addiction recovery quotes

The worst part about anything that’s self destructive is that it’s so intimate. You become so close with your addictions and illnesses that leaving them behind is like killing the part of yourself that taught you how to survive.
—  L.L
As a child I was taught to believe addicts are somehow “bad people.” However, now that I am white-knuckling through my own sobriety and recovery, I am finding these so-called “bad people” are my soulmates. Addicts are remarkable people. Addicts fight a war within themselves every single day. Addicts are stereotyped and discriminated against. Addicts are beaten down and made to believe they are weak. With all odds against them, addicts do live healthy lives in recovery, and for that, I am grateful.

hello! i’ve compiled a list of quotes from many different people, all with a common theme of moving forward. “moving forward” is a purposefully broad term that i believe covers a variety of topics: poor grades, failure, breakups, mental illness, and trauma, among many others.

regardless of your situation, i hope you can find something in this list that speaks to you! let me know if this post has helped you in any way, it’ll make my day c:

  • “Every day begins with an act of courage and hope: getting out of bed.”
    • Mason Cooley
  • "Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.”
    • Victor Kiam
  • “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”
    • Lao Tzu
  • “I think you have to try and fail, because failure gets you closer to what you’re good at.”
    • Louis C.K.
  • “No rain, no flowers.”
    • Anonymous
  • “You’ve got to make a conscious choice every day to shed the old–whatever ‘the old’ means for you.”
    • Sarah Ban Breathnach
  • “Happiness isn’t something you wait around for. It’s something you create yourself.”
    • Yasujiro Ozu
  • “Go and do things you can’t. That’s how you get to do them.”
    • Pablo Picasso
  • “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
    • Steve Martin
  • “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
    • Douglas Adams
  • “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
    • C.S. Lewis
  • “What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.”
    • Anne Frank

and finally, a simple thought that forever changed me:

  • “You’re a thousand mistakes away from being good at something.”
    • My high school choir director

i hope you enjoyed reading these!! thank you so much, and have a wonderful rest of your day :>

The hardest part of recovery isn’t when you’re not sure whether or not you want to recover. It’s tossing and turning at 2:30am wondering why you don’t feel any better even though you’ve been sober for almost three months. You’ve been trying your hardest, gone through so much pain, and yet you still feel like you’re not getting any better. In fact, it feels like you’re getting worse. Your heart wants to fight, but your brain wants to give up. It feels as though time is against you and recovery goes against everything you believe in. Keep staying strong. Eventually, instead of feeling like you have to keep fighting, you’ll want to.
—  Your purpose in life is to heal and evolve

You’ve come a lot farther than you often think. You’re doing so great! :))

For whatever you’ve done or whoever you’ve been in your past, you are here now. Forgive yourself for anything and everything. It’s the first step in healing. If you forgive yourself, you will be okay.