addicted to this game already

Sorry I’ve been non-existent for like a week and a half, I got back into Guild Wars 2 (which was a mistake I have been playing this goddamn game every waking moment I used to have dreams who am i) but HEY taking a break, coming back to reality, vacation is over, art comin right up

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Well now I know why these two have so many fanfictions with them being paired together, lol.
The dialogue in this game is so suggestive.

The Kdrama life...

Forever waiting for [X]’s new show to air.

Forever waiting for your fave supporting actor to get a lead role already.

Forever waiting for your fave lead to pick a decent project already.

Forever waiting for [X] drama to finish airing so you can just binge it.

Forever waiting for this week’s preview to air because the suspense is unbearable.

Forever waiting for the weekend so you can catch up on all the shows you started.

Forever waiting for oppa to get back from military service.

Forever waiting for your otp to freaking kiss already.

Kdrama addiction is a waiting game…

A fanart of @skillshotlabs‘ Ren-senpai of Notice Me Senpai! :D I’ve been addicted to this game for months and I already have all the senpais! (ノ^∇^) Just waiting for all the CGs to be collected. I wish there’s a girl senpai version though XD I would be so happy (*≧▽≦)
Notice Me Senpai recently made an update to dress up the senpais, and I really like how Ren-senpai looks like in the bonnet! :D I’m planning to draw other senpais, if you play this game, who do you think I should draw next? :D (if I plan to continue illustrating them lol)


Like Steven Universe?  You are going to love this mobile game!  It’s addicting and an ACTUAL GOOD MOBILE GAME!  its only 3 Dollars! and I have already sinked hours into it!

Just downloaded Fallout Shelter for Android since it literally came out this morning (Fallout Hype), and I fucking remember downloading it at like 6am and then opening it.

Didn’t realize till I just now closed the game so I can play it later, that I checked the time, and to see it was two hours past since I opened it and played it. I think this might be my new and only a few of my mobile game addictions.


So there’s “Draw the Player Above You”- forum game in our finnish server and I am kinda addicted to that game. I have drawn bunch of candys already xD
I am not usually this active with my drawings, just lazy, but drawing the other players is fun~~


There’s also “Draw the Player Above You with the Highest LOM” - game so I made this for one player. It’s old pic and I am not that happy with it but meh. Yes, that’s Castiel. I think he looks a bit funny? I wanted to make fantasy-theme, they’re dragon tamers or something like that.
 I don’t know how to draw dragons sorry.

Guess who got their brother addicted! I’ve tried to get him addicted all the way back at Sims one and he’d play it for a bit and get bored extremely fast. He’s more into fast paced shooters. He’s only been playing for a few hours and he already said he likes it more than all the previous games and is already addicted.

Finally got him!