I guess it’s that time of the year … Follow Forever. I wanted to make this before Christmas, but I was left with homework during the break, which sucks. So I decided to get this out before my birthday (January 6) This is my 2nd follow forever. I can’t believe I had this blog for more than 2 years now, and for those 2 years I’ve had the incredible honor to meet incredibly wonderful people. I have been following quite a few of you since I started this blog and even though we don’t share some of the same interests anymore, I just can’t seem to unfollow you guys :) Thank you for making blog so amazing!

For my favorite person in the entire world, Jessica! We’ve been friends for over a year now, so I wanted to give you your own shout out

Those in bold are some of my favorite blogs who I always reblog ♥

Alphabetical order:

AB: addictingrande // adelaidekane // adelainekane // anissascollywogs // bigtimedimples // bigtimerushx // bigtimerxsh // btrgraphics // buffywinchester //

CD: captaindeanwinchester // ccarlosppena // ccharliecarver // clarkkents // cohale // confusedastronaut // damnitrenee  // daniels-gillies // danneel-harriss // deanwinchesterdaily // dylanobj //

EFGHI: eenochian // fallenforgrande // fangbanging-whores // garthed // gottalookfar // honourinrevenge // hotdamnbtr // isaacpup //

JKL: jamesgayslow // jamesmaslo // jamesyonce // jamieprivateschoolgirl // jamieschmidt // janoskianrush // jarpad // jensensackles // jessrah // johnny-101 // josilynnnx3 // kendallgotnobooty // kendallismylife // kendork-schmidt // kentuckyfriedcarlos // leroyschmidt // lohanthony // lp05 //

MNOPQ: mouseratrules // nickelodeonkids // nightingallee // ninadoughbrev // ohmyfuckingmaslow // originalgroupie // paulwelsey // pwasilewski // queendanneelackles //

S: samclafane // sassy-niklaus // sassy- smolder // schmidiot // schmidt-obrien // schmidthaynes // schmidtload // schmidtoria // shadowstiles // sharmaniac // sluttyisaac // somer-halders // superschmidt //

T: teamklausbitch // teenwolphs // thedeviltrap // thephenderson // therenegadewhohaditmade // thilia // twektoria //



shit i forgot to write something nice heeeeeeeey i love you guys these r the only people i follow on tumblr lol 

A - D
baddiebey, beyoncebeytwicebeyonseh
camliacabello (follow it quickly, she changes her url EVERYDAY.)
dantanalove, demism
F - I 
fallenforgrande, fancygrande, frankiegrandes
happygrande, heyarigrande, honeymoonavenue
laurenjregui, lucidhouston,
nickelodeonkids, normanis,
tattooedhearts, thatsmoderatelyraven,

a,b,c - addictingrande , admiringariana , arianaslaugh , arianasland , arianassings , arijoanz , arianastockings , arianarares , catsjade
d,e,f - daniellamonets , deemolitions , elfianagrande , fallenforgrande , forevermangoes , fancygrande , fadingkindafasts
g,h,i - grandelegacy , godrianagrande , heyarigrande , honeymoonavenue , iconparty , iconscastle
l,n,o - le-grande , nickelodeonkids , ohbutera , osnapitzicons , osnapitzaris , ourprincessbutera
p,r,s - planetgrande , ratchetgrande , snapbackgrande , sweetbutera
t,x,# - tinyari, xfantasticdreams , 4rianagrande

Okay um so kitkatbvb tagged me in this so yeah.

Rule 1: always post the rules

Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones

Rule 3: tag 11 people and link them to the post

Rule 4: actually tell them you tagged them

1) What’s your favourite series?

Um probably The Infernal Devices series.

2) Your comfort food?

Chocolate chips.

3) On a scale of one to Crona from Soul Eater, how much of an emotional wreck are you? (when it come to the end of a series or a really sad part)

I’ve never seen either of those but I’m horrible.

4) OPT, BroTP, NOtp, OT3?

OTP: me x fishy 5 eva, BroTP: none i ship it all. NOtp: LIGHTXRYUK JUST EW, OT3: none.

5) If you had to move to a different country, where would you move to and why?

If I had that money i’d have people move here i mean the weather’s finally getting warm again.

6) Music tastes (favourite song, a band you like, something that you can relate to e.t.c)?

hmm i really like mcr, falling in reverse and queen

7) Last film you watched?

does attack on titan count or not

8) Are you procrastinating right now when you should be doing something more productive?

when am i not procrastinating

9) Laziness level:
too lazy to write the actual number

10) Do you speak any other languages, or wish to?
im currently learning chinese and know a few greek insults

11) Tell me a short story about anything ^_^
today in class two boys were talking about whether they’d rather play xbox or wii and one said ‘i’d rather play with my dick because it feels good’ so there’s that.

My questions:

  1. Favourite TV show?
  2. Who’s your crush?
  3. Least favourite thing in the world?
  4. Something that annoys you?
  5. Your favourite smell?
  6. Something that makes you happy when you see it?
  7. Favourite thing to do in your spare time?
  8. Favourite person?
  9. How mature would you say you are?
  10. Favourite way to wear your hair?
  11. Something you wish you could do right now?

Hey guys! Happy New Year! These are my favorite blogs thank you for making my 2012 xox Have an amazing 2013

A ~ arianapopcorn, arianasdimple, arigrandetbh, arianarares, addictingrande

B ~ biebergasmic, bestandingtalls, bieberstongue, blaming-nolan, buterass

D ~ drizzysbaby24

F ~ frankiesariana

G ~ grandebuteras

H ~ hhoneymoonave, honeymoonavenue

L ~ littleredarigrande

Q ~ queenarigrande19

T ~ theariana, tinyari


So as some of you may know, Christmas is my favorite holiday and although I don’t really make follow forevers anymore, this is going to be an exception!!

I just want to wish you all happy holidays, a merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year! Make 2016 the best year yet - you deserve all of the happiness in the world

Thank you to my mutuals who have been putting up with my shit lol, I love you all very much and this sounds so cheesy but you can also come and talk to me whenever you feel the need to talk to someone :)

PS: Excuse the ugly ass edit I made

Here’s to 2016!!!!!!


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hello beautiful people, it’s christmas time again and this really deserved a new follow forever. I hope you all enjoy your holiday and that your 2015 will freaking rock! love, naomi

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