addicted to the outdoors

As you guys saw, I went camping this weekend and this was my book of choice. My review is up on Goodreads, but I absolutely loved it! This book really struck some chords in me and I’m so glad I chose to read it outdoors. Do you guys like outdoorsy things like camping and hiking?

Being out in the nature may not seem that great of an idea, but once you’re there, it becomes addictive. Addictive to the idea of being there because it momentarily reminds of you peace which makes you want to avoid the chaos of life you’re going through. Being out in nature can be addictive because then you can’t find yourself going back inside because you would have to face the chaos of life; and we just want to be at peace.

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Name: Samantha
Age: 21
Country: United States

I’m graduating college in May of this year. I’m majoring in Occupational Therapy. I am not good at rambling about myself well because I’m an awkward shy person. But trust me when you get to know me you won’t regret it (:
I’m a lover of traveling and the outdoors. I’m a Harry Potter addict (:
I’ve always wanted to make new friends and meet new people but I always feel so awkward!

But please let’s be friends (:

Preferences:  Around my age. No racists or homophobic people (:


I’m going through withdrawl y'all. 

One of the reasons I love summer so much is the option to work out OUTSIDE. Jogging in the park, doing yoga on a grassy knoll or playing vollyball with homies… I loved getting my sweat on in the sun. 

Now that the clocks have turned back… its fucking PITCH BLACK at 5:30 PM. Besides the fact that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, this means it is no longer safe for me to head to the park after work.

So I have to go to the gym. 

I’m on the ellipitcal/treadmill/bike and I’m close to tears from borederom and frustration. I feel like a hamster on a wheel. 

So people would say- wake up early and go… yeah, its dark as fuck when I wake up… and I am NOT an early bird. I’ve made several attempts at the AM workout… it hasn’t stuck. I’ve taken to chopping up my cardio into manageable time blocks of 15-20 minutes to give myself some variety… its helping a little. 

So now, my outdoor adventures are relegated to weekends. *sadface* I’m glad I have tomorrow off and its going to be reasonably warm.. I’m going to be all up in Cooper River Park. 


is it spring yet?

The Signs As Horrid Stereotypes
  • Aries: athletic angry bitch with bad eyebrows
  • Taurus: obese foodie
  • Gemini: backstabbing lazy whore
  • Cancer: whining crybaby; inferior to all other signs
  • Leo: bat shit crazy shopaholic
  • Virgo: neat freak
  • Libra: whore with a love for the outdoors
  • Scorpio: dominant sex addict with a love for blood
  • Sagittarius: blunt, doesn't care about anything
  • Capricorn: bossy as hell
  • Aquarius: sociopaths
  • Pisces: weed loving daydreamers