addicted to making these now

Not even cigarettes and alcohol could make me addicted the way you addict me now.
—  Please get out of my head

it is the year 2016 can we PLEASE stop acting like cigarettes are sexy and fun they’re so gross and they kill people and how is that not like romanticizing an addiction??


Here I am, convincing Rose of love when she’s spent so much time opening my mind to its true meaning. I will remind her every single day how much resides inside both of us.

Feel You On My Neck

Feel You on My Neck by awriterwrites

Harry’s drunk.  Harry’s drunk and there’s this guy.  This guy plastered to his back and if he could just get a cab…

Based on these lyrics:

Feel you on my neck while I’m calling a taxi
Climbing over me while I climb in the backseat
Now we’re taking off
Now we’re taking it off tonight

@vansandburberry had mentioned my fic recently in reply to someone saying they wanted a fic like this.  I wrote this about a year ago.  And I guess it’s still relevant!  It also happens to be one of my favorite head canons.  Enjoy!

Also…@waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee I’m addicted to photoset making now–thanks to you!

My contribution to hamilton :Oc!


LWD & SKOP Challenge — Day 5: Connor and Rose’s Day

And deeply, he says, “Here’s a secret, darling.”
I listen, poised for anything with him.
“I’ve always loved winning, but I would lengthen the time it takes us to reach the end, just to spend one more second with you.”


Clexa Social Media AU| Since Clarke came out, Jake has been sending her pictures of random girls and trying to get Clarke to date them, When Clarke finally has enough she tries to find help on facebook, but turns out someone who this girl was…

Hope you like it! I think I’m addicted to making these now… :P
Anyway,this is for @justputmeinthetrashwiththeothers and it was inspired by this post!

ok but how about a f/f plot where they grew up at a dance studio together and were best friends but slowly realised they were in love and are now at a really big dance school and have to deal with real life auditions and jobs and recitals and pressure from their peers but also sneaking off into the wings to make out and checking each other out in their leotards and using the excuse of helping each other stretch to have sex in janitors closets

give me flashback paras and stress and maybe addiction from two small town girls now trying to make it in a big city


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-14: a gif set

(Like Us Series: Damaged Like Us)

Fame has immortalized them. Family has bonded them. Love will destroy them.

Mercy Graves + her sweet new coat from one of the BvS extended scenes :’)

honestly, who do I have to petition for Mercy to come back in Justice League 2k17 ಠ_ಠ


the way he moves his body is poisonous

Attention my darling followers!

After a couple weeks of blogging on my main here and one sideblog for FBAWTFT, I decided I like the idea of having one blog dedicated to a certain fandom.  Now don’t freak out, bc I didn’t create a sideblog for all 129481440913049 of my fandoms, because that would be insane, even for me!

I DID, however, make sideblogs for 3 of my BIGGEST fandoms (aka the ones I tend to mass post about lol):  FBAWTFT, Marvel, and Teen Wolf.  So, here they are!!!!

FBAWTFT/HP sideblog:  of-graves-importance

Marvel/X-men sideblog:  dorito-and-co

Teen Wolf sideblog:  mieczys-what-now

Since SPN was the fandom that I first got into tumblr for, it will remain on my main blog, along with Star Wars, Star Trek, and everything else I wanna blog about that isn’t sideblog material, shitposts included lol!

My tagging system will remain the same for this main blog, so worry not!

Okay so that’s really all I wanted to announce lol.  I just spent like 2 hours messing around with the themes and icons and backgrounds and accidentally learned how to use windows photo editor hahaha.  Check ‘em out!  :D