The Signs and their 3 addictions

Aries: Phones, Social interactions, Attention

Taurus: Food, Sex, Sleeping

Gemini: Porn, Hoarding, Social media

Cancer: Attention, Music, Gossip

Leo: Money, Compliments, Travelling

Virgo: Computers, Music, Space

Libra: Video games, Sleeping, Acting

Scorpio: Cars, Sex, Money 

Sagittarius: Travelling, Food, Phones

Capricorn: TV, Money, Art

Aquarius: Potato chips, Identity theft, Praise

Pisces: Social interactions, Music, Attention

Spent the afternoon making my own dividers for my large black Kikki K. I had a bad experience buying dividers off of Etsy so i decided to just make them myself so I 100% knew what I was getting. The tabs are just cardstock coated with fine gold glitter and glued to the paper. The actual dividers are all laminated. I’m totally in love with this setup and it beats anything I’ve purchased on Etsy before!

The Six Stages of Substance Use

Note: “Negative consequences” is defined as anything that would be considered non-pleasurable. Hangovers, for instance, are a negative consequence of drinking too much. 

Abstinence: Not using at all. All people start off abstinent. People can also return to abstinence after a period of experimentation or using. People who unknowingly ingest substances are also considered “abstinent” if they did not willingly take said substance. 

Experimentation: Becoming curious to use to see what a substance does/feels like. At this stage, substance is usually not sought after but provided either by friends or family. Negative consequences usually do not occur at this stage. 

Recreational or social use: At this stage, one is seeking out a substance to experience a desired effect, however, use is irregular and has no established pattern. Negative consequences usually do not occur at this stage. (Most people would consider themselves “recreational users,” but if there is any type of pattern to your use, you usually do not fall under this category!)

Habitual use: At this stage, a definite pattern of use has evolved (daily, every other day, every weekend, etc.) and a stronger craving for the drug is developed. Negative consequences at this stage may not occur, but is more likely. 

Abuse: Habitual use becomes abuse when negative consequences occur and yet use still continues. For example, if you are drinking alcohol every weekend and experience hangovers each time, you may fall under this category. 

Addiction: Abuse becomes addiction when there is an apparent compulsion to use. At this point, tolerance has developed (needing to take more of the drug in order to experience the same desire effect), withdrawal symptoms are present, attempts to moderate use or stop completely are ineffective, negative consequences are occurring, the drug has become a priority, anxiety is present when the substance is not available, and the substance is often needed to function (whether emotionally, physically, or other). 

“But I’m a functioning addict?” 

Congratulations, you’re in denial. 

Pietro is my precious cinnamon-roll, my flower crown bby, seriously he’s too good for this world.
Wanda is my bad ass bitch, my “she is beauty she is grace, she will punch you in the face”, seriously she will punch yall out if you touch her twin brother



I just met this dude this morning

He’s homeless and due to die in 28 months

So i was laying in my friend Smitty’s bed and Jerred just walked in with this dude ive never seen before and the guy just crawls into bed with me like its nothing. im just like ok cool might as well get to know him. He told me how he’s abused drugs like heroin and meth for a long time and he tried to get an ultimate high by injecting into his heart but the needle wasnt long enough. He wound up going to the hospital to find out he has Hep C and only has a little over two years to live. He started telling me all kinds of other stories about  his 52 tattoos he got in jail. I loved how we just kinda clicked. after talking awhile we both talked about how tired we were since he hadnt been to bed yet and i was only asleep a couple hours before he got there. So he asked me to cuddle with him so he could fall asleep and it was so cute. He said, ‘dont go fallin in love with me now, i promised myself i wouldnt let myself get too close to any girl because I dont want them to have to deal with the pain of me dying. Thats why i just fuck em and leave, so you have no idea how  good it feels just to hold somebody.’ 

We slept for a few hours and Smittty came to wake us up, and i thought the dude was still asleep so i was like ‘smitty whats his name’

and the guy was ‘like ive been holding you for two hours and you dont even know my name.’

so when i left i just said ‘it was nice cuddling with you stranger’

and thats the story of how i cuddled with a dying homeless man i’d never met before.