She smelled of cigarettes and vodka. The girl had been through so much pain, she drowns her feelings in bitter alcohol every night. The pounding headache in the morning soothes the heartache.
—  A story I’ll never write

9 Foot & Single 2015



daBali Fish Fry 2015


10. It’s 9am and the first thought in my crowded mind is you. But today will be better, I’m not going to think of you today. I will repeat this mantra until it becomes my only reality.

9.12pm and so far, your name has not touched my lips once. Forgive me, but I have to move on.

8. At 3pm, I allowed myself to think of you. Once. Just once. Maybe then, I will be able to let go.

7. It’s 5pm and I miss you.

6. 7pm I still miss you.

5. I’m craving you. But… I can’t. This is for the better. It’s 8:39pm I can make it without you.

4. It’s 9:45pm I think I’m losing…

3. 10pm You win.

2. I’ve been holding you for the past hour, drowning in my own tears. 11pm

1. I think I’m slowly self destructing. But it’s okay, is it really that bad if you get to choose your own fate? We’ll all go eventually. As I write this, your taste is in my mouth, your addicting tendrils grasping my thoughts and shoving them into compartment boxes. I said I’m drowning in my tears, but now I realize that I’d rather drown in you. At 12:31am, I self destruct.

I take another swig of the drink in my hands.

—  Self Destruct (via cavanerous)

Lucid Surf Dreams 

with Tommy Witt