kendall, the new co owner !! hope u guys like this xx

I woke up to the sound of wind blowing roughly outside my window. I turned to face my boyfriend, who had his long arm wrapped around my waist. To be completely honest, he wasn’t even handsome. He was beautiful. The way the morning light hit his face was amazing. It made him look like the 16 year old boy I had fallen in love with all those years ago. I ran my fingers through his dark blonde hair, trying to wake him up gently.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” I said, my voice almost in whisper as his light blue eyes opened slowly.

He groaned loudly, turning onto his stomach to bury his face in his pillow. 

“Come on, babe, don’t you want to get up and start celebrating your birthday?” I asked, sitting up and attempting to turn him over.

“I don’t want to celebrate. I”m getting old,” he said, his voice muffled.

“Luke, just get up. I want to make breakfast for you,” I whined, climbing onto his back and kissing the nape of his neck.

“Will you make pancakes?” he asked, voice still muffled.

“Of course,” I said, laughing at how he thrashed his legs to get me off of him.

I climbed off his body and pulled down the blankets, revealing his body. He was wearing a pair of tight black boxers. Just the sight of him in only his boxers made me want him to make me feel good.

I walked into the kitchen, hoping Luke would follow me. My body was covered in his black and white Blink-182 shirt. I knew how much he loved it to see my body draped in his t shirts. He always told me it marked me as his, and even though it was proved to no one, he always insisted on it.

I started getting out the pancake mix and everything else we needed to make the pancakes. I heard Luke walking into the kitchen and sit down in one of the stools we had sitting at the table.

“Would it be okay if the boys came over today? Apparently they’ve got a big surprise for me,” Luke said.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I don’t really care, I mean, it is your birthday. Just remember we’re going to that new club in Addington Square later,” I replied.

I had just started mixing the batter together when I felt Luke’s hands wrap around my waist tightly.

“Baby, could we at least fuck once before they come over? I woke up hard for you and I don’t want it to go to waste. I’m sure you don’t either,” he whispered, a small laugh forming in the back of his throat.

I nodded, sighing softly as he starting kissing the back of my neck. My body melted into his, letting him know it was okay for him to keep going. His lips moved down my neck until my skin ran out, forcing him to turn me around and start working on my lips.

“You’re lucky I hadn’t actually started baking yet,” I giggled into his lips, “We would’ve had to stop and eat before.”

He picked me up and placed me gently on the counter. The contrast between the heat from our lips and his icy cool lip ring felt absolutely amazing. Luke moved his head down to my neck again, leaving a trail of soft, wet kisses against me.

He usually wasn’t this gentle, and I had to admit, it was confusing me. I thought he would let everything out on his birthday, especially because he knew I would let him.

I felt his hands on the hem of my shirt, lifting me out of the small trance I was in. I pulled off my shirt slowly, wanting to tease Luke at least a little bit. I mean, I wasn’t just going to let him get what he wanted right away, even if it was his birthday.

“Y/N,” he whined, “Just take it off, please. I want to see you.”

I gave into his request and threw the shirt to the ground. He blushed slightly at the sight of my uncovered chest. God, he was so adorable. He still acted like it was the first time he had seen me exposed like this, even though we’d been together for almost three years now.

Luke’s lips had moved from my neck to my chest, kissing each of my tits softly. He let his lips keep moving down my body until he reached my panties. My eyes were closed in pleasure already. I threw my head back as he kissed up my slit, reaching my hands down to grasp his already messy dark blonde hair.

Luke pulled my panties off my aching core, leaving a small kiss to my clit before throwing my panties on top of my shirt. He licked a stripe up my center, forcing a small moan out of my mouth. I

could hear him mumble a few words, but before I could make them out, my mind was overtaken by the feeling of complete ecstasy. He slipped his tongue inside of me quickly, not giving me a moment before starting to completely tongue fuck me.

His chin was covered in stubble from a few days worth of not shaving, and I had to admit, this was the best it had ever felt when he ate me out.

He flicked his tongue over my clit a few times before letting his soft, pink lips surround it, leaving me with the most insane feeling in the world. It felt like heaven and hell had collided, with me the ruined mess between them. As quickly as this feeling had come, it was gone.

Luke removed his tongue from my dripping center and stood up, taking off his boxers in the process. I whimpered softly at the aching feeling of my center.

“It’s alright, baby, don’t worry. I’m gonna make you feel good, ok?” he cooed.

I nodded, hoping he would just hurry up and just fuck me already. He pulled me closer to him, letting me wrap my arms around his back. He teased my heat, rubbing his tip up and down against my slit before entering my slowly. His length always took time getting used to. He was at least a good seven inches, definitely the biggest guy I had ever been with.

He gave a gentle thrust into me and I let out a small moan to keep him going. I could feel him smirking into my neck, his lip ring tickling me slightly. He knew I loved it whenever he did this. It added to the overall pleasure of whatever Luke did to me.

I had to admit, it always felt best when he fucked me this way. Just slowly thrusting into me, using all of his power to make me feel good. The circumstances didn’t matter when it was like this. He always took me to complete and utter nirvana, almost forcing me to lose my mind because of the pleasure.

His soft moans pushed me even closer to the edge than I already was. Luke was never the loud type in bed. He always buried his face into my neck, groaning about how much he loved me and how good it felt to be inside me. I felt his thrusts speed up and I could tell he was about to finish.

“Cum with me, babygirl, please, just let go for me, I know you can, baby, come on,” he encouraged, his voice cracking under the amount of pleasure he felt.

He moved his hand to my clit, rubbing small figure-eights with his thumb. I moaned loudly. Luke thrusted once more before cumming inside me. His moans encouraged me even more, and I bucked my hips forward, finally letting myself finish. He kept himself inside me as we both collapsed onto each other. Both of our breathing was still heavy as he pulled himself out of me a few minutes later.

“That was fun, yeah?” he said, letting the heat from his voice drip down my neck.

“It’s always fun with you,” I replied, my voice still breathy.

We stayed in silence for a few more minutes. Luke’s arms were wrapped around my waist and I had kept mine around his neck. It was moments like these when I remembered how we first fell in love. The way we used to kiss for hours before fucking, because we couldn’t get enough of each other.

I don’t think I could ever get enough of him. He’s my sunshine, my stars, my angel, my everything. I’m so completely and utterly enthralled by him. He’s the best thing to ever happen to me.

“I love you, Luke. I love you so much, I don’t think I could ever even begin to explain it,” I whispered into his neck.

“I love you, too, Y/N. I hope you know that you’re the best thing to ever happen to me. Nothing could ever compare to you, and I don’t think I can thank you enough for that,” he said, kissing my forehead gently before laughing and saying, “It’s like you’re my birthday present.”

“I guess I am,” I said, giggling quietly into his chest.

He helped me off the counter and kissed my nose, making me blush, before picking up my naked body and exiting the kitchen.

“Come on, babe. If you’re my present, how about I get a little more of you?” he smirked, pulling me into the bedroom.