addiction is bad kids

hey there’s actually no such thing as a good or bad addict! you can’t “support” rich white suburban kids with depression who had dental surgery and then got hooked on opiates if you’re going to ignore homeless addicts or black addicts or addicts whose use began recreationally or addicts who have cycled in and out of treatment centers or literally any person suffering from a substance use disorder, at all, ever

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Do you truly believe kids no longer go outside because devices are bad or addictive or another reason? Some of the ones I have come up with is that they now know what they can't do, and the stories they make for playing outside are lacklustre compared to what you see now. Another thought is that the wild and appeal of a quickly fading evil omens is the issue.

I don’t think thats the case. I smoke a lot of weed and take psychedelics periodically and i go outside more than inside. I don’t spend much time on devices, either. I think its more the fact that we have so much information at our fingertips, some kids find it unnecessary to experience things themselves. They could just watch a video on it or some shit. I think we don’t encourage our children to go outside enough. But, I don’t believe it is because they are bad kids or addicts.

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rfa reacts to MC (their s/o) suffering from amnesia and ends up falling for someone else? thank u, love ur blog 💘

i put off writing this for awhile because i wasnt sure how to do it but i think i got this now, thank you so much for your request and your patience

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • Yoosung’s felt devastated as soon as then question “who are you?” fell from MC’s mouth when they woke up to him sitting beside their bed in a hospital room
  • but Yoosung wanted to be strong for MC, since they were always strong for him
  • the next day when Yoosung came to the hospital, he brought Zen along
  • “are you sure this is okay, Yoosung? shouldnt MC spend more time with you before they re-meet the rest of us?”
  • “i’m MC’s boyfriend and i can decide whats best for them. its my responsibility to teach MC all about their life!”
  • but when Yoosung saw the way MC looked at Zen
  • he felt…itchy
  • maybe Zen was right
  • maybe Yoosung should just keep MC all to himself
  • forever
  • Yoosung felt like he was going to vomit, seeing Zen lean over MC’s bed and talk to them
  • Yoosung’s thoughts quickly shift from anger to hopelessness
  • i mean….how could he ever really hope to compete with Zen…?
  • he’s just a loser college kid who’s got a video game addiction and a bad diet
  • when Zen leaves the room, Yoosung returns to MC’s bedside
  • “so…that’s Zen. what to you think?”
  • MC swooned over Zen
  • “oh my gosh, was i really friends with that guy?? he’s ho hot”
  • Yoosung swallows the lump in his throat and forces a smile
  • “yea…he really is”
  • after a few more minutes of talking (most about Zen, to Yoosungs distaste) Yoosung has to leave the hospital for the day
  • on the way home, he thinks about how he can win MC’s love
  • first off, no more visits from anyone else in the RFA
  • secondly, MC liked Zen, right?
  • this is definitely a good idea and will not backfire in any way, shape, or form. nice, Yoosung
  • the next morning while MC is having their hospital breakfast, Yoosung strides into the room for his daily visit
  • his hair was slicked back instead of clipped up, and he was wearing a black leather jacket and sunglasses
  • MC squinted, not sure if this was the same boy from yesterday
  • “Yoosung…?”
  • he tilts his head forward to look at MC from underneath his shades
  • “that’s my name, dont wear it out”
  • “you look…different”
  • “oh, really? i always look like this, MC. always have, always will”
  • “you sure about that…? i dont know if this is a good different”
  • Yoosung takes his sunglasses off and kneels at MC’s bedside
  • “not good?? but you like Zen so much yesterday i thought if i-”
  • “yea, Yoosung…i guess i kinda got caught up with Zen yesterday. but he wasnt the one who was there for me when i woke up, barley remembering who i was…”
  • MC poked Yoosung on the nose playfully
  • “you were. and you were cheerful even though i couldnt even remember your name. so can i have my cheerful Yoosung back, please?”
  • Yoosung slides out of the leather jacket and takes MC’s hands
  • “of course, MC. i’m right here…i’ll always be right here”


