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I can’t OUTRUN a bullet,  I’m no hero — but I will take one for you.

I will keep this short, I promise. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for a lot, a big lot of things. The past few months have honestly been rough as heck. I’ve been down more than one time, I’ve lost hope in myself & in the world, and each time that’s happened, I’ve had people backing me up, supporting me, reminding me I’m loved & there is always more to look forward to. So right now I’m happy — I’m about to graduate and get my degree, my favorite singer just released a kickass single, people are showing me love, I have plots to last me a lifetime and I may move to England within the year — jesus, I am SO fucking lucky. And I think I owe a lot to all of you, so this goes out to you guys. It’s not much, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Either way, I hope this can at least make you all smile ♥ Now enough with the blabbing, here’s the dealio:


RULES: ONE) must be following me. TWO) reblogs & likes count (but only one for each). THREE) you get one more chance to win something if, when reblogging the post, you add something or someone you’re grateful for in the tags!! FOUR) one more point also if you compliment another player or friend in the tags!! I wanna spread some positivity ok c:  FIVE) don’t know when this will be over ‘cause I need to make sure I’ll have time to make the prizes, so let’s say this ends on january 24th (but it may be later than this). SIX) the winners, of course, will be randomized!!

PRIZES: FIRST PLACE) 300 roleplaying icons + a dual promo for you & a partner + a fanmix of 10+ tracks about your desired pairing/character/theme (+ cover art). SECOND PLACE) 150 roleplaying icons + a promo + a fanmix. THIRD PLACE) 50 roleplaying icons + a promo. PLUS 3 more people will receive a small FANMIX EP of 4+ tracks based on their charactes/otp.

REMEMBER!! you get ONE entry by liking the post, ONE entry by reblogging it, ONE entry by adding something you’re grateful for in your tags and ONE entry for complimenting someone in your tags!! doing all the above will get you FOUR entries, aka FOUR chances to win one of the prizes!! c: 


All of you, I swear to god, all of you have given me something I am grateful for. Be it affection, laughter, a way to explore new stories or just a listening ear when I really needed one, you’ve all made my days much better and I will never, never thank you enough. Each of you are brilliant writers, amazing human beings and you leave me baffled each time. You’re wonderful, you’re incredible, you are fucking strong as hell. You’re all my heroes, so THANK YOU, and thank you especially to:

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