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Cafe on a rainy day.

  •      If it’s a cold day ( and especially if it suddenly starts raining ), Nnoitra can be found warming up in a small cafe. He comes here because they serve a yellow tea that’s really cheap, and they have a ‘ get every five cup of coffee free ‘-thing. Though this doesn’t apply to tea, Nnoitra comes here so regularly that the owners have made a special exception for him. It’ll be lunch time when Nnoitra hangs out here, but it’s not really a popular place, so it won’t be full. He’ll sit by the window, absently stirring his tea, pretending that the smell of fresh muffins doesn’t make him hungry.

The park on a sunny day.

  •      If the weather is nice, Nnoitra will go to the local park, and sit on a bench in the sun. There will probably be a stray cat trying to climb onto his lap, and, most likely, he’ll be trying to push it off. If it gets too persistent, he’ll just give up though, and if he’s having a good day, he’ll even pet it a bit. If all the benches are occupied, and it’s summer, he’ll sit on the grass, and, like a damned kid, rip up grass with both hands, seemingly without thinking about it. He just likes the scent of it.

Asian market in the evening.

  •      In the ‘ Asian ‘ part of the city, there is a market with lots of stands that sell Asian food ( a popular spot for tourists to go ). Nnoitra can be found here at a particular stand which sells crickets. More specifically, garlic fried crickets. This is Nnoitra’s favorite food. The stand has a few small tables where people can sit and eat, so Nnoitra will be sitting by one, with a big plate of crickets placed in front of him. Most likely, a few curious people will watch him eat the crickets, and some will even take pictures ( which he’ll demand to get paid for ).

A very large supermarket.

  •      Like everyone else, Nnoitra too has to go shopping. Nnoitra goes to a very big supermarket, because they always have sales. He’ll stock up on whatever is cheap. Mostly, this means canned food. However, if there is a sale on literally anything else, that’s where he’ll be, filling his shopping basket.

Free  concerts.

  •      Regardless of what type of music the band/bands are playing, if there is no entrance fee, Nnoitra has a good chance of being there. He’ll be in the front, having easily made his way there, and ( since he is 7 feet tall ), he’ll be towering over everyone.

Fast food restaurants.

  •      McDonald’s, Burger King etc - these are places that Nnoitra visits a lot. He’ll be very modest with what he buys, even if he’s a lot hungrier than his purchase would suggest. He’ll usually go with one cheeseburger, and, if he’s really treating himself, he’ll buy fries too. He’ll always take the food to-go, rather than staying inside. 

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i just got thru goin thru ur weird/adstract gem tag and im wondering: do u have any weird/adstract thoughts about the vld aliens? specifically alteans? p l e a s e give me thoughts on alien monsterish girl allura she is beautiful and very not human (also: shiro as greg in ur weird gem au where he very has a Thing for tall alien girls that are not human)

So I know @notllorstel has some cool stuff with the Alteans glowing (here) and I swear there was one that added in monster teeth?

Most of the VLD aliens I’ve left alone because they are already lovely. I think I appreciate what canon did with the Alteans in the sense of they had to work with prior incarnations of the characters who were literally exactly like humans, physically.

So, things I’d take with that- I dunno if I would make Alteans super monstery as much as an AU that’s basically just, exactly like canon but with a few little added details.

Altean skin texture is actually scales- very fine, smooth scales, but it means their skin color is kind of in a gradient and darkens to closer to their marking color around the extremities and in other places. They’re also kind of shimmery in most lighting, and this gets more impressive if you try to capture images of them with anything other than their own technology.

Seriously. Lance tries to explain selfies to Coran one time and ends up with a picture where it looks like he is being photobombed by a seven-foot amalgamation of eyes and strange patterns of light.

Their musculature is pretty much dense enough to function like a subdermal bulletproof vest. You could literally shoot Coran in the chest with an average handgun and he’d be miffed at worst, like it’d leave a bruise and probably rip his clothes and why’d you go and do something like that. Their hair texture is also very different- the individual strands have a kind of fiber-optic cable look to it, translucent, hollow core. 

