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[170313] ‘Light’ Asia tour documentary «Light’s Shadow» premier

✩ He didn’t sell the DVD and gave it free to fans as gifts of White Valentine’s day. He thought the beautiful moments/memories he had with fans were priceless.

→ So touching, Xu Weizhou is our sweetest bae ♡ How can we stop loving this adorable kitten

[HINTS][170429] Weizhou + Jingyu’s assistance at the same event

01. Yesterday 170429 Weizhou attended the “Shanghai Longines Global Champion tour 2017″ 

Surprisingly, JINGYU’s assistance - Fei Fei - also appeared there!! AND WHAT’S MORE AMAZING WAS THEY SAT AT THE SAME TABLE - B9


02. Then in the evening, she came to the hotel where Jingyu took a short rest after filming the new drama

-> Let’s guess what she’d tell Jingyu then lol. Absolutely about Weizhou for sure haha


**originally posted November 18th, 2015 as part of the Long Way Down Tour**

If the Addicted characters went to Hogwarts, some would excel and others would flounder. But at least they could all consider themselves wizards and witches. Today we’re breaking down their classes: their favorite, their worst, and their best. Not all of the characters are in the same houses. For reference, here’s how they were sorted:

  • Gryffindor: Daisy Calloway, Ryke Meadows
  • Ravenclaw: Connor Cobalt, Rose Calloway
  • Hufflepuff: Lily Calloway
  • Slytherin: Loren Hale 


  • Favorite: Care of Magical Creatures
  • Best: Flying
  • Worst: Potions

Daisy would be all about the Hippogriffs! She’d love any magical animal you put in front of her. Unicorns are real here and she’d go NUTS. While Care of Magical Creatures would be her favorite class it wouldn’t be her best. She’d excel in Flying. If she was a first year student, she’d be sailing through the air in no time and she’d end up as a Chaser on the Quidditch team. Potions would be her worst subject because of the sitting and the attention to detail. There’s no time for that when you can go outside and fly!

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  • Favorite: Transfiguration
  • Best: Transfiguration
  • Worst: Astronomy

As a rock climber, Ryke thrives off challenges so he’d immediately gravitate towards one of the hardest subjects—transfiguration. The act of turning objects into other objects takes way more concentration and skill than Charms. Not only would Ryke become very skilled in it he’d also fall in love with subject. Astronomy would be pretty boring for Ryke, not something he’d excel in or enjoy.

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  • Favorite: Divination
  • Best: Potions
  • Worst: Herbology

Rose is very superstitious, so she’ll take any chance of seeing into the future and learning her destiny. That’s why Divination is her favorite. But her attention to detail and preciseness would make her the star pupil of potions. The subject she’d absolutely hate with a passion would be herbology. Rose likes cleanliness and order, not sticking her hands in mud.

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  • Favorite: Charms & History of Magic
  • Best: All of them
  • Worst: None

 Connor Cobalt is a genius. That wouldn’t change at Hogwarts. His favorite classes would be Charms (for the countless uses) and History of Magic (for the knowledge.) He’d have high marks in all subjects and he’d make sure Ravenclaw would win the house cup each year.

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  • Favorite: Apparition
  • Best: Muggle Studies & Apparition
  • Worst: Transfiguration

Lily would be very skilled at apparating just so she could apparate to Lo throughout the day. It would be her favorite thing to do in the entire world. She’d also excel in Muggle Studies, and she wouldn’t have the concentration for Transfiguration. In fact, she’d flunk Transfiguration multiple times and have to get Connor to tutor her. (She’d ask Ryke, but she knows they’d both irritate each other if he tried.)

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  • Favorite: Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Best: Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Worst: History of Magic

 Lo would be the star of Defense Against the Dark Arts. He’d love learning about ways to not only protect himself but protect Lily. The class also teaches you how to duel, and Lo would be all about the duel. Do no try to duel Loren Hale. Ever. Lastly, he’d flunk History of Magic because it’s a snooze fest and too much memorization.

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