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Back to you, Louis Tomlinson ft. Bebe Rexha.

I know you say you know me, know me well, but these days I don’t even know myself, no. I always thought I’d be with someone else, I thought I would own the way I felt, yeah. 

(Acuario, Capricornio, Virgo, Escorpio)

Yeah, so you can cut me up and kiss me harder. You can be the pill to ease the pain, ‘cause I know I’m addicted to your drama. Baby, here we go again.

(Géminis, Piscis, Libra, Cáncer)

I know my friends they give me bad advice like move on, get you out my mind, but don’t you think I haven’t even tried. You got me cornered and my hands are tied.

(Tauro, Aries, Leo, Sagitario)  

actually good wlw movies

bc im sick of yall copypasting the netflix lgbt section. these are all movies i watched and can confirm theyre good. some of them have lesbian themes rather than romance but its better than watching like, loving anabelle or sth. my personal faves have an asterisk next to them.

  • but i’m a cheerleader (a classic)*
  • miao miao (no romance but SO GOOD. totally worth it) *
  • alto
  • imagine me and you
  • the handmaiden**
  • the hunger (!!)*
  • the incredibly true adventure of two girls in love*
  • joven y alocada*
  • mosquita y mari
  • the girl king (period drama!!)
  • addicted to fresno
  • la belle saison
  • liz in september
  • the summer of sangaile*
  • carol
  • life partners
  • vampyres
  • contracted*
  • appropriate behavior*
  • reaching for the moon*
  • violetas: tensión sexual
  • bye bye blondie
  • les chansons d’amour (half abt a poly w wlw, half abt a mlm relationship)
  • pariah*
  • the children’s hour
  • valerie and her week of wonders (lesbian themes)
  • therese and isabelle*
  • circumstance
  • el niño pez
  • water lillies
  • fucking amal
  • rent
  • rara
  • with every heartbeat

im still going thru my list so i’ll update this when i got more. feel free to ask me abt triggers or plot or anything else about these!!

15 Kdrama watching habits
  1. Watching a drama only because your Kpop bias is in it
  2. “Just one more episode and then I’ll go to sleep.”
  3. Saying “Aigoo”, “Aish”, “YAH” or other Korean words and phrases
  4. Craving Korean food
  5. Bowing when greeting people, apologizing or thanking someone, even though it’s not your custom
  6. Downloading the OST
  7. Reading/writing fanfiction
  8. Shipping the bromance over the romance
  9. Singing (”insert song”) at norebang because (”insert character”) in (”insert drama”) did
  10. Attempting to watching your favorite actor’s entire filmography
  11. Pausing an episode in order to process all the feels (this might just be me)
  12. Giving up half-way through a series, reading recaps of the next several episodes and then watching the finale (may also just be me)
  13. PFWS (Post Finale Withdrawal Syndrome)
  14. Being behind in your never ending list of dramas-to-watch
  15. [ENG SUB] and chill 

    If I make you breakfast in bed, a simple “Thank You” will suffice. None of this “How did you get in my house” business. So rude <– Anakin @ Obi-Wan

    Anakin just wants to make breakfast and maybe cuddle you while you’re asleep, Obi-Wan, don’t be rude.

    Obi-Wan changes the code to his room just to be sure. Anakin still gets in anyway. Obi-Wan eventually gives up on keeping him out.

    He hates himself a little when he lets Anakin have a drawer in the dresser and his special shampoo in the fresher, but he has to admit, Anakin’s hair IS very nice.

    Anakin somehow ropes Obi-Wan into absently braiding his hair when they’re watching some shitty Naboo drama that Padme got Anakin hooked on.

    It’s better than paying attention to the insipid storyline, at least.  Last time he paid attention to the drama Anakin made him watch, he started making Comments and Anakin flopped over on him and gave him the worst death glare. Then he started smacking his hand against Obi-Wan’s face every time he so much as started to say ANYTHING.  The metal one.

    It was very rude. Anakin should’ve known better than to think Obi-Wan WOULDN’T have things to say about the acting, the directing, the script writing, the casting, the costuming, the… well, you get the idea. Anyway, Obi-Wan thinks it was rude of Anakin. Anakin now has the rule that Obi-Wan is not allowed to speak while the show is on, only during commercials or after it’s done.

    Anakin especially won’t tolerate any criticism of the love story dialogue.
    “No one speaks like that!” Obi-Wan protests.  "This drama is full of wooden dialogue that makes no sense with modern audi–“
    "IT’S A STYLE CHOICE, SHUT UP,” Anakin shouts over him until Obi-Wan sighs and decides to take the higher road.

    Obi-Wan attempted to break the silence during the show rule and that’s why he ended up braiding Anakin’s hair. Turns out, doing so wasn’t much better, because he completely tuned out the show, and Anakin was upset w/ him that he had nothing to say after the episode was over. Since he wasn’t paying attention.

    Obi-Wan: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what do you want me to say? You and Padme have horrible taste.
    Anakin: [offended gasp] How DARE you insult Padme’s perfect, flawless, immaculate taste in media that way!
    Obi-Wan: It’s okay, Anakin, some people just have bad taste in cinema–
Anakin: I’m telling Padme what you said.
    Obi-Wan: You wouldn’t dare.

    They have a fight about it for a solid five minutes until Obi-Wan suddenly stops, smiling gently.  "Why don’t you tell me about it, then?  I enjoy your enthusiasm for it.“
    Anakin sulks, still sullen, but agrees and after, like, ten minutes of detailing EVERY LITTLE PLOT POINT, is back to being LIT UP in the Force like a halo surrounds him.
    Obi-Wan, meanwhile, got ten minutes of the best meditation time he has EVER experienced.  The minute Anakin starts talking about Sareeya’s love for Nala, how ROMANTIC IT IS, like that time they met on the floral-strewn veranda during Festival Week, Obi-Wan immediately zones out, he doesn’t even have to try.

    Obi-Wan learned from Yoda how to meditate with his eyes open. Obi-Wan will have to remember to thank Yoda later.  Anakin almost catches him like, once. Obi-Wan masterfully deflects and distracts Anakin with another topic, though.

Masterfully deflects and distracts Anakin with another topic:
    Anakin:  [suspicious]  ARE YOU LISTENING, MASTER?
    Obi-Wan:  Ah, yes, of course I was.  I was just wondering… what your favorite secondary couple from the show was.
    Anakin:  [LIGHTS UP]
    Obi-Wan:  [victory, but at WHAT COST?]

When you thought you had a couple hundred dollars but your remaining balance says $4