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Holmes and Watson are on the case, and this time, it’s personal. “Sherlock’s longtime sponsor Alfredo goes missing,” creator Rob Doherty explains. “It’s possible something has happened to him. It’s also possible that he’s fallen off the wagon. Each possibility is very troubling to Sherlock for different reasons. 

“While he and Joan set out to find Alfredo, he is pulled into a different missing persons case… that will put him in front of a lot of triggers for a recovering drug addict.”

Sherlock will also be compelled into a short-term alliance with a dangerous person we’ve met before. And although Joan stays with the police to work the case from that end, she can’t shake the thought that Moriarty (who will only be referenced in the episode, alas!) may have a hand in her troubles yet again.


How did this happen and how did it go unnoticed for so long? The story, as related in Sam Quinones’s fascinating new book, “Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s New Opiate Epidemic,” is a tale of convergence. One thread is the decay of cities like Portsmouth, who lost their 20th-century industrial base: jobs in manufacturing, mining and other blue collar fields. Another was a misbegotten “revolution” in standard medical practices for treating pain, funded by a pharmaceutical company with a suite of synthetic opiates to peddle. The third and most remarkable element was a new system of illicit drug distribution, designed and entirely operated by the residents of small backwater village in Mexico.

The new American junkie is white, suburban or rural, and got hooked on Xalisco’s product and personalized service


Non Scale Victories!!

In Berkeley, when you apply for kindergarten, you go and visit all the schools in the area and then rank them. We were lucky enough to get our number one pick, but our number two choice that we wrote down, scared me to death. Not because of the curriculum, teachers, building, or community. I was afraid to be assigned to Cragmont, because it is surrounded by steep hills. I would’ve needed to a negotiate these hills, with Heart, the stroller, and the baby. I had tremendous trepidation in being able to handle the physical challenges of this school. Maneuvering my stroller and carseat on level ground, left me sweaty and breathless. Thinking of meeting people for the first time, and having their first impression be one where I am so uncomfortable, was intimidating.
This morning, as I hustled to go for a walk, I realize how far I have come. I was timing myself as I walked up steep Marin road, by myself, which Cragmont school is on. I shaved two minutes off my climb up, and got up in 16 minutes! I am thrilled with where I am physically, mentally, and emotionally. Non scale victories (NSV’s) feels fantastic!! I am grateful. Xoxo

Last night I went to the Demi Lovato concert (I had gone to her concert because my friend is a massive Lovatic and I admired Demi’s talent.) and she said something that really struck a chord with me. She said that she’s sick of being a poster child for recovery. As I was in the midst of an anxiety attack at the time due to being in a large crowd, I briefly left the room and thought about what she said. I was kind of confused at first. After thinking some more I realised that there is so little knowledge about mental illnesses and recovery stories are spread thinly. A celebrity with a mental illness or addiction will be kept a secret because it will ruin there image and all too often they don’t get help because that would be a break from their careers. Those celebrities who have suffered those types of things are most usually mocked and made into a joke, luckily (as far as I know) that had not happened to Demi. But imagine being a celebrity that has to relive what you used to go to in so many interviews. Imagine being a celebrity that is trying to focus on the bright future ahead of you but keep on being reminded what you used to face. It would be hard. Demi is a massive advocate for mental illness and despite being reminded of her past she pushing as hard as she can for the future. That is brave and I admire her courage. If I were to meet her I wouldn’t talk about her story or my story. I would talk about how amazing her voice is. I would ask her what her favourite travelling experience was. I would tell her I wish to travel one day. I would say to her that she is such an excellent performer and I strive to be the same.

Well anyhow rant over.

  • person:what's ur favorite season?
  • me:probably season 5
  • person:
  • me:
  • person:
  • me:
  • person:
  • me:oh you meant like summer or winter okay my bad 😂