  • MC doesnt remember him???
  • but how could anyone forget Zen???
  • HE’S ZEN
  • it took about 20 minutes of explaining for MC’s doctor but Zen finally grasped the concept of amnesia 
  • Zen looked down at MC, peacefully sleeping
  • so when they wake up….they wont remember him?
  • or…anything they went through?
  • Zen takes a few deep breaths and tries to focus on the positives
  • okay so… fresh start. this will just be a fresh start for him and MC
  • Zen opens a chat room to tell everyone in the RFA about MC’s condition
  • he tells them they shouldnt all visit on the same day so MC doesnt get overwhelmed
  • “and if it’s at all possible, Jumin should just stay away forever”
  • Jumin doesnt stay away forever, though
  • he visits MC the next day on his lunchbreak, before Zen has a chance to come to the hospital
  • “MC? Zen told me about your accident. i’m Jumin”
  • “Jumin? Zen never mentioned anyone named Jumin”
  • he lets out a long sigh, expecting as much
  • “that’s because Zen doesnt like me very much”
  • “why not?”
  • “he thinks im a jerk, that i’m stuck up, and that i’m selfish”
  • “well, you came to visit me, so you must not be that selfish, right?”
  • Jumin pulls a chair up to MC’s bedside and sits
  • “MC, you lost your memory but you’re still the caring person you always have been”
  • MC blushes
  • they talk to Jumin for about another hour before he has to go back to work
  • on Jumin’s way out, he runs into Zen
  • “oh, great. mista trust fund kid stepped off his high horse to mingle with the commoners”
  • “nice to see you too, Zen”
  • “yea, right. i thought i told you not to come here?”
  • “i’m a grown man, Zen. and i think MC enjoyed talking to me, anyway”
  • “whatever. just get back to bossing Jaehee around, i think she might be cheering up because of your absence and i know how you hate that”
  • “good day, Zen”
  • as Jumin walks away Zen can feel his blood boiling 
  • he needs to calm down before he sees MC
  • he pauses in front of their door, taking a few deep breaths before opening it
  • “hey MC-”
  • “Zen! why didnt you tell me about Jumin?”
  • MC seemed perkier than they were yesterday
  • “uh, well…”
  • “Jumin says it’s cause you hate him. he’s a very nice man, though”
  • oh god, is Zen having a nightmare?
  • “he’s sort of funny, too, in a weird way. he said i have a nice voice, wasn’t that so sweet of him? and he’s pretty handsome…”
  • yea, this has to be a nightmare. maybe even hell.
  • he moves closer to MC, still trying to keep as calm as possible
  • “do you…like Jumin?”
  • “well i’ve only just met him, or, re-met him…but i hope he visits more”
  • “you cant!!”
  • Zen grabs MC’s shoulders as tears stream down his cheeks
  • “Zen..?”
  • “you can’t fall for that…for that jerk!!!”
  • “Zen-”
  • “i know he’s rich and i’m just an actor but i promise i’ll try my hardest to give you anything you want!! MC, please be mine…please…”
  • tears fall from his face and onto the blanket covering MC
  • they reach up and place their hands over Zens, which were still on their shoulders
  • “Zen, Jumin just came in here and talked about his cat…i mean, i enjoyed his company but…”
  • MC lifts Zen’s hands away from their shoulders and pulls him closer
  • “it’s clear that you’re the one who wants to take care of me, not him”
  • “so…will you let me?”
  • “of course, Zen”


  • even though MC hadnt really changed
  • somehow Jaehee felt like she’s lost her best friend
  • but she cant afford to think like that right now
  • MC was still the same encouraging, caring human being that Jaehee loved
  • okay, so what were some things MC and Jaehee used to enjoy together
  • yea! Zen’s musicals
  • after a few days of visits, Jaehee comes in on her day off from work with her collection of Zen’s DVD’s in hand
  • “Jaehee, good to see you again!”
  • “hey MC! i have something fun for us today!”
  • “whats that?”
  • “we’re going to watch some of Zen musicals”
  • Jaehee even brought popcorn
  • she was excited to relax with her best friend and watch Zen perform
  • “wow, Zen looks incredible on stage”
  • “i know, right?”
  • as the musical plays, MC becomes more and more entranced by Zen
  • and for some reason….it’s bothering Jaehee
  • i mean, MC used to be a fan of it but they always made it clear that they were just a fan
  • what, do they have feelings for him now or something?!
  • Jaehee cant really figure out why she’s so irritated right now
  • she turns the DVD off
  • “awww, Jaehee i was watching that!”
  • “well…i think that’s enough for today”
  • “but didnt you bring more? i want to see more of Zen-”
  • “we’re not going to watch Zen anymore, MC”
  • “why not?”
  • Jaehee loses her filter for a second
  • “because i want you to only look at me”
  • was that….really true?
  • did Jaehee crave MC’s attention that badly?
  • Jaehee got so caught up in her own thoughts she barely noticed MC grabbing her hands
  • “okay, Jaehee. i guess i wont mind if you only want me to look at you”
  • Jaehee’s cheeks started to heat up
  • “oh…okay”
  • MC giggled and told Jaehee she was cute
  • Jaehee was glad she was able to be selfish with MC for a little


