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Baseball: Socialist as Apple Pie
LEAD: While I am not myself identified with this current of thought, I continue to marvel at the indifference with which Americans of conservative view, those now commonly denoted as of the New Right, regard our commitment to socialist education, conditioning and indoctrination in our time. The latter is particularly significant as it affects the most vulnerable group in our society, the very young.

No one can doubt that the advance of socialism and the welfare state in the last 70 years has been in close-order step with the rise of team sports. Thus, to put it mildly, one’s surprise at the indifference of those who defend, often militantly, the capitalist or free enterprise ethic. One would expect them to be in the forefront of the concern over our addiction to team sports and the associated conditioning. Instead they are silent. Conceivably there is a subjective reaction, such as that manifested this year in the rejection by Republicans of Jack Kemp or the reluctance of Bill Bradley to become involved. But this, to say the least, is highly speculative. Amidst the fervent talk of improved education in the campaign this autumn there will be, we may be sure, no mention of this socialist conditioning.

It is, no doubt, too late for any really effective movement to abolish team sports - in the modern phrase, to restructure our athletic life. We might hold the line at where we are, resisting, for example, the frequently proposed intrusion of soccer into our culture. Soccer is, unquestionably, a team sport, although the social ethic is somewhat relieved, one judges, by a certain unlicensed individualism on the part of its British spectators.

Perhaps better, and the best we can now do, is to encourage and emphasize those athletic activities that rise above group effort - track, fencing, tennis singles, swimming, boxing and weight lifting. Once, many years ago, when I first became aware of the socialist threat, I identified and publicly proposed the needed organization, a Crusade for Individualist Athletes -C.I.A., as I recall. It seemed a promising suggestion. Quite a few people wrote me in support. Alas, however, I became a victim of my own indiscriminate enthusiasm. I cited baseball as one of the socialist sports, whereupon indignant letters poured in. “Let me tell you something, Casey, when you’re up there at bat, you’re on your own.”

John Kenneth Galbraith

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The hc that had to happen

These kids might be sport addicts but no one is above being a pokemon nerd so I’m like 100% sure they freak out over pokemon go like the rest of us

  • (ok let’s just suppose they all actually have phones that support the app)
  • Neil never really got in contact with pokemon but Matt sits down with him and explains it all to him
  • He’s like Neil’s personal coach, walking around campus with him and explaining all the pokemons to him and what all the different types mean and what the gyms are and just really getting him into it
  • ((just imagine them sitting under a tree on campus being hunched over the same phone while Neil is very confused about all these weird names I’m sorry I’m just very emotional about this friendship))
  • Kevin is the kid that runs around from pokestop to pokestop just to see all the historical sights in the city
  • Don’t go on a tour with him, he will actually explain every little detail about what happened on that spot to you and it will take you five hours to walk two miles
  • He got lost once because he was just following all the pokestops until he ended up in an unknown city and his phone battery died
  • Nicky only catches pokemon of a certain type
  • he has an aesthetic to keep up, ok?
  • he has to walk around more than others and it takes him longer to level up but he’ll get there eventually
  • The girls hold the gym on campus and so many people are trying to beat them but nah dude
  • Dan put up a whole battle plan on how to get the pokemons’ stats leveled up the quickest and best way possible no one else even stood a chance from the get-go
  • She will go to any length to catch these pokemon
  • There’s one in the middle of a lake? She’ll damn well swim to that spot
  • She made Matt stop on the highway just so she could catch one ((it was the middle of the night, no one else was around, the road was completely empty))
  • Allison is mostly into it just so she can win bets on who catches which pokemon first
  • Renee and Andrew now take even more walks together and they’re finding more and more quiet paths they can walk on around town
  • No one really knows how it happened but Andrew’s the one who has the most pokemon
  • He’s got multiple ones of pokemon the others haven’t seen on the map once
  • It’s a combination of being on it 24/7, walking around with Renee and the trips he takes with Neil
  • They’ll just hop into the car and drive somewhere and Neil has Andrew’s phone while Andrew is driving and tells him when one pops up that he doesn’t have yet cause he doesn’t really care about his own game, he’s just playing it cause his friends are playing it
  • Aaron just looks at all these freaks and wonders where his life went wrong and why he has to put up with all of this