addiction is a strong word

Addiction isn’t just an expensive bad habit. It isn’t just something you realize is fucking you up, and just decide to snap out of it. Addiction is crushing up your pills in the nearest public bathroom the moment after you pick up, its staying up all night because your dealer gets back at midnight and you can’t survive another day. Addiction is waking up in the morning sore as fuck because you came down from your high and the first thing you think of is how to find a way to get more. Its flipping out and feeling insane when you don’t have it, sometimes even crying and not knowing why. It’s literally not being able to physically or mentally function properly. Addiction is pawning things around your home, anything worth money, it’s choosing drugs over food, over love, over life itself.
Addiction tears us apart, its not just a habit, its a fucking life cycle that has no end
—  addict of many things