  • it made Jumin sick to think that MC was going to wake up with no memory of him…
  • it made him sick to think that he failed to protect them from it
  • and that for all the money he has
  • he cant buy their memories back
  • they’re just…gone
  • whether MC remembers his name or not, they’re still the one he loves
  • and he’s determined to stay by their side no matter what
  • Jumin never leaves the hospital room, he doesnt even take calls for work
  • MC is very receptive of him, since he’s so gentle toward them
  • “MC, you’re awake. do you need anything?”
  • “no, Jumin. i’m just thankful you’re here to look after me”
  • sometimes things get a little awkward between them, since Jumin has never been particularly good with words
  • “good morning, love birds! i decided to take a break from my dangerous life to pop in for a visit!”
  • MC was having breakfast and Jumin was silently reading when Seven burst into the room
  • Jumin closed his book
  • “Seven, please dont call us-”
  • “oh, hello Seven! Jumin has told me about you”
  • MC interrupted Jumin, sliding their breakfast away to talk to Seven
  • “do you really have a dangerous job?”
  • “well, it’s only as dangerous as every other secret agents job”
  • Seven sits on the bed by MC
  • “but that’s enough about me. how are you holding up?”
  • “i’m alright. Jumin has been taking care of me”
  • “and i can see he’s been doing a great job. you look good as ever!”
  • Jumin clenches his fists
  • “thanks Seven. it’s good to finally meet you”
  • “the pleasures all mine!”
  • Seven bows dramatically, and MC laughs
  • thats the first time Jumin has seen MC laugh since he started caring for them…
  • “Seven, have you always been this funny?”
  • “always have been, always will be”
  • MC laughs again
  • all Jumin can do is watch while Seven makes MC the happiest he’s seen them in days
  • they looked so bright talking to Seven, just like they used to look around Jumin…
  • Seven gets up to leave and Jumin requests to talk to him in the hall
  • “Luciel, i think you should take care of MC now”
  • “…what?”
  • “they seemed to enjoy your company far more than mine, and i think-”
  • “Jumin, you know i cant do that, i’m way too busy with work”
  • “MC needs you right now. i dont like it either but it’s clear that they dont love me anymore. so just make sure they’re taken care of, alright?”
  • Jumin starts to walk away but Seven catches him by the arm
  • “why are you acting like this? MC needs you, not me. they need the man who loves them, the man who would do anything just to keep a smile on their face, including sacrifice his own desire to be with them”
  • Jumin turns around to look at Seven again
  • “the last time i checked, that was you”
  • “thank you, Luciel”
  • “no problem. now get in there and take care of our MC, alright?”
  • Jumin goes back into the room
  • “everything okay, Jumin?”
  • “yes, everything is fine. are you still doing okay? do you need anything?”
  • MC giggles a little
  • he…he made them laugh
  • “since the last time you asked ten minutes ago, i’m still doing fine”
  • Jumin felt his cheeks heat up
  • “that’s good”
  • “yknow, i kind of missed you while you were out there”
  • “y-you did?”
  • “yea. i like you better where i can see you”
  • MC winks at Jumin
  • with their words, all of Jumin’s fears and anxieties melted away
  • they were still his MC