Technically the eye markings and the inside of the mouth are the only permanent luminescent spots but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a whole mess of transient markings that tend to pop up depending on how they feel. Humans blush? You have Allura talking to Shiro and she fluoresces a whole spectrum of twilight colors and changes the subject a little nervously. still glowing faintly pink.

Also holy heck do they have teeth. Partially retractable, glowing teeth so let’s just say the first time Allura yawns Hunk’s life flashes before his eyes (and Shiro discovers he’s got it kinda bad)

Alteans looking like humans is more or less a quirk of convergent evolution due to coming from similar planets. You know the whole “what if Earth is space Australia?”- that’s not totally applicable in this read, but, Earth and Altea both are/were climates that cultivated a very specific skill set that puts resilience, stamina, and the capacity to put yourself back together again after serious injury as major priorities. Basically human recovery times and stamina tend to measure up rather favorably to those of most other species. Shiro doing pretty dang well for his missing year? Yeah. Broken bones are a bigger problem to a lot of species.

So on that note: if Alteans weren’t a dusty legend at this point, how much humans resemble them would give everybody a certain amount of the heebie jeebies. (Except the Alteans. They’d be like “aww, look at this adorable little terminator baby species”. Which, I think was probably Coran’s impression compared to Allura’s ‘what’s wrong with your ears’.)


More work on the UNSC Base
Ok first up I set up a brand new gate system for the XL gate. It, along with a lot of stuff, still needs paint, but I like how it looks and functions. Next I started adding more details to the wall, even a tiny camera for extra security. I glued the garage together so it’s much more sturdy and started experimenting with staircases and balconies. I still need to elevate the air pad, but one thing at a time. Oh and I still need to come up with a name for the UNSC Frigit ship that crashes onto planet Zi, a lot of parts from which are used to make the base. I’m tinkering with the idea of UNSC Idle Hands, but I’m honestly not set in stone about it. The base will probably be named after the ship, and just to be clear it’s actually not just a UNSC base, but a shared base between the UNSC forces and either the Republic, or guardian force. That’s all for now, let me know what you think, oh and if you have any cool name suggestions!

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Regarding the podcasts, they're an interesting idea and evidently many people like them, but their content wasn't varied enough to sustain an unbroken six-week stretch. Given that the Kaladesh block story focused much more exclusively on the Gatewatch narrative than previous ones stories about side characters, or a planeswalkers' guide that actually added new detail (the one we got was just a collation of previously-published material), would have fleshed out the setting outside Ghirapur.

How do others feel about the creative team podcasts?


I’m rarely ever patient with backgrounds and shading, but I couldn’t help myself with this one! Thank you so much @thecottonproject for creating such a beautiful and fun lineart for the @pjocoloringbookproject! There was so much included, but not so much that it was overwhelming to color in! It was the perfect amount! It was so much fun adding all the little details! You did a lovely job and I’ve always loved how you drew these characters! Thank you so much!!!

Some Gochi for my followers, love you guys! Thanks for being there, enjoying my fanart and my blog :)

I started working on this when page 22 (first chapter) of the Caretaker comic came out. Which was …uh…..some months ago. Originally I wanted to make a silly little fancomic about the whole knife situation.

In the end I was too lazy to do it and now it turned into this.

A nice shot of Chara from the @caretaker-au


God I’ve spent enough time on this now. Painting is one of those things where I never feel like I actually finish it… like you could go on forever refining things and adding details. Anyway, this is like semi visually metaphorical and semi literal.

So I’ve kind of talked about this before with this one but I really like the idea that Mob grows into being a leader, not intentionally and not without a great deal of awkwardness, but because he does the right thing for the right reasons regardless of what everyone else is doing. So quite by accident, much in the same way he accidentally became a shadow leader, he finds himself becoming a central figure in keeping the order, a balance point for all the people that try to do wrong. And I love the idea of the other three, all of which are much more naturally inclined to be leaders, deferring to Mob and happily being a part of his inner circle (even Ritsu, he’s smiling on the the inside). Though Mob insists there isn’t an inner circle because there isn’t… whatever this is.

Ahhhhh, i would love to talk more about them like this, but I won’t do it in this post.