Most Common Addictions of the Signs

NOTE: *Absolutely none of these are set in stone.*

Aries: Aries is highly stubborn sign and once they begin something addicting like cigarettes, alcohol or even drugs it’s nearly impossible to get them to quit. Prone to a wide range of addictions, none specifically.  

Taurus: Being a sensual sign, Taurean’s may easily feel sexually frustrated. This leads them to oral fixations such as drugs, alcohol or nail biting. Hate to add to the stereotype, but it is too easy for Taurean’s to take their natural love for food to an addiction level in order to cope with stress. 

Gemini: Gemini’s are moody people. Above sex and adrenaline lies a passion for cigarettes. Despite being adept communicators, it also helps calm them down during social situations. 

Cancer: Generally, being an insecure sign, Cancer’s are most likely to feel self- conscious about their image and their bodies. Being ruled by the moon, their somewhat heightened emotions may lead them addicted to painkillers to numb whatever pain they’re feeling. 

Leo: Leo’s believe they’re larger than life itself, and are more likely to become to addicted to just about anything. Their love for big risks leads them to an addiction to gambling and the high of winning and the cheering crowd. 

Virgo: Virgo’s are addicted to work and constantly achieving. In school, they may become addicted to receiving the ‘perfect’ grade, and any potential threat to that brings them on edge. An over- thinker, their nerves may also lead them to substance abuse. Their obsessive ways may also lead them addicted to cleaning.

Libra: During troubled times, Libra’s are most likely to fall to recreational drugs such as weed. Whether they’re out with friends or home alone, its a craving they must submit to. Alcohol may also be a form of escape, as Libra’s are idealists and will find just about anything to escape their ugly reality.

Scorpio: Being the most sexually charged sign of them all, Scorpio’s are most likely to be addicted to sex. Porn, masturbation, their passion and obsessive personality makes them the perfect candidate for a sex addict. They may also become addicted to their partner. They want to know everything there is to know about their significant other. Any threat to their relationship must be eliminated. They’re also prone to being addicted to cigarettes. 

Sagittarius: Notorious for being restless and naive, Sagittarius natives feel they require promiscuous sex. Out of all the zodiacs, Sagittarius people are most likely the ones to end up being a one night stand. Infidelity may also be a problem as they’re lovers of pleasure. Like Scorpio, they’re sexually charged and require someone to share a bed with.

Capricorn: Less likely to fall to addiction, Capricorn’s are structured and stable. As much as they love making money, they also love spending money which could lead to hoarding. They may also become addicted to maintaining or creating their version of a ‘body perfect’.

Aquarius: Adventurous and experimental, Aquarius is also most likely to fall in love with recreational drugs. They’re rebellious nature may lead to drug experimentation. Because they’re out of touch with their emotions, they may also use drugs to escape the harsh reality of their lives. 

Pisces: To deal with a failed romance or handle a stressful day, Pisces natives are more likely to drink. It’s a coping mechanism for this sensitive sign. Pain killers and tranquillizers also sound very appealing to Piscean’s who feel like they need to ‘get away’ for a while.

think about it. we are all going to die, its inevitable, some of us try to slow the process down or we try to speed it up. everyone at one point in their lives has wanted to die so strongly that they have started bad habits that turned into addictions. thats why we drink or smoke or do drugs. and it doesnt matter how old we get, we get addicted and its merely an excuse, because somewhere inside of us a voice is saying i want to die, your not prolonging the process and you just dont care so you continue to burn you throat and coat your lungs in tar and fry you brain
—  something personal i thought about while having a smoke
Replacing Addiction with Compassion

‘The real purpose of Buddhist practice is to cut down your addictions and to correct your habitual patterns and this can be achieved as a layperson or as a monk or nun. That brings us to the question of Buddhist ethics - changing habitual patterns and getting rid of the old addictions, such as attachments, and replacing them with love, compassion, generosity, and patience.’

- Gelek Rinpoche, A Lama for All Seasons.