  • Seven tried hard to find a bright side to all this
  • at least now MC could get to know the real him
  • he feels sick suddenly as doubts rush into his mind
  • what if MC doesnt fall for the real him like they fell for Seven?
  • maybe…no. that doesnt matter
  • he has to stay by MC’s side
  • he wants to stay by MC’s side
  • when they wake up, Seven is the only other person in the room
  • “h-hello…? are you a doctor?”
  • MC’s still so cute. doctors dont wear hoodies to work
  • “no, i’m not a doctor. i’m your boyfriend…Seven”
  • “my boyfriend? but i’ve never met you before”
  • Seven feels like he’s been punched in the stomach, but tries his best not to show it
  • “i promise, you have. i know you dont remember me, but please trust me”
  • “okay…”
  • Seven stays with MC all night, until they’re woken up in the morning by the same thing
  • Yoosung practically slams the door open
  • “MC! i came as soon as i could!”
  • he runs to their bedside and kneels down
  • “are you okay? are you hurt? have you had breakfast?”
  • MC smiles at Yoosung
  • “are we…friends?”
  • “oh, yea. i forgot, amnesia. i’m Yoosung”
  • he sticks out his and and beams at MC
  • they take his hand and shake it
  • “nice to meet you”
  • Seven was still waking up when Yoosung started shaking his shoulders violently
  • “hey! have you even fed MC yet today?!”
  • “Yoosung…five more minutes…”
  • “no more minutes, Seven! take care of MC!”
  • Seven pushes him away forcefully
  • “i was trying to let them rest a little before you stomped in”
  • MC grabs Yoosungs hand and pulls him toward them
  • “hey! you be nice to him!”
  • Seven’s eyes widen
  • “what…?”
  • “Yoosung came here to check on me and that’s more than you’ve done! all you’ve done is confuse me!”
  • Seven opens his mouth to say something but cant find anything to say
  • “you’re right. i’m sorry. if you want, Yoosung can stay with you now”
  • Yoosung tries to grab Seven before he leaves but just barely misses
  • “Seven-!”
  • but he was already in the hall, leaning against the door, crying
  • where did he go wrong?
  • one day of having MC back and he already fucked it up
  • just like he fucked everything up
  • he sat on the ground crying for awhile, until MC’s voice caught his ear
  • “Seven? can you come in here please?”
  • he slowly gets to his feet, wipes his face off, and reenters the room
  • he doesnt say anything when he comes back into the room
  • “come closer to me, please”
  • Seven silently walks to MC’s bedside
  • “Yoosung just explained a few things to me”
  • “oh….he did?”
  • “yea, and i think i owe you an apology”
  • “you dont have to-”
  • “let me finish”
  • MC reaches out and grabs Seven’s jacket, pulling him closer
  • “i should have been more grateful that you stayed with me last night. i would have been really lonely if it wasnt for you”
  • “MC…”
  • “you’re a great boyfriend, Seven. will you please continue to show me what kind of person you are?”
  • MC glances at Yoosung, who offers a nod of encouragement
  • “the person you really are?”
  • Seven sits down on the bed and grabs their hands
  • “of course”
  • Seven hears the door close, Yoosung just left the room
  • thank you, Yoosung


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regarding your 'when will my hecks return from war' post, i think its actually funnier that you said hecks. i thought you did it on purpose til i saw your tags tbh

i had to change it to hecks bc swearing is bad, don’t do it kids or you’ll be addicted to cocaine (this is 100% tru)

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Au contraire, if there is one thing I've learned from this fic it's that if you try hard enough you don't have to see a damned thing you don't want to. Life lessons!


Bucky is being abused. On every level. By multiple people. He’s being manipulated. He’s deliberately isolated. He doesn’t feel safe, ever. He has no one he can trust. Bucky is using drugs and alcohol to cope. He’s controlling his food intake to cope. He pushes at Clint and Sam because that’s what you do to test people. ’ If I push you away first you can’t abandon me later.’ He’s not being a dick; he’s screaming for help and too terrified to reach out.  Because so far??? No one is paying attention. No one is looking, and the one’s that are, well, they don’t give a fuck. They’re his abusers. They want to make sure he knows no one is coming to save him.

…Sparrow’s got that look about him that belongs on kids that the world has forgotten about, neglected and unloved. It’s entirely out of place on the son of the most powerful man in the world. “I’m not going to hurt you,” Clint finds himself repeating.

