“Remember, tonight 8 p.m. sharp, your place, studying!” I warned while waving my finger at him, trying to be serious but with him constantly trying to kiss me, it was hard to keep a straight face. So I finally stopped pulling away whenever he leaned in and swung my arms around his neck, leaning up on my toes to reach his level and swiftly captured his lips with mine for a passionate kiss. “I’m serious though, I’m helping you because I want you to pass this exam but you’re more focused on me than on your text book.” I pecked his lips one more time before I released him and hopped into my car, scrolling down the window after I revved up the engine. “See you tonight.” I smiled and blew him a kiss, rolling my eyes by his cheesy action when he caught the kiss and pressed it to his heart. When did I get so lucky in life to be dating such a goofball?

But the day I came home from school, all excited to be seeing him again tonight, already knowing we would get more to kissing than to his homework, was the day my childhood ended and my maturity began. My mom left me a note saying she was leaving dad, that she wanted more from life than he could give, and she didn’t want anything to remind her of him, including her own daughter. My dad was an alcoholic and very strict with boyfriends, I remember how he had threatened my first crush in elementary school when he stayed over for dinner, the poor fella and his family immediately moved to a different state and I’d never know what my dad had actually told him. I always thought he was kind of jealous. So here I was now, left with responsibilities and taxes and no money to pay for the rent, taking care of a parent that was supposed to take care of me. I had to call off for tonight, I simply had no time to help him studying and I hoped he’d understand, it wasn’t like I had anything better to do. I was stuck in bed all night going through the finances and bank accounts, until I’d finally fallen asleep late in the night and totally forgot about school when I didn’t hear my alarm going off in the morning.

the signs and what they’re most addicted to

Aries: Moving around or looking for a thrill
Taurus: Tequila
Gemini: Talking
Cancer: Love
Leo: Weed & throwing temper tantrums
Virgo: Making something out of nothing
Libra: Coffee (every one of you.)
Scorpio: Shopping (for real, how do you even have money left?)
Sagittarius: One night stands
Capricorn: Studying
Aquarius: Cigarettes and socializing
Pisces: Gambling; casino-wise or the silly “bet i wont wear this hat tomorrow.”