“The reason for our narcotic laws, according to their proponents, is that we are trying to protect people from themselves. But declaring people criminals and putting them in prison seems like a peculiar way to protect them. Conviction and imprisonment are designed to punish, that is, to inflict harm. In practical terms, a conviction often ruins one’s career and prison often ruins one’s life.”

 - Edward L. Rubin, author of The Soul, Self, and Society, argues that America’s drugs policy is misguided, cruel, and ineffective.

Image Credit: ‘Pre-War heroin bottle, originally containing 5 grams of heroin substance’, by Mpv_51. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

“You are like a coffee ring on my notebook. I don’t remember how you got there, most people would tear out your page, but I like it. I like the way you linger under my words, like a caffeine halo and I’m addicted to you. ” -l.s (19/08/2015)

I’m on my balcony, looking at the stars above. The wind is cold, so I grip my sweater against my body a little bit tighter. I never thought that the city can be this beautiful from above. Yellow, red, white thousand lights are illuminating the darkness. Noises are everywhere, but for the first time, it didn’t annoy the hell out of me. I feel so alone right now but I like it. I grab my box of cigarettes and light up one stick to ease the coldness brought by the wind. I inhale my kind of oxygen straight from the filter and exhale it through my nostrils. I love it when I’m making my own smoke. I love it when it swirls in different directions and disappears. Just like you. You are my cigarette, my smoke. My addiction. You make me feel warm and then the next second, you disappears too.
—  i don’t know when you will come back, so i guess i’ll just get another stick again // 8:27pm

Is any of it real?

I mean, look at this. Look at it!
A world built on fantasy!

Synthetic emotions in the form of pills,
psychological warfare in
the form of advertising,
mind-altering chemicals
in the form of food,
brainwashing seminars in the form of media,
controlled isolated bubbles
in the form of social networks.
Real? You want to talk about reality?
We haven’t lived in
anything remotely close to it
since the turn of the century.
We turned it off, took out the batteries,
snacked on a bag of GMOs
while we tossed the remnants
in the ever-expanding dumpster
of the human condition.
We live in branded houses
trademarked by corporations
built on bipolar numbers
jumping up and down on digital displays,
hypnotizing us into the biggest
slumber mankind has ever seen.

You have to dig pretty deep, kiddo,
before you can find anything real.
We live in a kingdom of bullshit,
a kingdom you’ve lived in for far too long.

We are all together now,
whether you like it or not.

—  Mr. Robot / eps1.9_zer0-day.avi

To keep moving is the only thing that makes sense to me. I can’t explain it to my friends or my family, I can’t even explain it to myself. Being on the move is the only way for me to survive. Maybe I’m running from something, maybe I’m seeking something. All I know, is that this is the only thing that feels right to me.

I couldn't settle down if I wanted to…