Sparrow looks around, lost. He clutches at Clint’s arm for balance and turns wide, bloodshot eyes on him in expectation of a blow… “How about some clothes, huh?” Clint says, trying to sound kind. He might as well have screamed at the kid from the reaction he gets, and he has to pretend that the full body flinch doesn’t make him reconsider his plans to punch Rumlow in the face.

Bucky fully expects Clint to hit him. For no reason. He doesn’t know Clint from Adam, and he expects this total stranger, whose job it is to protect him, to hit him for, what? For being too hungover to jump on command? 

And when he doesn’t? When Clint does the bare minimum, gets him into his clothes and hand him his jacket?

….he shrugs off his jacket and wraps it around Sparrow’s shoulders. The startled look he gets in return is all the thanks he needs.

He’s fucking shocked. It’s not a stretch that Clint is the first person since Dugan died who’s given a shit about him. Who’s there enough to see what’s going on. Clint sees the things wrong with Bucky’s detail, with his family, with himself.

I mean, this is a really obvious example. But if people don’t want to see a damned thing in Snake Eyes about Bucky’s life, and the people around him, they’re missing the damn point.

Nothing boopboopbi is writing in this fic is an exaggeration of abuse, or addiction. This is what it looks like. Abusers are some of the most charming people you will ever meet, because that’s how they exist in the world. By being someone a victim could point to and say “this person hit me, this person raped me, this person gaslight me and forcibly medicated me” and no one will believe them. Not them, you say. They’re so nice, so helpful, so caring. No, she’s a nurse. He’s a coach. She’s your best friend. He’s your boyfriend. She’s your mother. They’re your parents. They’re a teacher. He’s a clergyman.

Sam is too busy staring at him in shock to answer. Is this what Clint was talking about? Sure, Barton is prone to massive bouts of hyperbole and you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt, but this is just… Jesus Christ, this is not okay.

Sam’s a good guy! Sam is smart, and cares, and does his job well, but he doesn’t see it. He can’t or he won’t, I don’t know, but everything he saw in chapter ten, he didn’t see it.

Abusers don’t just survive, they thrive on people being willfully blind. They need you to not look for the signs, to not see a kid’s behavior not as “acting out” but as a cry for help, a coping mechanism against what is being done to them. They need you to ignore their victim’s actions, to paint it as being an addict or a coward or a slut or a ‘bad kid’ or a liar. Abusers aren’t stupid. They find the people that are at risk, the ones that could slip through the cracks, and they choose them. 

I know.  I got picked by my abuser because I was an awkward shy kid that desperately wanted friends. I was ten. It took me seven years to get out of that situation. And another eight? Nine? To finally call that relationship abusive. And the entire time I was surrounded by adults and friends, who told me that I was the one who was being irrational, I was being cruel, I was making things up. That I should be a good friend. That when my abuser cut me off from our friends, that I was being ridiculous. Try to imagine being 12 and thinking that you’re the only person keeping someone from killing themselves. That if you don’t pick up the phone right now that they’re gonna do something terrible. Afraid every day that you said or did something wrong, and you’re gonna pay for it later, that you’re IN TROUBLE. That you can’t talk to anyone else, you can’t tell an adult, you have to lie to your own mother, right to her face, about every facet of your friendship. That nothing you care about matters, nothing you think about matters, that no part of your life matters outside this one person. For. Years.

This happens. This is happening, I can guarantee it Anon, to someone you know. Someone you see every day.  That’s why I’ve been going off about the scenes in Snake Eyes all night. That’s why boop’s been so worried about if people are picking up things. Yeah, this is fic, but the themes being discussed are fucking important. There’s times I have to walk away from the fic because it strikes too close to home for me, because I can read a scene and think, “Yes, I remember this happening to me” and “Yes, my friend reacted like that when I hugged him too” and “Yes, I sat in a room with an abuser and his victim and did not have a fucking clue because he was charming. And nice. And oh, he spoke so nice to this kid, and gave him hugs, and he listened to him so well.” Of course he did. He knew he’d get hit if he didn’t. 

People can ignore the abuse in Snake Eyes. It’s totally within their right, and no one can force them to see things they don’t want to see. But they’re missing the point, and I sincerely hope no one is relying on them to see the warning signs.

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How would you describe your high school experience?

four years of depression, self hate, teachers talking down on my future, bad grades, disappointment, caffeine addiction, meds, stinky kids and terrible life choices.