addictive personailty

(Entry for @piligy’s character contest. I just love their gorgeous art and jumped at the chance to possibly contribute to their upcoming Antisepticeye comic! Go check out their beautiful art, go, shoo!

A technically homeless ex-drug addict, 22 year old Jacob Brennan works hard daily to earn enough money to eat and pay for clothing and toiletries (and maybe save up for an apartment). He works as many shifts as he can at the bar and usually sleeps on his best friend’s couch, paying what little he can for rent despite his friend’s attempts to refuse payment.
It’s safe to say that he has a decidedly addictive personailty, always obsessed with one thing or another. He’s a quick to anger hot-head and and can get very defensive, but he often has to swallow his pride and keep silent in order to get by without getting into trouble. The past has taught him that hard lesson well. There aren’t many people he trusts and considers friends, but Jake is fiercly protective of the few he does. He’s ridiculously soft on the inside, but he’ll never admit to ever being anything other than a huge jackass (sure, honey). He himself might be bitter, disillusioned with life, and filled to the brim with biting sarcasm, but he’ll be damned if anyone else falls as far as he has. There’s nothing he loves more than the sound of laughter. He lives for encouraging other people’s happiness, it makes him feel like his existence isn’t a complete waste.

History: Jake’s family teetered on the edge of poor after his dad left when he was 9, but between him working and his mother’s two part-times, they managed. However, at 16 Jake falls in with the wrong crow and attaches himself to an older boy and his friends, who give him all the attention his friendless little teen heart always secretly craved at the cost of joining them when they get high. By 19, Jake is addicted to cocaine and regularly mixing it with other drugs. He left home as soon as he turned 18, but never returned even after stopping his drug use, mainly out of shame and not being able to face his mother. Jake deeply regrets it, but doesn’t know how he could ever return after what happened. He managed to get clean after 2 difficult years with the help of some new close friends, but the itch never really went away. It’s always there, under the surface, but he’s beaten it for now.