the signs and what they’re most addicted to

Aries: Moving around or looking for a thrill
Taurus: Tequila
Gemini: Talking
Cancer: Love
Leo: Weed & throwing temper tantrums
Virgo: Making something out of nothing
Libra: Coffee (every one of you.)
Scorpio: Shopping (for real, how do you even have money left?)
Sagittarius: One night stands
Capricorn: Studying
Aquarius: Cigarettes and socializing
Pisces: Gambling; casino-wise or the silly “bet i wont wear this hat tomorrow.”

think about it. we are all going to die, its inevitable, some of us try to slow the process down or we try to speed it up. everyone at one point in their lives has wanted to die so strongly that they have started bad habits that turned into addictions. thats why we drink or smoke or do drugs. and it doesnt matter how old we get, we get addicted and its merely an excuse, because somewhere inside of us a voice is saying i want to die, your not prolonging the process and you just dont care so you continue to burn you throat and coat your lungs in tar and fry you brain
—  something personal i thought about while having a smoke

Everything is so intense.
The anger.
The passion.
The happiness.

I want to put it down but I don’t know how, it’s all I think about.
I’m not ashamed because everyone has their weakness but God knows I’m not proud.

I am not proud.

When I don’t have it, I’m thinking of ways I can get my trembling hands on it. My throat itches; It leaves me sweating, desperate..

But when I do have it, it’s euphoria, I can hear my heart beating in my ears. 110 beats per minute, it could stop any second & maybe that’s part of the rush.

Maybe that’s part of the reason why I keep doing it.
Maybe that’s part of the reason why I can’t put it down..
The line between you & the drugs are blurred now but I can’t put you down.

—  Addictions.
Replacing Addiction with Compassion

‘The real purpose of Buddhist practice is to cut down your addictions and to correct your habitual patterns and this can be achieved as a layperson or as a monk or nun. That brings us to the question of Buddhist ethics - changing habitual patterns and getting rid of the old addictions, such as attachments, and replacing them with love, compassion, generosity, and patience.’

- Gelek Rinpoche, A Lama for All Seasons.

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“I have a major addiction to these,” Aaron said presenting forward a box of Reece’s Pieces.

Daryl looked at him and snorted.

“I found them during my recruitment for you guys,” he stated opening the box and offering some to Daryl.

Daryl shook his head.

“What about you? Any secret addictions?” Aaron questioned taking a handful of candy.

Daryl Dixon didn’t consider himself to have any addictions, at least he thought he didn’t. He wasn’t very attached to any sort of food, just kinda ate to survive. He was never really into drugs and alcohol like his brother, he smoked but that was certainly something he could live without. He didn’t have the adrenaline addiction his brother seem to have either, constantly running from trouble gave Merle some sort of thrill. Nowadays running from trouble meant praying for your life and outsmarting whatever was after you.

Daryl shook his head again, “nah not really.”

“What not even a certain someone?” Aaron asked waggling his eyebrows.

Daryl looked at him in confusion although he had a rough idea of who he was talking about, “what?”

“Come on Daryl,” Aaron laughed, “you’re not exactly discreet.”

“Who?” he asked.

“Carol,” Aaron said simply, “lord knows you’re complete opposites but, you just, I dunno you just gravitate towards her.”

Daryl stared up at him with a frown, “I ain’t addicted, addiction sound like a bad thing. Not that I’m saying I gravitate towards her cause I don’t, that’s just bullshit.”

“Yeah okay then,” Aaron responded raising his eyebrows.

“Nah I’m serious,” Daryl grunted getting defensive.

“Yeah and so am I, I call it how I see it Daryl, there’s something, whether you’re willing to admit it or not. Hell you don’t owe it to me to admit anything, but you owe it to yourself at least, you should know that time is precious.”

Daryl glowered at the floor letting his hair fall forward, “you don’t know us, you don’t know what we’ve been through, what she’s been through, you’d gravitate towards her too if you realized, if you knew.”

Aaron smiled, “she gravitates towards you too you know, it’s like you support one another, it’s nice to see, most people in here believe that anyone out there has turned into a savage, unable to feel or to love.”

Daryl’s head snapped up towards him, “hey no I never said love.”

“You didn’t have too.”